What do you think of this DAC (DA1000TX) ?



After doing some research, this DAC seems to be amazing. And according to measurements, it's basically perfect. Has anyone used this audio product before? 

Please feel free to share what you think. I'm curious and want to try it one day.


I have a bespoke computer that I built for my music purposes and I will guarantee you it will blow away all laptops and most desktops 


That sounds interesting...

May I know your computer specifications and why it's better for music? And how much was the total cost?

@jackhifiguy    Hi Jack, yes of course I can tell you a bit about my computer. It is based on an Asus gaming board with J Play network and USB cards which are driven by a separate linear power supply. All internal working hard drives are solid state which are better for suppressing jitter and music playback. I have tried  to sound proof the case as much as possible because I still need fans inside as I cannot use heat pipes because it is a 3 gig processor and there would be too much heat therefor if I didn't. Outside the computer I use the ENO internet filter which makes a huge difference in cleaning up the ethernet signal. All my internet signals are wired with Furutec cables, all cables and computer inner cables and board contacts and

memory contacts are treated with Stabilant 22 contact enhancer. My network switch runs off a separate linear power supply and my computer mains is fitted with JPS Kaptovator mains power lead at £ 2,300.00 . I use Alpha E cards inside and outside the computer and all cables are choked to cut RFI and EMI. For connecting to my DAC I use a CAD USB cable which is the latest one at £1200.00. 

My operating system is a stripped down version of Windows 10n , I also use Audiophile Optimiser and Fideliser which help in cutting down jitter.  At a rough estimate my front end computer has cost in the region of £8,000.00. I hope that helps.