What do you think of the sound of this recording...

George Michael...
Songs of The Last Century.

Rate it out of 10..
Anything you like or dislike about it soundwise.
Dislike-George Michael

like-Classic Rock

I was looking for a comment on sound quality...not content...m

I couldn’t comment on sound quality since I despise George Michael.

Ok...Sorry to hear..he was one of those few singers out there that really displayed immense soul.
What IS to like or dislike, sound wise?
Get the thread going with YOUR insight.

It was produced by a major player-Phil Ramone. Mastering?...no Wiki info, so SQ can be great or meh, like most during that period. 

I'm aware the guy can sing, but can't get past images of those Wham! MTV videos from the 80's. He certainly was a talented performer- teenage girls were crazy over him.

There must be some  GM listeners here. I just can't count myself as one.

Too busy blasting  my Classic Rock records.

Last Century is a masterpiece along with all of George's solo work. Faith set the bar high at a 9 for me, so I might have to give another listen to rate this that high (haven't listened to "last" in a couple of months). But if my memory serves it's right up there.


@michaelgreenaudioThanks...yes my sentiments too..