What do you think of the pre section of Denon 3802

i am looking for opinions on the pre-amp section of a denon 3802 reciever. would you consider it to be on the brighter side or warmer side? i know most people will say. dump the denon and go for something better. i just ordered an odyssey stratos ht3 from klaus to power paradigm studio 60v.2 and studio cc. i bought a b&k ref. 202plus thinking that i would use that, but i really like how easy the denon remote is. if have not switched the denon out with the b&k in the same room, but have listen to both with the same speakers and do not find a huge difference. the b&k remote is much more difficult and i am afraid my wife will never learn how to work it. it has been three years and she is just getting comfortable with the denon! any help would be appreciated....
Use the denon remote to run the B&K? I did this with my Anthem remote that my family liked to run my Classe. The Anthem is a full learning remote with programmable keys.