What do you think of the new "Simply Vinyl" albums

I have a few of these new recordings and I am amazed how good they sound. I just finished listening to Dylans "Blood on the Tracks" and now I have Elvis on the table. I am surprised how good they sound. I have other "Audiophile" recordings in my collection but the sound of the Simply Vinyl exceeds all but the very best i.e. UHQR and some 220g MFSL stuff. These things are really good, and at $22.00 are not a bad deal. What do you think of these new LPs?
Quality control is not the best on these. I've returned at least one and been slightly disappointed with another. I have heard that some are warped from other persons, though I have not had that problem. As to their sound, I agree, when they are good they are very good. I don't think they are up with some of the other audiophile pressings such as Classic Records, but I do think they compete fairly against many of the $30 pressings I've bought.
Good thread! I've been considering buying some of the Simply Vinyl selections. I am interested in hearing the comments too.
Simply Vinyl is no better or worse than Classic Records, Mobile Fidelity, and other 180 gram records; they all have some winners and losers. The most consistent audiophile label was DCC -- almost everyone of their LP's was great! As to Simply Vinyl, here are some reissues that they did a very good to great job on: all of the Dire Straits LP's, Cream's "Disraeli Gears", Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde", Derek and Dominos' "Layla", Animals'"Singles Plus", Fairport Convention's "Unhalfbricking", The Who's "Tommy", Eric Clapton's "461 Ocean Blvd", Supertramp's "Breakfast in America", Roxy Music's "Avalon", Crowded House's "Crowded House", Van Morrison's "Back on Top" and "You Win Again" to name a few. One note of caution on the above SV recommendations -- some of the recordings (e.g., "Layla") were not great recordings to begin with, but each of those I have recommended above are the best recordings of those albums I have heard (that doesn't mean better versions don't exist, I just haven't heard better!)
I have bought a lot of these LPs since this thread was started and I haven't had any issues with quality control. No warps or blemishes on the LPs themselves.

Recently I have been buying directly from http://www.simplyvinyl.com. The prices are okay, but the selection is better than hunting around on some of the LP sites.

The sound quality has been very good and the selection continues to get better. Sure there's some junk there, but most of it is pretty good. I have six or seven Elvis LPs now and they continue to amaze me. I also have LPs from Dire Straits, ELO, Meatloaf, Carol King, Bob Marley, The Birds, Bob Dylan, and lots of others.

For the most part I do like them better than the MFSL LPs I have. On the few LPs I have from both companies the Simply Vinyl LPs sound more musical, and less altered.

What do you think?
The Sundazed mono's by Dylan are to be heard!
I never thought I'd get into Dylan and I NEVER thought I'd get into mono,but these sound incredible!
I have 'the freewheelin' and 'bringing it all back home'
I haver 'blonde on blonde' on SACD and it's bright compared to the Sundazed vinyl re-issues.I originally had thought the SACD was awesome until I heard the Sundazed.
I had a Simply Vinyl 'Rumours' that was full of surface noise.I bought it from a vendor in California who offered me a trade but the shipping would have made it a dumb move.
I had a DCC 'Best Of The Eagles' I found to be so warm sounding it almost blurred the music.
Hit or miss I guess.
But for $13 the Sundazed seem like the bargain right now and they have some good selections.(sort of)
Nrchy-thanks for the simply vinyl link,I'll check it out.
David99 thanks for the info on the Dylan LPs. I'll have to check them out. I just got "Desire" from Simply Vinyl but I haven't listened to it yet. Their copy of "Blood on the Tracks" is really good. I'm surprised about the surface noice on the Fleetwood Mac LP, I haven't experienced that at all.

I can get the sundazed Dylan here in town so I'll have to see what's available. I did buy an Otis Redding LP from them that was in mono and I thought it was just okay. I'll keep looking.
You have to be cautious with Simply Vinyl LP's. Some are from a digital source. It irks me that they don't put the source on the album. I have a couple of DCC and Classic records pressings that I like. The guy that formed DCC formed Classic records too. I think his name is Steve Hoffman. He's also an audio engineer.
Marshall Blonstein formed DCC which is now defunct. He currently owns Audio Fidelity which also reissues Cd's and Vinyl. Steve Hoffman is a mastering engineer who Marshall used for DCC and currently Audio Fidelity.

Classic Records is owned by Mike Hobson and Steve Hoffman has not mastered for them. I believe he uses Chris Bellman.
Is this thread a joke? All of their records are out of stock. How is this even realistically possible? Is their website crashing?
hey would one of you who are going to their website ask them if their recordings are culled from the master tapes. I have never gotten an answer from them on this.
I don't know, my Toys In The Attic on Simply Vinyl simply sucks, too fast and the sound is muddy/confused. Leaves me wanting my original, first pressing on Columbia, which got away years ago, of course.

Classic are generally good, as are Sundazed and MoFi.
Just went to their website, and it looked like pretty much EVERYTHING was listed as "out of stock"...
Rubbish! Blondie Parallel Lines on Simply Vinyl is crap. The 1st copy I got was so warped it was unplayable. The replacement one was mostly flat. While the replacement was coming I found a used Mobile Fidelity version at a local store which I purchased.

The Mofi was rich, deep and smooth, were as the Simply Vinyl sounded just like a loudness mastered CD, tinny, flat, no bass and rough high end. I suspect it was mastered from a CD or digital fiddle.
After this I swore off trying Simply Vinyl ever again.
They are a joke. I emailed them and they gave me a half-assed explanation why virtually all of their records are out of stock, which made no sense. No point in discussing this further, in my opinion.