What do you think of soundbars compared to speakers?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts about the benefits of modern day soundbars compared to the days of surround sound speakers and other inventions.

For me personally, growing up in the surround sound era, it was a neat little thing to have surround sound to show off to people when they came round to watch a movie or tv show. However, I think nowadays soundbars are my personal preference purely because of a lot less clutter and also multi functionality with the fact a lot of them can also play music etc through bluetooth. 

What do you guys think? Do soundbars create enough of a room filling audio for your tastes?
Do skateboards of today compare with the cars of "the car era"? Sure cars provide more speed, more safety, more comfort, room for passengers and amenities, but I often prefer the lack of clutter in my garage from having just a skateboard. And on a smooth road, it's quieter. Okay, I jest a little harshly...Cheers,
Sound bars are speakers as far as I know. Just small speakers that are inadequate for anything except a small improvement on most poor quality TV built in speakers. For every day listening I think they provide an excellent option but when watching a movie or a music bluray, I prefer to have adequate (large) L and R speakers.
The only soundbar I know that sounds ok by hi-fi standards is Naim Muso.

I have one in my office. I'm using it as an all in one solution.
What do I think of soundbars compared to speakers?

Not much.
Soundbars probably help keep the cost of TVs down but are essential to having decent sound for your TV. Other than that.....