What do you think of rogue with B & W 805N?

Any suggestion for cables, CD, analog front end? sub?
Does it have enough power? I would want at least 80 watts but 120 wpc / high current capability would be better - B&W seems to like / need high current to come to life.
Just recently tried my Parasound HC2205ii with the Rogue 99 and the souond is the best I have experienced so far; beating the Aragon 8008BB which I am demoing and of course the adcom 7000, which I own.
I'm using a Rogue Tempest integrated with B&W N805 speakers.

There is NO problem with integration. There is enough power.

As far as a Sub, the smart money is on REL, I believe the Strata III is the current model that matches best with the B&W nautilus speakers.

I'm using Audioquest Cables, but I haven't done an exhaustive search for anything better. They work. That is all.

good luck.