What do you think of my system?

Fronts: Monitor Audio Silver S6 - $800
Sub: REL Strata III - $1200
Rears: Monitor Audio Silver S5 - $500
Center: Monitor Audio Silver SLCR - $500

Pre/Pro: Rotel RSP 1068 - $1500
Power: Rotel RBM 1075 120W x 5 - $1000

Sources: TBD

What do you think?
Depending on the quality of the source you select, the synergy, and room acoustics, you could have a very nice warm sounding system whose overall sonics could surpass far more expensive systems.

Don't forget to consider good cabling and tweaks such as speaker placement, dedicated lines, coupling (or de-coupling), line coditioners, wall outlets, etc..

While i have no idea as to what you're using for cabling or how live / dead the room is, i would think that the Rotel gear and Monitor speakers that you've chosen would compliment each other pretty well.

The Monitor's tend to be slightly down in output in the upper mids / treble region, which should help neutralize the Rotel's tendency to sound somewhat bright and slightly forward sounding. The fact that the Monitor's have limited dispersion also lends credence to using them in an HT system. Due to the quantity of speakers used and their typical close proximity, the lack of overlap between the mains and center at higher frequencies will tend to provide better localization with less smearing of the image. To top it off, the Monitor's are a relatively easy load, staying above 5 ohms. This eases the load on the amp, which is always a good thing, especially for multi-channel units.

I don't know if you planned all of this out through careful research, but it would appear that you've got a pretty good combo going here. As Stehno stated, attention to cabling, AC considerations and speaker placement could net you a very respectable system that could perform "double duty" ( HT & music ) quite admirably. Sean