What do YOU think of My system?

I'm still getting aquianted with my new Moth s45 SET amp but each day I'm happier than the last I had the balls to replace my triode EL34-based pp VAC with the Moth. The "balls" are in relation to the pairing speakers; 93db Silverline Sonatinas. The Moth cranks out 2-6wpc depending on which output tube - 45 or 2a3 - or the specific brand of tube used - Sovtek (2a3) Vaic (45) - and the bias point.

I'm only curious what you guys think, I'm not seriously interested in any major changes, instead just kicking back and spinning alot of tunes. I'm sure the upgrade bug will bite again, and even though I've got a host of fine-tuning projects lined up, I'm in no hurry to begin. Thanks.

From my understanding if you audition the Sonatas at the Silverline factory, they use a 7 watt SET amp to show them off so it doesn't surprise me that you are happy with your setup. The Sonatinas are just a smaller version of the Sonatas with very similar tonal characteristics. I have the Sonatas and have often wondered if tubes would do them more justice. Right now I,m running CJ solid state amp and pre
Haven't heard the Moth SET, but I have heard the Sonatinas with tubes (Art Audio) and they were fantastic. Should be very nice.
Sounds like a fantastic system. Glad to see another low power tube guy having fun.
I'm in the Market to Buy a Moth S45 if anyone has one or knows of one for sale at a fair price please let me know.