What do you think of my selection?

Hello everyone,

I have been away from high end audio market for quite a long time. I have decided to purchase a new system. My budget is very low (about $3.5k), and I live in a small town that does not have a high-end audio shop. I think the closest city that might have a nice one is Denver which is about an 8 hour drive. On top of that, I am handicapped and do not drive, so it would be a hassle to find someone to drive me there and back.

I have been reading reviews and talking to some people, and I have chosen the following equipment:

Marantz SA- 8003 Audio CD Player
Marantz PM-8003 Integrated Amplifier
PSB Image T55 Tower Speakers

This fits in my budget (I need to get quality cables and a cabinet), and I can, in the futre upgrade if need be. My listen room is rather large (25' x 20') with hard wood floors and a high ceiling. I listen to mostly rock, blues, jazz, and classical.

Base on the information above, what do you think about the equipment that I have picked out? Is there something you would substitute? If there any other model that, for a little bit more money, would be noticeably better?

Any advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

I understand it is bad form to reply to your own post, but I realized after I posted my messages that I had the wrong prices there. I know I can get the items a little bit lower than that.

Everyone will have their own opinion, and many will advise you to buy used. Personally, if you're just getting back into this thing, you should have some support if you need it. IMO, rather than the Marantz, check out Audio Advisor - they're blowing out the Cambridge A640 Integrated with the matching CD player for $400 each. I think those are great pieces of gear. They also sell the PSBs you're looking at, so they can set you up with cables and all the other crap you'll need.

Don't get crazy with this - no matter what you buy, someone will tell you to buy something else. It's a whacky hobby that way. Still, I'll go out on a limb and venture a guess that nobody here will tell you you can beat the Cambridge separates at that price or near it. (watch this!) :)
Welcome to the audio insanity. You are already second guessing your choices before your purchase. Use your ears and forget all the hype. What are your expectations in sound and what kind of music do you listen to?
You've been away but what equipment do you already own? What's your existing favorite component? Do you need to replace all of your equipment?

You have $3,500...buy one thing special like an amp or speakers for that money. They will keep unlike a CD player...Maybe, a vintage McIntosh or Marantz for that matter, or something newer.

If you need to get rocking, then I agree with the others...get the best value for your money...and enjoy the music.

Most important...take a few hunded bucks out of the $3,500 and buy a buddy a killer dinner in Denver...so you can listen to equipment.
Hi Kory.
I live in a City (Tallahassee, FL) w/ no high end audio retailers. As this is the State capitol w/ 2 huge universities,one would think there would be sufficient demand from wealthy politicians, lawyers, lobbyists and tenured professors for a high end retailer to make some $$$. The nearest high end is in Gainsville - 2 hour drive.

Anyways. I used to own a pair of T45s and loved them. So I vote for the T55s. Also, as posted by Chayra, the AA deal on the Cambridge components is a great value. At the low end of high end, Cambridge has a great reputation.
Thank you everyone for your replies. The last time I bought a system was in the mid 1980's. Our house was robbed and the entire system was stolen. I ended up replacing it with a Sony all-in-one stereo that I was never happy with. I think I'm going to buy a mid-range NAD system with PSP speakers until I get a feel for exactly what I want. Things have changed quite a bit since the 1980's.