What do you think is the best integrated amplifier under 1000

How's it going?! I'm in search for a integrated that can produce the best sound for the 1000 under bracket. I know it's not a lot of money for an amp, but I still think there's some great amps on the used market for that price. Or if anyone would know a great chi-fi amp for the price it would be all so helpful. I have wharfedale 9.1 bookself speakers and will be mainly using the speakers for hip hop music. My room size is very small like 9 feet by 10 feet for a computer set up. I have it running my speakers into a Emotiva basx a100 in a Arcam rdac to computer. It's just for near filed desktop use.  The speakers have a  sensitivity of 86db so looking for something powerful enough. Here are the rest of the specs:  Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 loudspeaker Specifications | Stereophile.com

Any other info you need just let me know. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Peace.
There is a Rogue Sphinx integrated amp listed here for $950.00. I doubt you going wrong with that!
Thanks. How much do they usually go for? Because to be honest with you I don't think it will still be there when I would like to buy it. As I don't have the money at hand at the moment.

Do you know the characteristics of the Rogue Sphinx?
YBA-Rega are 2 that come to mind......
That Rogue Sphinx looks nice. lol
Smidge over but the AVA Set120 Control Amplifier.
For that price range, I would keep my eyes peeled for  Vincent MK-236. If a bit higher, the 237. I've not tried them, but the hybrid tube/ss design and the aesthetics. @mesch has said wonderful things about them, and he knows his amps. https://www.hifishark.com/search?q=vincent+integrated+sv-236
Research the NAD 3020 V2 and the Sprout100 (PS Audio).

Think the NAD is around $400 and the PS went up to $700 (last I looked).

You would need to to disable/turn off the bass boost feature on the Sprout with your mentioned speakers.

Listened to the NAD in a desktop setup, but only going by online reviews for the latest 100 Sprout.

Not really into DAC's and computers for audio, but you can read about the DAC's/features contained in both amps and decide if they might benefit/replace what you currently use.

I also HIGHLY recommend Shugar Soapworks Oatmeal & Lemon Verbena Bar Soap, and I never leave home without it.

Checkout the Outlaw stereo receiver---it's has good reviews. 
+1 for Vincent. I had the SV-237 (not MK) and it was a very nice unit. The only fault I could really find with it was just a tad bit of grain on the top end at higher volumes. Otherwise it was very punchy, detailed, and neutral.
I have the sprout on my office system with Kef LS50.  It’s all right, works for me because of small size and I use the DAC. I feel there should be something better under 1K.  
Save until you have the funds and then buy a better used amp.
+1 for the PS Audio Sprout

This unit has been a good little workhorse for me going on 3 years

Initially paired with Elac Debut 6.2, moved up to a pair of Klipsch RP-600M and now a pair of Kef Q750s providing sound for the primary TV in the house

The Sprout made them all sing

Priced around $600 and I've read reviews that compare it favorably to $1500 big box integrated amps

A terrific price performer

A nice basic integrated...unlike the earlier Parasound New Classic suggestion. That is a preamp. I have only seen reviews on it. Sorry I am more of a tube guy, but tubes may not work in every situation. 

Another amp to look into is the Rega Io amp. It is around $600 I think. Very simple and compact class AB amplifier with three inputs. Sounds like they spent the R&D money on the amp instead of bells and whistles.

You would want to add a basic DAC to either of those amps. Something in the $100 to $300 bracket. That would give you the best balance between affordability, flexibility, upgrades and sound quality.
The Peachtree Nova 150 runs about $1300 new, but you might find a used one used that fits your budget. One nice feature is that they are designed to accept a direct connection to iOS devices.

Another possibility, for $899 new, is the Bluesound Power Node. 80 watt, with Airplay 2, WiFi Bluetooth, HDMI eARC.  Decent desktop/phone control software.  It does not seem to have USB-B input for direct connection to a computer, but there's an optical/analog input.
Hands down, the Rega Brio at $995.  Full disclosure here.  I work for a Rega dealer.  I've heard a wide array of integrated and separates over the years.  This little guy runs rings around many integrated amps, and will even take on some more basic separates setups.  Excellent phono stage as well.  This is a must, as we are vinyl fans.  Also, a true analog volume control.  A key annoyance with many modern amps is the lack of this.  
I’ll second all previous recommendations, rogue Sphinx, rega brio, van alstine set 120, and the a11 tribute by rotel...all excellent products for the money. I am personally thinking about buying the set 120 just to try it out...not that I need any more amplifiers...just curious is all. 30 day return policy...

Outlaw Audio
Van Alstine

Both already mentioned in the thread.
For used the Rogue Sphinx. The version 3 is the best. If you don’t need a better phono stage then I would definitely pick up a V2 and a BlueSound node and call it a day. If you cannot find that then the Rega Brio is a power house in a small package. Plus, as said in this thread the phono stage is really nice. Bottom line it’s not about the watts, it’s about the preamp in the integrated. Trying to find an integrated amp for a $1000 or less your choices are slim because of the preamp stage. NAD is also very nice for the money but I would upgrade the phono stage. You don’t need to do that with the Rogue Sphinx or the Rega Brio. If you are still spinning CDs I would pick up the Rega Brio and Apollo CD player because they are both half sized. If you are near the Chicagoland area this store is a dealer for all of these brands and more. https://holmaudio.com/
They let you demo in your room at your home before you buy. That is a very big deal to me. You should hear those new PSB Synchrony 600 speakers. Even if you are not in the market for speakers they are really nice to hear!
Audio Refinement Complete Integrated Amp. I have one in my bedroom  driving a pair of Celestion SL-700s, and I used one to build a system for a friend driving a pair of Spica TC-50s. They are typically available used for approximately 500usd. 
Thanks everyone for your input and suggestions. I'm checking these out, I like how the Vincent 236 MK reads and looks. I'm going to keep looking these up.

dekay - lol, I'm actually going to try that soap bar, definitely. Thanks

hshifi - thanks for that info about it not being the watts but the pre stage. I would go separates but time and money do not allow. I wanna rock out already. lol.
I don't recommend buying new. If you had to, Rega Brio. But the Rogue Sphinx is a favorite too. 
Now if you have speakers with >95db ......Decware.
I just don't see long-term happy happy with the Sprout.  Great suggestions above; Rogue, Van Alstine  ... I'd add Odyssey Audio to that list ... 

Definitely check out The Music Room:


I got the Parasound NewClassic 200 Integrated last Winter and have been totally satisfied with it.
Upgrading from Emotiva separates, I found it had plenty of power and control, while improving bass and mid-bass definition and imaging.
I've used A/AB for 40+ years and I have been very impressed and relieved at the improvements brought forth by the change to "class D". 
It's a little higher than the OP's budget at 1195. 
I has many features I don't see often in It's price range: resister ladder volume vontrol, Burr Brown DAC, bass management, decent phono stage for MC/MM, back lit remote with bass, treble and sub level controls, even a sub on/Off so you can hear exactly what the sub id doing or not doing from your listening position. 



The caveat: This model has been affected by the global chip shortages and may be difficult to find.

Not a lot of love for Yamaha here but I am a fan.  Consider the Yamaha A-S801. 

Also, the Cambridge CXA61.  Another good choice.
Again thanks everyone, more reply's then I thought I would get.

I got one on scope..lol. but I can't tell y'all which one.. Cus it's on ebay and it's really cheap. hahaha, Might not be the best one but i emailed the guy to see if i could pay him the first. Because it ends soon with no bids..LOL lets see what the guy says. I'll just buy the rdac power supply another time. And still in December buy something for a thousand, or maybe i just save up since maybe i get this one. I can't help it a  bargain always catch's my attention, as well as my collectors side.. I guess i got time after all.......hahahaha
Van Alstine SET 120. IMO, a step up from Rega Brio and Audio Refinement Complete, which I also owned and are good amplifiers. 
I have a hegel h160 and wanted something smaller and lighter that still produces good SQ.  I found that in a KECES E40.  Per one review it produces up to 34 watts into 8 ohms and 62 into 4 ohms at low distortion and a claimed max output of 15 amps so its' capable of driving some hard to drive speakers within its' capabilities.  Sounds great and surprisingly keeps up with the Hegel where I don't feel I am missing anything at least at reasonable SPLs.  

Small footprint and about 10 lbs, includes a MM input, 2 RCA inputs, a preout and a basic but decent usb dac connection. I hooked up a Topping D70s.  I think it goes toe to toe with Rega and I still prefer the Keces.  Better value too.
Only wish it came with a metal remote.
Been very happy with my Marantz PM 8005 which can be bought for around $1k new as 8006. I have had it for 5 years and it has been excellent as a well priced integrated that replaced vintage SAE separates. I am looking to upgrade now simply because I want even more, better sound but I am keeping it for a third system because it is very musical. Made in Japan, 3 year warranty and solid current delivery.
If not already discussed..the Rogue is a “hybrid” digital amp.  The Peachtree is digital as well.   This may or may not be an issue for you. The Vincent is made “overseas”. This may or may not be an issue for you.
Not to yuck anyone's yum, but I checked out a Vincent SA31 preamp and found it to be decidedly "MidFi." If you haven't heard anything else, you may be inclined to think it sounds good. My Belles Aria ran circles around it. Of course the Belles is over twice the price.

I've heard the Rogue Sphinx drive numerous speakers very well. I don't think you can go wrong here.  

NAD, also an excellent choice. 
I agree with all who recommend Rega.

If you like your hip-hop loud, these two probably won't have enough power. I'll throw them out there anyway for others with more efficient speakers.

My personal favorite is the Kinko Audio KA-101 Pro. It drives my Fyne F703 speakers to loud levels in a fairly large room. The sound is ridiculously good for a $700 integrated.


If you like kit building, the ANK Kit L1 EL84 V2 Integrated Amplifier, right at $1k, will beat everything mentioned above for sound quality including my Kinko. I've heard it and was really impressed but I don't have one right now.


Sup y'all, I decided that I was going to wait and save. The one I was going for was a audio refinement complete. It sold for 390, but it was with 0 bids for 300. A good deal, but that amp is only 50 watts which I did not even check till later, I'm glad I did not bid on it. I got 500 saved up for now, so that's peace. I think I'm going to shoot for the 1000 mark for sure, or if I can get one for less then that would be great too, of course used. Still looking......lol.

I bought a Brio from a dealer in Syracuse NY......A week later I call him and wanted to send it back to him...terrible sounding integrated.....Worse than a 500  dollar chinese int.  He said the amp I would love is the Belles Aria...I bought that from him and never looked back. What a SWEET sounding ....great soundstage.....detailed but never harsh Punching Way above it's price point....Integrated with a really decent phono amp built in and a pre- out just in case.....Love it. Never ever read a bad review.

There are many older amps sound excellent. One of my favorites are Sony and Yamaha V-fets. Depends a lot on the type of sound you like and how loud you listen.