What do you think? Assemblage ST-300 B

I'm thinking of building the Assemblage ST-300 B amplifier and most of the reviews say that the tubes seem to get broken in shipping, Has anyone built one? Has anyone heard one?
I have heard one.With the right speakers and a Straight feed from a CD player with volume control very nice.If the 300B sound is to your liking you wont be disapointed and you could spend more and do worse.
I didn't build one, but I did get the Signature Platinum version, factory-built, and no tubes broke in shipping. It's my first SET 300B amp, but I've had good amps before, like Pass Aleph 3's used as monoblocks, and I LOVE the Assmblage, while I rather ENJOYED and ADMIRED the Aleph 3. Of course you'll need speakers that it can handle. I got fairly good results in a big room with Dunlavy SC-II's but am now getting great results, about 15 decibels lower on the volume control, with Oris 150 horns.
I would be using Pro-Ac 1SC's and a powered Velodyne 15 inch subwoofer. I'm now using a Audio Research CL-60 power amp.,But I thought I would try a Set Amp. It looks like a nice amp, just wondered if anyone had heard one? Thanks for the comments.
I built one with the signature upgrade. I am not by any means an electrical hobbiest but I had a great time and the directions are excellent. I used GR Research speakers with the amp and the sound was fantastic. At the time I also had Martin Logan reQuests with Adcom electronics and when I compared the two systems I was shocked at how good acoustic music and vocals were compared to the ML/Adcom combo. I ultimately sold the Assemblage because the exposed tubes were a bit risky in my environment but I miss the golden glow of those big 300's. As a bonus, the "sweat factor" of building it myself clearly added to the musical enjoyment. To answer your specific question my tubes weren't broken--however, the AC choke was buzzing and when I called about it the guy that designed the amp picked up the phone and sent me a replacement immediately. Great service! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.