What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?

While watching vids on YouTube, I came across this pipe speaker design from a Dr. Linkwitz (see below).   The sound of this speaker is said to be impressive.  I was wondering if you know about this, how it works and what you think of this speaker design.  Also, what do you think would be the best room placement for such a speaker, and would you be tempted to build them?

I missed this scientific philosophy duel in real time. I had to read reruns.

Is it too hard to understand that people buy speakers, the best ones they can, because they do not feel like building their own?

By the way, if google is not lying, there is no speaker company named Narcissus. Do I see a wonderful opportunity to name world's best concrete speakers? Flagship made of concrete Narcissus Herniakos. Followed by a standmount Narcissus  Acropolis. Desktop model Narcissus Komputerikos, Portable Bluetooth model Narcissus Fakeius, and cost-no-object Narcissus Kenjitos.
@glupson, I know your question wasn't addressed to me per se, but I think people would be interested in DIY equipment for a few reasons:  a) you hope to end up with better equipment than you could afford to purchase from the manufacturer.  b) You might learn something in the process about how such things go together and work.  c) Pride in saying, "I made that and it sounds good!"  If you have the time and energy, why not build your own?
Thanks, it's nice to know I'm not insane....;)

"Mama didn't raise fools...'odd', but not fools....'   Maybe...*L*

The OP (Thanks, Bob!) pretty much describes WTH I'm about....I keep on 'doin' what I do', because:
a.2) I can afford to.
b.2) I have and am learning that YES, it isn't easy...but it IS a learning curve that does make one Think...which keeps the 'wetware' from solidifying...
c.2) Damn!  It does work!  It does sound good, and it does just what it's supposed to!

Yes, it's not 'perfect'.  And I'll be the first to admit it.
I lack the means and methodology at present to arrive at 'perfect'.

On the other hand, there's been an enormous amount of discussion rendered here and elsewhere as to what 'perfection' is and percieved as.

So...now, as before.  My door is open to whomever cares to arrive at it.
Come, listen for yourself.  I'm more than happy to have 'constructive criticism'.
You can come and have a good laugh at my equipment.  I don't claim SOTA.  'Functional' within means, yes.  'Hearing the violinist breathe?'

NO....and that's not the point, nor mine.

Wear your mask until I take your temperature. ;)

Put your presence where your typing is. *G*

Regards, J

(OK, I've just wandered into one of the other catagories.....oh, well...*LOL*)
I'll supply alcohol to some extent....and call Uber if I think you're a public menace....;)