What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?

While watching vids on YouTube, I came across this pipe speaker design from a Dr. Linkwitz (see below).   The sound of this speaker is said to be impressive.  I was wondering if you know about this, how it works and what you think of this speaker design.  Also, what do you think would be the best room placement for such a speaker, and would you be tempted to build them?


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Built Linkwitz Orions in 2006. Still my main speakers. Built the PVC Plutos in 2008. Stunningly good, odd looking, speakers. Small footprint. Lightweight and easy to move. Work best somewhat near field. The Pluto sound more like real music than magico IMHO. 
Bob540, the Linkwitz speakers disappear and present music in a natural, organic way. Since they are lightweight, you can keep them against a wall then move them closer to your listening seat when you want the best sound. 
Seigfried Linkwitz was brilliant as a speaker designer. Checkout Linkwitz Labs website for an education. (Kenjit)

They may not have brand appeal, (magico), but they sound better IMHO.
Kenjit, you just named six brands of box speakers. What? You argue with everyone about box speakers. Are you new to audio?
Read more, argue less is my suggestion. I won’t do the google searches for you.