What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?

While watching vids on YouTube, I came across this pipe speaker design from a Dr. Linkwitz (see below).   The sound of this speaker is said to be impressive.  I was wondering if you know about this, how it works and what you think of this speaker design.  Also, what do you think would be the best room placement for such a speaker, and would you be tempted to build them?


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@gregm:  I’m don’t really have the room for them, especially since they need space to sound their best.  But for the price, they are interesting.  If my patio were covered or enclosed, that might be an application worth considering.

I wondered what the two drivers at the top, one facing up and then one facing forward right above it, do for the sound?  
@mickeyb, I was going to suggest those inexpensive Crown amps — you could buy 3 of those and not have too much money in it.  The 12 amps alymere mentioned would be interesting too.  Maybe one of you guys with plenty of room and some loose change could put this together and video the result.  That would be a hoot.  Too bad Dr. Linkwitz isn’t still around to serve as technical consultant. 

@soix, too funny!  It does look like a periscope, doesn’t it?   Add a lens and play the theme song through it for “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”.  ☺️
@glupson, I know your question wasn't addressed to me per se, but I think people would be interested in DIY equipment for a few reasons:  a) you hope to end up with better equipment than you could afford to purchase from the manufacturer.  b) You might learn something in the process about how such things go together and work.  c) Pride in saying, "I made that and it sounds good!"  If you have the time and energy, why not build your own?
@darkstar, More realistic that Magico?  But I thought those were supposed to be near-best?
Those Pluto’s would be handy, being able to move them about as you want (unlike the Martin Logan’s I have that weigh 60-some lbs. each and have spikes that I have to pull up from the carpet.  Who was it that posted that their speakers each weigh 130+ lbs?  Oh, my aching hernia!)
Jerry, I think we enjoy finding kindred spirits here.  I don’t have the means to approach “perfect”, if there is such a thing, but I look forward to enjoying some of the flavors of imperfect.  As others have stated, it’s about the music and enjoying it, not about fretting over the details.  If you enjoy the tweaking, have at it, but don’t forget why you and I are doing that — to enjoy the results.  I’ve been accused of over-thinking a lot of things, but when it comes down to it, just relax and enjoy.  You already have better equipment than most have ever had . . congratulations!  👍🏻
I wish I could hear them — I don’t really need more speakers, but if these things are as good as you say, plus very affordable, that’s an opportunity that needs to be seized!