What do you think about this idea for the FORUMS??

Hello everybody,
While I was at work today going about my business I thought about how nice it would be to be able to click on a link to a user's "Virtual System" under a forum thread post. Currently, when you click on the member name link under the post it brings you to a page that shows you links to the user's email, bio, forum threads, items for sale and feedback. Why not add a link to the user's Virtual System? It would be very helpful to know what kind of system the user has when reading his/her comments.
If you think this would be a good idea please write your comments and maybe Audiogon will implement it. Thanks, Eric.
An extension of this great idea just occurred to me - the ability to select from many virtual systems. I imagine many of us have multiple systems we discuss, as the topic at hand dictates. The ability to choose the relevent system would be just delightful. Personally, I have 3 systems: main, bedroom, basement, all with very different qualities and purposes. I must say that Eric has hit on a shockingly brilliant and novel idea. RIGHT ON ERIC!!!
If Audiogon doesn't mind the extra work setting this up, it would be a useful feature.
I have thought of this idea myself. I hope this feature can be added.
I like the idea and have used it when at the Asylum, as they have this feature; I find it useful at times when reading someones comments to see what their system consists of.
Yeah! It would be great if this feature can be added.
Excellent idea. A person's choices in equipment are like a book of his (or her) priorities and point of view. Very valuable in assessing any opinion expressed here.
i'm sorry to jump a-little aside from that topic.
there are a large number of things that must be done to improve and there are some negative things have been done so far while i'm using this site.
-- somehow audiogon became much slower than it used to be. it's even it is noticable with 750kb/s DSL.
-- an ultra-long waiting time for moderation someway blocks us to speak to each-other. it certainly disorganizes responces.
-- i still do not understand how the moderation works here. is every post being read manually by the human or it just goes into the sytem?
-- i loved the separate section of the virtual systems and the way it used to look and do not understand why it had been re-arranged here.
-- to generalize the author's proposition i would create a profile section for all members.
Marakanetz, good points. I also liked the way the systems were before, but I like the picture option they added. It was nice to see the $$ total of the system and of each component without having to click on each link. I think they are trying to save bandwidth? Text sure doesn't take much bw so why not have it all come up in one page?
While we are "wishing", I'd love to be able to tag thread to be followed without having to post in that thread.

I agree it would be useful to *see* where the other person is coming from regarding discussions, etc.

KP, what I do if I want to tag a thread that I haven't posted to is put it in my favorites. My audio section of favs has over 200 links. For example: http://audiogo5.iserver.net/cgi-bin/fr.pl?gmusi&976325372&openfrom&1&4#1
Excellent idea indeed. We have made some changes to the information that appears when you click on any writer's username. It will now show any Virtual Systems posted. Also, each member's entire forum history is now viewable, in what we think is a pretty interesting manner. Try clicking on some Usernames, and let us know what you guys think.
Hi Audiogon I already noticed the format change; looks good to me.
Nice touch, Audiogon!I think this may help us become more familiar with, and closer to, one another. Cheers
Audiogon, you guys are the best. Talk about quick and efficent service. I'm impressed.
Audiogon, how about something that allows us to post links that are "clickable" ? Having the link open in a separate window would be even nicer. I know that this was discussed and basically put on the "list of things to do" but it has not materialized in well over a year. Sean
Sean, thanks for the reminder. Indeed, linking options have been on our ToDo list for a while now, though admitedly it was one of several hundred items on the list. As we were poking around the forum software anyway, your reminder prompted us to go ahead and do something about it.

We have implemented "markup tags", which allow several formatting options for posts. For example, one could quote another writer's comments in this manner:
Audiogon, how about something that allows us to post links that are "clickable" ? Having the link open in a separate window would be even nicer. I know that this was discussed and basically put on the "list of things to do" but it has not materialized in well over a year. Sean
The above block was created by putting a specific "tag" before and after Sean's comments, which were copied and pasted into this response.

Another tag allows the creation of links for pointing out a really cool site for example. There is also a tag for creating clickable email addresses.

This mechanism will require a little practice, or at least careful study of the tags, so that the software will recognize the intent. Follow the link just below the text box in the posting form, to see the specifics.
THANK YOU !!! We do appreciate all of the effort that you "behind the scenes" A-goner's do for us. Sorry if i sounded like a "whiney brat" : ) Now all we have to do is get in the habit of taking advantage of this new feature and encourage others to do so also.

I'd also like to say THANK YOU again for arranging it the way that you did i.e. opening the link in a separate window. MUCH more convenient in the long run. Sean
Am I missing something? Is there no direct way to the Systems forum other than through a member's system?? I can't seem to find a page with the "Systems" link on it...

Anyhow, I posted my system...
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