What do you think about this ?

Do you think this member deserves a negative feedback ?

I've an add running to sell some speaker cable and this one member emailed me the first day I put the ad saying, I'll but right now if you accept my offer, I accept and emailed back to him and did not get any reply.
I got a new email from him today after 15 days saying , I'll but the cables if you accept this price, I accept and email back to him and I don't get a reply at all.

How do I stop this nonsense ? Should I leave a negative feedback ? Appreciate your opinion.
I sympathize with your situation however you can only leave feedback for a member if a transaction has taken place. Perhaps you should stop replying to this person. Move on and wait for a more reliable purchaser that doesn't play games.
Consider the possibility that your replies haven't gotten through to him for some reason. I've had e-mail problems at times, and fortunately the other parties gave me the benefit of the doubt.

You might try e-mailing him with the "Request Read Receipt" option activated. If you have Outlook Express, as you compose the e-mail to him, click on "Tools" in the message taskbar, then select "Request Read Receipt". Assuming he doesn't block sending you a receipt, this will let you know he's getting your replies.
I can try "request read receipt". But I've read his feedback, he got some neutral feedback for not responding and playing games.
I emailed him more than once but no response. I guess as Lak says, move on and ignore him.
'goners are too generous, sometimes, for my taste. I would give him a neutral, with as clear a reason as you can make, in that little space. Your experiences with him will be appreciated and noted. It's fair and honest. peace, warren
According to your post, he never said he would "buy" your cable, he only said he would "but" it. And, he said it twice.

Reminds me of Woody Allen in "Take The Money And Run" where he tries to hold up the bank...

Hey, for all we know, he may just have butted it.

Seriously though, when you sell gear, you are going to see all kinds. ALL KINDS!

I agree that feedback is only applicable to a deal which has more or less gone through. In this case, I don't believe it is within your rights to leave feedback. Instead, doing what you have done, starting a thread, is more appropriate.

My advice is to vent here and move on. Move on from this pseudo buyer. While it has been suggested that he may not be getting your e-mails, the means in which it happened twice makes him look like a clown. I believe if the fault did not lie in his lap, and he did not receive your reply, he would have sent additional correspondence asking you why you didn't respond or what was going on with the deal. Instead, he shows up again just like the first time, as if nothing happened.

Keep repeating the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
These are the guys we need to be aware of.I had the same experience Last week,The persons username is now banned from audiogon,but he could easily pop up with a new name.
He deserves a negative.
Did he say he had a "gum"?
Audiogon is clear in its instructions that feedback cannot be left unless money changes hands or an auction is won. Neither happened here so no feedback. Period. This stuff happens all of the time; it is simply part of the cost of doing business on the web. Some people have high integrity and some don't. Anyone wishing to avoid these problems should seriously consider trading their gear in to dealers or putting the gear on consignment. Viable alternatives with their own sets of plusses and minuses.
"feedback cannot be left unless money changes hands?" That's a crying shame. Someone can promise, give their word, hold up your auction with bs, and you cannot give the person negative feedback? $$ are the sole criteria to be judged on the 'gon? Gimme a break. Maybe we should pressure the powers that be to make a change. peace, warren
In his first email, the person wrote "I'll buy the cable immediately if you accept $$$ and will pay through paypal".

Trelja, What do you say about that ?

15 days later, the same person wrote "I'll buy the cables if you accept $$$". No mention about previous email or nothing. Don't you think he knows, I'm the same person still have the ad running ?

I can give the user name but its better to just move on. If I receive another email, I'm going to post a negative feedback and report that to Audiogon staff.
Knock yourself out. Ignore the rules. Interesting that the guy who backed out was within Audiogon guidelines and you are saying that you will go outside of them if you receive another e-mail. Warren, the reason that Audiogon has the policy is so they don't spend all of their time hearing disputes based on heresay and miscommunication. I agree that it is a problem. Your suggestion of lobbying for change, if that is what you believe, is far better than your first suggestion which would be going against the rules of conduct on this site.
Break the rules? Who me? Never. Now, that you've shown me the light? Never!! good night guys. peace, warren
It's an ugly situation to be sure. There are hard feelings. I don't deny any of this.

Yet, it still does not fall into what warrants feedback being left. Viridian is 100% right. I realize that you are sore, but you need to get past this at some point.

As Viridian also points out, this is some of the BS that we face here on the internet. If you are sensitive to the point where it drives you to this level of distraction, maybe you should evaluate whether you really have inside of you what it takes to play in this arena.

We have all been in bad situations as either buyers or sellers. I could tell more than a few stories myself. Let's face facts, this isn't a perfect world.

Let's also realize what would happen if you threw a neutral or negative his way. Don't you think he would reciprocate in kind? Do you really want that? How would you feel after all of what you went through to have negative feedback on top of it all? After all, you are the victim in this situation.

If you feel so strongly about it, may I suggest you out the guy right here in this thread.
Forget about it and move on.
Alright guys, let's rest the issue. Appreciate all the comments, suggesstions form all of you. Thanks.