what do you think about SONY's XBR direct view TVs?

i am considering a new XBR700 later on to go in my living room..

the 40" one..direct view.. HDTV .

is it a good TV ?
gonna be used with HDTV dish tv and DVD ..

are all the new XBR HDTV from sony good ?

i have a 36xbr250. i think is has a grat picture. i have had many sony tvs. i feel they are fist rate.
The Sony XBR direct view sets are some of the finest out there. That said, you might also try the Panasonic Tau line and Toshiba's widescreen sets for comparison. I would also check out the HDTV Ready projection sets if you have the room, especially if you are getting a HDTV dish and progressive scan DVD. I personally could not justify the high price for the direct view sets with only a 34 or 40" screen.
Two years ago I had a 32" XBR television that I paid $1600.00 for. It was the finest picture I have seen and even with all the new technology I think it would easily compete today. Unfortunatly they have lousy warrenties and after only two years the picture tube blew.
I have the Sony xbr200 Wega. It is one of the few Video pieces I have kept for any lenth of time. It's not HDTV, but for analog, Wow! The new 40" would be a dream come true for me. Good luck. roachone
I second Perfectimage. I had the power supply on a two year old XBR go bad and it took Sony over 7 weeks to get a new power supply (plus it cost a bloody fortune).

Good product,lousy service.

well i have a friend that works at "Maison Sony"
wich are the sony stores here ..
and he would get me extanded warranty+ for 5 years..
so if anything happens with the TV..they get another brand new one to my place..and take the defect one without saying
nothing so ..no problems there :)
I have a 36" WEGA XBR, and I think it has a fabulous picture. I had my set professionally adjusted by a ISF (Imaging Sciences Foundation) technician, to be sure the color balance was accurate, and everyone who watches my set comments on the superb color rendition and resolution (set the "sharpness" control almost to off).