What do you think about MIRAGE speakers..particularly OM s

I just purchased 2 OM-10 that i am gonna use for stereo music for some time until i get enough money to buy 2 other OM-9 for front and use the OM-10 as rears..

what do you think of the sound reproduction quality of the mirage speakers ?
and the Omnipolar system ?

personally i think that the OM rocks, right now they are sitting in my bedromm wich is 20f * 13f* and they sound just awsome envelopping the complete romm with sound ..

i thouh don't have a lot of experience with all sort of speakers so i can't really compare..

let me know what do you think about mirage speakers! :)
I auditioned one of the OM speakers recently, I am not sure which model but the price was $2200 or so. The amp was a Marantz surround sound receiver so keep that in mind. I felt they had virtually no upper detail and sounded way too relaxed, almost muddy. I purchased Audio Physic Spark III which imagined much better than the omnipolars.
The Mirage are excellent. I had the OM-6s for about 2 years, then upgraded by going 3x the cost: to B&Ws. The OM-6s had good bass and clear mids & HIs. You'll do fine with your choice.
Vaughn3d : have you read Mirage whitepaper on Ominipolar on their website ?

they specifically say that they didn't want pinpoint imaging cause this is totally unrealistic and that's one of the reason why i like mirage ..

in reality.when u ear a sound..u cannot point directly the specific sound mixed with other sounds..
it's alway vague nah ?

Mdorsam: do the B&W's sounds a lot better?
was it worth the difference in price?
I beleive Mirage are a very good all around speaker. You can use it and get very good HT results and OK 2 channel results. DO I beleive there is better out there yep but at a much higher cost. I have had the 1090i Bipolar speakers and now I"m using the OM-6( got used for $1000) and they are well worth it.