What do you think about Marsh amps?

I am not near a dealer to audition the Marsh amps. I would like to get some feedback from people who have either seriously auditioned the 400s and 200s amps at a dealer or home, and from those who have owned or currently own a Marsh amp. I am looking for the best amp for the money(read: screaming bargain) to drive my new Harbeth C7ES-2 speakers. I am looking at possibly getting a good integrated amp so I can upgrade the source components.Thanks for your input.I am currently running a Rotel 1080 amp,( was driving some B&W speakers) but I want to sell this amp and upgrade to a higher musical naturalness level to drive my Harbeths.
I owned a Marsh A-400 and used it to drive my Magnepan 1.6QR. The Marsh was significantly better than the Bryston 4bst and Rotel 150 watter (I forget the model number). The Marsh also beat out the BAT VK-200, but just marginally.

I am not all that familiar with the Harbeth, but if you can run a tube amp you will get better sound. Perhaps, a Rogue 88 (or better, Magnum monos) or a BAT VK-60. I only used the Marsh with the Maggies because they like a lot of power.
I owned a Marsh A200s and thought it was a great amp. Solidly built and IMO sonically superior to anything in it's price range. Very smooth top end for solid state. I don't think you could go wrong with either the 400 or the 200.