What do you think about Legacy Steradian?

I would would like good and/or bad comments on Legacy Steradian processor
I have used the Steradian but other than with the Whispers it didn't suit my taste of control in the bass region. It depends on your room as has to how it will bring in better sound - also speakers of course. I found adding the Peavey Kosmos instead did a better overall job of room control in the area of bass and presence. Check the Peavey site for more info.
While i'm not certain of this, the Peavey processor that Ljgj mentioned was "probably" designed by Jon Risch of AA fame. He has done design work for Peavey in the past and may have had a hand in this product. Sean
I got the info on the Kosmos from Ljij. Absolute best tweak I have encountered. Upgraded to the Kosmos Pro in my main system and kept the standard for my bedroom system.
Worth your time to look into it.