What do you think about Edge amps ?

I wonder whether any of you has experience with Edge power amps?
I listened to a pair of 1.1 signatures and thought they sounded great. Now I'm thinking about purchasing a set, but what about matching pre-amps, speakers?

Are they 'difficult partners'?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

John, I had a NL-10 and loved how it performed in my system. It was finally replaced with Pass Labs XA-100's. I found no difficulties at all matching with different linestages. The 1.1 sigs are great amps and would be a great addition to any system.
I have the NL12 series and it is sweet with extremely
reslolute and natural bass. It benefits greatly (smoother highs, well integrated bass) from a good power cord (Shunyata Anaconda Alpha in my case). A nice feature
for me is that it runs just warm to the touch.
Aside from the fact they have to be some of the ugliest amps out there? Just have to love the wedding cake model! With looks like that who cares what they sound like!
plagued with the worst product name since the ford probe, they sound ok, but look a little too fancyschamcy...my wife loves the look, so i must take the opposite opinion.
I've got to agree with Pbb and Jaybo, one of the worst names and some of the ugliest amps out there, yet I'm interested. Though the gear does seem to differ quite a bit from model to model, they seem to garner many postive reviews and appear to be well designed and well built.
they do sound good.....at least they aren't called nixon or einstein.
I just acquired a used NL10.1 and it is stying in my system. Very smooth and dynamic at the same time.

Lke Teajay, I was very interested in XA-100's and I'm sure i would love the sound based on what I have read, but I couldn't see spending $600+ per year to keep them on 24/7. The Edge is stingy at idle, so I can keep it warmed up all the time.

I replaced a McCormack. Other gear:
CEC TL51X tranport
Bolder Cable- modded Squeezebox3 burning as I type
Accustic Arts Dac1 MK3
Green Mountain Callistos
Audience AU24 cabling all around , except AZ MC2 digital RCA

The Edge, GMA's and SB3 are permanent in my system.
Jerry nice system!
I see you found the perfect match for the GMA speakers. I have the Continuum 3's powered with the NL12.1 and it's a perfect match.
You said you keep your NL10.1 on all the time, how warm does it get? If I leave my NL12.1 on for more than a few hours, it gets somewhat warm to the touch..

I was given a NL-10 by a dealer for an extended home audition. It was an unopened box, brand new amp. I plugged it into Satellite radio for one week 24/7 to break it in at a medium low volume and went to Florida for a week.

I got home and started my listening and it was a total disappointment. No depth or width, and a surprising lack of dynamics. It sounded so flat that I called the dealer and he came over and listened and said there must be something wrong with the amp. But my impression was so negative I never asked for another to audition.

The drag was that I really wanted to love this amp. Everything I had read from reviews to comments on Audiogon made me want it. It just didn't sound good to me.

My system was/is Pass x-1 pre, JM Lab MIni-Utopias, JM Lab Sub-Utopia, Siltech LS100 cables, Purist Audio Venustas ICs, Musical Fidelity tri-Vista SACD.

I am now auditioning a Krell EVO402 for the last three weeks and it sounds remarkably good, very musical, without any apparent flaws or any "hey listen to this" hyper emphasis in any one area. It actually keeps sounding better each week.
Now, you may never know how great it could have sounded in your system...
These amps are extremely heavy, and have been known to be damaged during shipping.

I chose an Edge M6m to drive my Gallo 3.1's. Best decision that I could have ever made for an amp. I have owned many, many amps, but this (the M6m) is one of the very best. It has the remarkable color and musical texture of my old Jeff Rowland 112 but with the mid range "tube magic" of a (long gone) Kora Gallaxy. It also drives the Gallo's so well in the low end that I have no need for separate bass amp. Build quality is as good as it gets... plus it is simply gorgeous to look at.
I don't know about the new models, but if they are half as good as the older ones.. they are an amp that you can't go wrong with.