What do you think about Audioquest Volcano?

What do you think about audioquest speaker cable volcano, any people who tried them or own them, what system do you use with that cable? I ask that because they are not many review or forum thread about this cable.
i use them to great effect on my lava lamps. -cfb
lol!!! Thanks for your refreshing post -cfb
I switched from Audioquest Clear to Volcano a year ago. I have never been a fan of silver speaker wire or interconnects except on video. I find them to bright for audio. I'm using the Volcano in a double biwire setup. The Volcano retained the smooth sound of the Clear with an increase in attack, soundstage and midrange focus. The Volcano also has a very tight and detailed bass, you can hear the fingers on the bass string not just the bass. Keep in mine there is a break in period, it will take some time for the bass to come alive and the mid to mellow. I have listened to numerous wires and this was my favorite. My system consists of Vandersteen fives and Audio Research SP10 preamp VT100 MKII power amp CD1T transport and DAC III MKII DA converter. Also an Oracle Delphi MK V table with a Graham 2.2 tonearm and a Van del hal Frog cartridge.
I think it's very good. probably not the weak link in most peoples systems. It's very similar in sound/performance to that of somehting like the Harmonic cables Pro cables or Acoustic Zen Satori shotgun. It's detailed, clear, and dynamic enough, to get out of the way of the system! You'll like it on just about anything you attach it to, I'm sure. Good Luck
I totally agree with Topanga's assessment. I have been running two pairs in my system and they kick butt! I'm not sure what Comefedboy or Dismalonyx's problems are with these speaker cables. Perhaps they could elaborate more on their likes and dislikes of these cables so that we all may become enlightened. Yoby
The thing is that I dont even own those cable, neither that I've heard them, and Cornfedboy was just making a joke with the name of the cable(at last I think) for my par I think those will be my next cable in my system.
I can appreciate the humor, however, you were making a serious inquiry about the cables. Since this was the first response to your thread, I found it inappropriate. Please forgive me if I was being too harsh.
i own these Anaconda speakers cable, i think they're
the best i ever had for the money range .detail highs, natural mid, clean bass.

conrad johnson amp - 11A
" - preamp pv11 AL
shaling T200 sacd -tube cd player
speakers - Platinum solo /von s. vr2
I use(d) Volcano speaker cables as well as Sky interconnects and in my system and they sound anemic in the low frequencies and hollow in the mid-range. These cables to my ear sound incomplete. The DBS system (72v) seems to turn up the treble at the expense of the equally important mid range and low frequencies. I am now listening to a pair of interconnects from Synergistic Research with Tesla active shielding. They cost less then half as much as my Skys and out perform them in the low frequencies, mid range and the highs while breathing significantly more "life" into my system. Comparing Audioquests DBS system to Synergistic Research Active Shielding reveals that Synergistic Research Active Shielding to be a significantly more powerful technology. I have on order an additional pair of Accelerator interconnects and speaker cable and will report the results when I get them hooked up however I cannot recommend the Volcano speaker cables as better kit is available for less.
I could not disagree more with Asians post. I have sky interconnects throughout my system and have a pair of B and W 802's dbl bi wired on my fronts. The sound is jaw dropping. Alot has been written about this combination. I am in agreement. It's alot of $ but in my mind well worth it. I am using SR power cables throughout my system and love that technology. But the sky-volcano combination is unbelievable.
I bought the Vulcano Full range about 6 weeks ago, after using the AQ Clear III for many years. I was about to sell my speakers (MC Systems M1.3, you can find them at www.mc-systems.com) but after the cable change i was surprised. the whole system came alieve again, soundstage was getting bigger, wider and even deeper.
the bass is great, specially after about 2 weeks when the DBS is fully active. the harshness in the high frequenties is gone, midrange is superb.
I use a Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300 amp,
Nu-Vista 3D cd player
wich is connected over an AQ Columbia 72V DBS.
next step will be to get my hands on a set of Niagara or sky.
Also tried the Vulcano on a set of B&W 803`s on a shanling amp, owner was suprised about the sound.

Vulcano, i can and will recommend it to almost everybody who enjoys lively, warm sounds with lots of detail.
regards freddy

NDW AQ Clear III, 2x 4 meters r for sale
I have had the reverse effect when adding the Skys and Mont Blancs to my system then what Aslan had when adding them to his. My system became smoother, more detailed, and a bigger sound both stage and individuals players. I am saving for the Volcanos.
I am using the AQ Volcano Bi-wire speaker cables upgraded to 48VDC DBS and can say without hesitation that these are one of THE most transparent cables I've had the pleasure of using between by Pass Labs Aleph 3 and my Alon 1's. The Aleph 3 is driven by a Sonic Euphoria PLC passive preamp which is driven by a modified Marantz CD63 mk ll.

IC's are AQ Cheetah and AQ Sky both of which have been upgraded to 72VDC DBS of which the 72VDC DBS Sky is in a league of it's own and the combo of the Volcano Bi-wire speaker cables and the AQ IC's have resulted in a system that has musicality in spades and has a feeling of ease and naturalness that is a joy to listen to each and every time.

Very highly recommended.


Update midsummer 2008
I upgraded my AQ Columbia 72V DBS to a Niagara 72V DBS.
i was shocked what happened, the sound was terible, harsh.
and i was not possible to listen to a little louder music.
same as i expirenced before with VD Hul the Jubilee Hybrid
BUT ..... after about a week (cd player has been on repeat all day for that week)everything changed. depth was getting better and better, harshness started to disappear. after 3 weeks the sound was perfect. the details, the with and depth of the soundstage, control of lower freqs. mid and high made me a very happy listener. replayed almost all my CD`s. only disavantage is dat i have to change all my (safety) copies to originals because now its so clear that a copy is not as good as a original cd, it misses a lot of soundstage and detail.
Now also upgrade the Audioquest Vulcano`s to 144V DBS, it took about 2 weeks for the DBS to fully kick in. but i can recomand it to everybody.

and the journey continues.
Marc Mickleson@Soundstage, compared Sky/Volcano, Golden Reference IC's/speaker cable, Sky/Golden Reference, Golden Ref IC/Volcano with the Sky/Golden Ref combo coming out on top and Sky/Volcano second.
Has anyone compared volcano to other high end AQ cables like Kilimanjaro because I am thinking I will make the jump. Up or down? I already own kilos and impressed with them. Does the silver beat out the bigger copper?
I have the original Volcano SC in my system without DBS for a long time. They replaced Golden Reference, which were less extended and colored.
Volcanos are detailed,smooth,neutral,with very good bass.
Are there better, I'm sure but they won't be the weak link in your system.
AudioQuest customer service is one of the best in Audio.
Ccjr, answer is YES, the Kilimanjaro is better than the Volcano, by quite a bit!!! I have tried everything up the line in Audioquest. Now if you want to be really impressed, try the Everest -- they are simply in a different league than even the Kilimanjaro, as I never expected that there could be that much of a difference between these two silver cables!