what do you think

have plasma and home theater in bedroom , will be sitting reading , listening to music or just music , master bed over garage , will not be bothering anyone
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Crankforward bike leaning against the ferry boats rail. I'll be listening to the bow wave lap by, an idle chit chat. Glorious crossings bring the young lass with her cello to enjoy the focsle acoustics. Interupting anothers life for a dance is ok.

what do you think
Room Acoustics will help keep the unwanted muisic from family members.
WTF? Alpha, Mike, Foxtrot.........Im up in smoke.
Springnr..............BRAVO! I would just like to point out that you forgot that grape jelly lactose planted in the evening monkey craves to be loved so the vertical Plasma in the garages bed wont listen to anyone reading...it will all work fine.
Chadnliz... I chunked my first thought as was to improve the hot an bothered quotient... then I saw no bother part of the post.

If one wanted to go that way though. I would recommend hunting down a sixties era Rambler with the fold down seats, or maybe a Chevy pickup as I seem to remember they worked too. Install a ten ton lift in the garage, and cut a hole in the bedroom floor.
Plasmatic Drive-in theater.
(best to back the Pickup onto the lift)
Actually I think this post was some how orphaned from an earlier thread posted today.
I think Springnr gave me my best laugh of the day. Thanks for the insight!
Aha! So it's Springnr who sends me all these e-mails about Female Viagra and Valium.

Very very good laugh. Wonderful mind you have there. Keep up the good work.
I always thought it was a bad idea to have a TV in the bedroom ;)
Just because I know theres more planes in the ocean than submarines in the sky doesnt mean I understand any of this more than before I woke up from that last coma.Thanks again for the encryption men.Cheers,Jack