what do you think?

finally finishing my system. will order equipment and cables this week. system will consist of-
Rotel RB1090 amp.
Rotel RC1070 pre.
Rotel RCD 1072 CD player.
Rotel RLC-900 A/C line filter.
Infinity Renaissance 90 speakers.
Kimber KCAG inter connects.
Kimber 4TC & 8TC speaker cables.
Kimber PK10 gold pwr cords.
system should sound great for the amount i will have into it. does anyone else have a compareable system? anyone had rotel, infinity or kimber products? do you like or dislike them? have read a lot of good and bad. also thanks for all your input. the house is goin to be rockin!!!!!
You are over spending on your cables, with the money you are spending you could upgrade your electronics or speakers quite a bit by buying less expensive cable.

You may want to consider that.

Plus I wouldn't use Kimber on Rotel. Cardas Crosslink, and skip the Power Cord BS. You're not to the point were you can waste money for little or no improvement.
2nd that opinion. save that money for an equipment upgrade.
I agree, you're much better off getting equipment you're not _as_ tempted to upgrade, and getting less ICs and skipping the line conditioning. When I was building my system (not that I'm by any means done) I got the front end fixed first (already had parasound halo stuff so was okay for alittle). Then comes the pre/power (integrated in my case, or soon to be) and then the ICs. PCs and line conditioners should be the last of these to purchase/upgrade, so you're better putting that money into speakers, front end, or amplification. If you're looking for cheap cables then homegrown does some good stuff. Stock PCs should be fine for now. And as always, this is all IMHO.

good luck and have fun!
Yes, cables and the like are way overblown.

If you live in an area that is not industrialized or has a smaller person per square mile index there is a good chance you'll need nothing in the way of power conditioners and similar products either. You'll have a decent sine wave (stable hertz) and good non-fluctuating voltage.

The speakers are the most important part of a system with the front end coming in a close second.
Cables and power cords are the very last on the list.
A dedicated power source for your equipment is more important than the cables you use or any line conditioner. at least imho.
Hi I have ren 90 speakers and think they are great, very revealing of whats feed them but not forgetting the music. Heard good things about rotel but don't own any. For cables I use straight wire maestro and crescendo, these speakers will show the difference. It would seem your off to a great start.
I'm with the others. You don't need to spend so much on cabling and powercords. Save your money and buy some sotware to listen to on the new system instead.

If you are in an area with bad power, a power conditioner is a money well spent. I wouldn't get the Rotel though. There are plenty of good used conditioners in that price range.

Just my two cents...
thanks guys for all the input. it makes it tough on deciding what all to get. i wish i had a little more money! if any one knows of a conrad johnson ms2500a for sale let me know please. after endless hours of research and all of you input, i wish i could afford a little more. as far as cables go you can never have too good a cable in your system, but i agree that the power cords and pwr. cond. are a waste of time at this point. just wanted input on everything. thanks again and happy hi-fi!!!!!!!!!!!