What do you sit on?

As my system has improved I am spending more time listening but my "sweet spot" is not as comfortable as I would like. I'm looking at new chairs, recliners, etc.  This is one topic I have not seen discussed on Audiogon. What kind of chair, perhaps what specific manufacturers are favored by experienced audiophiles? Maybe a little crowd sourcing in this area might turn up some overlooked gems in the way of listening room furniture.
@jjss49  I’m with you on this one
Good question.
Eames lounge chair with ottoman. I have one in the listening room & one in the "living" room. I can sit in them for hours without any issues. Very comfortable chairs.  
If you can't sit for long without back pain, please see a neurosurgeon, who could most likely decompress a spinal nerve root for you to relieve low back/sciatic pain.  It could be life changing.  

In contrast to steakster, I truly enjoyed my many years with an Ekornes Stressless Recliner.  I used it both as my stereo chair and an office chair (I read books and screenplays for a living, writing notes on a legal pad).  The only reason I got rid of it is because my wife just got too disgusted how worn-out it eventually looked.  I also have a kneeling chair.  Sorry to report, unless I sit on it backwards and just use it as a stool, the kneeling chair becomes damnably uncomfortable within five minutes no matter how I try to adjust it.  It may supposedly be good for your back, but it's hell on your knees, shins and ankles.  It doesn't make my back feel very aye-aye-aye either.  Anyway, for my stereo l now I use a firm but nicely padded living room easy chair.  No adjustments but it doesn't need any.  It also has nicely grippy upholstery, something that keeps me from slouching  as the listening session stretches on and on.
I know this is hijacking the thread & I apologize but IF YOU HAVE BACK PROBLEMS PLEASE READ THIS:
Get an INVERSION TABLE with Infrared Heat!!!
They wanted to cut me open & fuse 3 vertebra up top & 2 down low..A good friend brought me to her place & made me try hers..Had one for 10+ years now & NOT A SINGLE BACK problem since!!!
Also perfect timing as I was just pondering this question lately...