What do you recommend for less than $3000

I'm looking to assemble a physically small setup in the bedroom consisting of Integrated Amp, CD player and mini-monitors to playback mainly jazz instrumental and vocals.
I'd go all Rega.
Jeff's Sound Values has a Quad setup [CD/Amp/Tuner] for $1400 which seems reasonable and should give many years of good service. JSV is a good outfit with fair pricing. And that leaves plenty of funds for good to excellent MMs, like Merlins, Tylers, Spendors, etc. Good luck.
How about a combination of some of the following pieces, some used and some new prices of course.

Cd players
- Rega Planet
- Jolida JD100
- Sony DVP9000ES
- Cary CD308

Integrated Amps
- Blue Circle CS
- Jolida RC1500
- Unison Research Unico
- Rogue Tempest
- Plinius 8100
- Arcam A85 Diva
- Electrocompaniet ECI-3

- ProAc 1SC
- ProAc Tablette Series
- Totem Model 1
- Aerial Acoustics Model 5
- Jm Reynaud Twin
- Sonus Faber Concertino
- Vienna Acoustics Haydn
- Spendor S3/5
- Harbeth ••••

I've been able to get some intimate and seductive acoustic jazz and female vocals matching Blue Circle and ProAc gear. Some of these pieces on this list may stretch your budget a bit considering you'd need cables as well. Don't spend a lot on the interconnects. Maybe look at Chris Ven Haus' VH Labs Pulsar ICs.

Good luck!
Since you listen to jazz and vocals, I would look at a tube integrated like the Unico or a Jolida or hybrid Blue Circle. For speakers, take a look at the Reference 3A Dulcet minis. I have not heard them but the reviews seem good. Finally, for a front end, something like a Music Hall CD25, Cambridge D500SE or Azur 640C, NAD 541I or Rotel. A nice tube CD would be the Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000. Like Gunbei square pants said, VH cabling would be nice. Signal cable too.

Lots of choices,

$3000 is a lot of money for a system that should cost no more than 2/3 of that amount new. I would recommend the following:

NAD C320BEE integrated amp at $400 new. If you would prefer a receiver, go with the Rotel RX 1052 at $900 new.

Music Hall MMF CD25 cd player at $540 new. From personal experience, the NAD/Music Hall combination is magical.

NHT SB2 at $400 new or the Omega Super 3 at $540 new. The NHT are acoustic suspension design and can be placed near rear walls, on top of dressers, etc. and perform very well. Their sound is musical, warm, and rich. The Omegas are a one speaker affair (no crossovers), are not very fussy with placement, and sound musical and detailed. Both speakers sound excellent when played low ... a huge plus for a bedroom system.

Decor wise the Rotel and Music Hall pieces come in a very nice looking silver finish. The NHT's come in a glossy piano black finish. You have at least 10 finish choices with the Omegas that range from several wood to several laminate finishes.

Price wise, you are in the $1340 to $1980 range for a really superior set-up. For cables, stick with Signal Cable or Better Cables. I currently own all the above with the exception of the Rotel and have been extremely pleased with these components.

If you want to go really small, try this combo for $800 ... the TEAC Reference Series 500 receiver & CD/DVD player for $600 from the Needle Doctor and the NHT SB1 at $200. I just put this system together for a friend. It features well made, quality pieces; looks great; and does a superb job at reproducing music ... I have rarely heard Sinatra sound better.

Regards, Rich
Guys, thanks for the replies.

I've managed to catch a listen to both the Spendor 3/5 and Totem Model that was recommended by Gunbei and at the moment these speakers interest me the most in terms of performance, size and availability (saw a used pair Model 1 for about $1k and I also got an offer for the 3/5 for about $550).

As far as I know these mini's take some amount of power to drive them although I am not too sure about how fussy these speakers in terms of placement will be, I would not have dedicated stands in the bedroom so they'll be on a shelf.

Do you have any recommendations on the electronics that would best match the Spendor and Totem's.
I would 2nd the ProAcs, either Tablettes new for $1200 or 1SC's used for about the same price. The Arcam CD73 was the product of the year last year for Hi-Fi Mag I think, for $700. And the Arcam A65+ for $600, or the A80 for $1200 are great integrated amps. I also agree the NAD is a good integrated for the money, but prefer the Arcam sound. I was at a Christmas party last night, we were listening to jazz, mainly Coltrane and Miles on Tablettes, with a CD73 and A80 and I'm always amazed how good they sound together. The 1st time I heard that setup was with a Rega P3 TT playing jazz and you get an amazing smooth picture painted before you. Not the most dynamic, and won't play the loudest or go the lowest, but really detailed and smooth, especially for horns.

Good luck whatever you decide,
I picked up a Rotel RX-1052, rotel RCD-1072 cd player and a pair of Dynaudio 52SE speakers and have been very please with the set up, very easy to listen to, very musical. the CD player to a little time to smooth out. I find that I am listening to the tuner, jazz on public radio, more than I expected, thought the primary source has been CD and vinyl.

Since you only listen to jazz instrumentals and vocals, then this would be the system I would look into:

Speaker System: Totem Model 1 -- $1,000.00
Integrated Amplifier: Music Hall Mambo -- $1,300.00
Compact Disc Player: Rega Planet -- $300.00 (used)
Cables: Cardas 300B -- $96.00 (new) or you can probably get these used for about $48.00 or so at "www.usedcables.com"

Speaker Cables: Cardas Twinlink -- $120.00 (new) or you can probably get these used for about $60.00 or so at "www.usedcables.com"

And if you either have enough left over in your budget, or if you can stretch your budget by about another $200.00 or so, you can factor in some decent stands for your Totem Model 1's as well.

Good Luck and Happy Listening!!!!!

Blue Sky System One 2.1 $1895,

Arcam CD82T $1199,

The elegance of simplicity, a 12inch subwoofer and 2 powered monitors, this is a full range system that impresses with its outstanding parts quality. Its bass management controller acts as the remote volume preamplifier and allows you to "calibrate" the subwoofer to satellite crossover to get get perfect integration.

The Arcam is a first rate CD player. There are several reviews.

As a system it will be difficult to get a more dynamic or refined full range system for $3000 . Cables come with speakers and I'm sure you have a set of interconnects around you could use. You'll need $100 for stands or wallmounts.

For bedroom listening the System One may be too engaging in its studio monitor lineage to relax and go to sleep too. The systems only weakness. for your application.

I'm a dealer for both manufacturers, Its a double edge sword carrying products you like. :)