What do you put your bookshelves on?

I have always had used speakers with wood finish and recently got a pair of Hadyn grands with a piano finish. I don't know what I should put them on so they don't scratch and don't want to muffle the sound. Thank you!
I stand on the ceiling and put them on my books.
Herbie's Audio Lab Extra-Thick Grungebuster Dots.

You could also go to Lowe's and pick up a piece of their gray "anti-fatigue" runner material. It is only sold in the store and comes in a roll 36" wide 1/4" thick...so you can buy as little as one foot for around $4.00. Works very effectively and doesn't damage the speaker or cabinet finish.

Herbies Big Fat Dots.........
I recommend you try Blu Tak first - real cheap at Audio Advisor. If that doesn't do it for you, go to Herbie's web site. You might try Baby Booties on top of Dots.

I would blu tak 3 or 4 brass footers to the bottom of the speakers to keep them from resonating throughout whatever you are placing them on. Similar to what you would do with floorstanders. It makes an incredible difference in the sound quality of the speakers. A great, low cost tweak.
Zenblaster - good point. Any recommendation on a brass footer? Do you mean points?