What do you NEVER want to hear again???

Are there any CDs that will make you flee from an audio showroom at the approximately the same velocity as a line drive hit by Barry Bonds? I often wonder what the musical thought process is that is excercised by trade people when demonstrating gear, particularly at shows.
I'm sure there are a lot of details to think about before a show, and about the last thing on the mind of a busy sales/manufacturing type is choice of demo music, but does anyone else wish that there was a better variety of interesting music to listen to?

My own nominees are:

1. Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
In particular track #1, "Don't Know Why". I can't even tolerate the instrumental intro anymore.

2. Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue
"Too Rich For My Blood"; an unwitting anthem for some of the equipment displayed?

I certainly mean no disrespect to the artists involved here - it's not their fault that the CDs keep getting slapped into players, and I'm sure that there has been a modest increase in CD sales from so much exposure, I merely wish that I had been allowed to get sick of the recordings on my own instead having been subjected to repeated listenings.

So how 'bout it people - what do you NEVER want to hear again? Comments from those in the industry are quite welcome by the way - I'm sure there some logic to what music is being played and why....
Nelly...have heard it blasting from too many cars.
That stupid song....Lady In Red!!
"free bird" ive heard and played it so many times i cant take it anymore,
Stairway To Heaven
ANYTHING from: Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, Witless Houston, The 12 Girl Band, Yanni, John Tesh, et al.
When it comes to HiFi Shows, it doesn't bother me. I can listen to those show standards, and I can enjoy them immensely. Because they are so familiar, one can make some rough conclusions about the efficacy of the playback system. I just try to listen with a fresh perspective.

Of course, it's always thrilling to hear new stuff at shows, especially if it's something you can pick up at the sales booths. I was pretty impressed by Greta Metassa - "Live At Tula's" (Jazz Stream JSSACD002) at the last CES when I heard her version of "Black Coffee" over a very nice rig - and was able to buy it at the show.

josh groban, or whatever his name is. blecch!
michael jackson- "thriller" et al.
Holly Cole, Pat Barber and especially, especially, Diana Krall; no jazz lite chantuses for me! I'll stick with Nina Simone, never heard her in a store demo though.
"My monthly visitor is late..."

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Yoko Ono
Yankees Win! Thhhhhheeeeee Yankees Win!!
My mother in law.
The Howard Dean scream.
Kool & the Gang - Celebrate...Music like this makes weddings & other formal parties even more painful...Cheers,
Very interesting things get played in audio showrooms these days.
I will probably get shot for this, but for me it is the Beatles.

Nothing against them, but i really dont enjoy thier music. Nothing in thier music gets me involved, but it does put me to sleep. Yes i realize what an impact they have had on music, yes i realize alot of the music i listen to was probably partially inspired by the beatles, and im glad they were around because i appreciate what they did for music, but i really just dont like theres.

That and anything by Celine Dion or however you spell that dreadful womans name. ;)
Anything that's played at NFL games (yet another reason I prefer college footbal).

And that oh, so painful, nasty, annoying, horrible Monday Night Football song.

OH Slappy...I can understand your point of view when it comes to the Beatles...even though I was a big fan as a kid...but really...even the songs 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' & 'Helter Skelter' don't do a little something for you? ;o)...now Celine...yeah...I fully concur...I don't think I'd even take up an offer to listen to that on a Mega-Buck system. See you at the RMAF
Amen Slappy. I'll happily acknowledge the Beatles' contribution to music, I just don't want to hear it. Add to that anything by Enya, U2, Creed, Eminem... The list is too long.
Tsugury, LOL on the Yoko! This summer, when my sons and I were visiting Grand Canyon, a car driven by a 50-something-looking guy pulled by us with the bumper sticker:

"STILL mad at Yoko!" Ha! :-)

My list is pretty long, too, but Olivia Newton-John would be near the top of any list.
Bye bye Miss American pie, the worst "too long" song ever? It seems to never end. Most rap. Loverboy, the worst rock band ever? Van Halen, good musicians, horrible songwriters! Moody Blues, bombastic drivel. All light jazz, Brittany, Justin, and other dancing, lip-sync types. Unfortunately, the top 5 songs of the best Classic rock-60's bands have been, and continue to be played to death.
Let's add some of those long and pointless Allman Brothers guitar jams.

"Hail to the Chief", played as W enters a room.

No surprise that a lover of college football marching band music doesn't see the point of guitar jams. They do seem unrelated to that all important march to the end zone.
Oh well. It was just a matter of time before a stranger's opinion was taken as a personal insult by a thin skinned fan of some group or other.

I'm suprised that some of you guys with kids haven't mentioned the "Barney" theme song...lol
Um, I certainly didn't take it as a personal insult! Really couldn't care less what you like. But I am curious what sort of "point" guitar jams haven't got that music is supposed to have. Or was it just ABB guitar jams.
Sbank was right on the money. Next time you are at a wedding, gentle reader, you'll hear a perfectly gathered compilation of all the songs I never want to hear again.
Just the ABB jams; I feel they tend to drag for too long without doing much. Ironically, on the song I like the best from them (Midnight Rider) I feel the jam is too short.

Add "It's a Small World" to the list.

KP...Best recommendation yet! Anybody who has ever been on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney Land probably has that song near the top of their lists but just forgot about it...thanks for the reminder...I just about jumped off the ride after the 10th or so country.

Hell, Ellery, I remember that from the 1964 World's Fair, it still sticks in my mind from then! Great recco, KP!
car wash,,,,
cheeseburger in paradise,,,&*(^%$
disco duck,the streak
Rhapsody in Blue. Overrated, and far worse is what United Air has done to it. I've spent way too long on hold with them, and now even on Hi Fi my ears are trained to hear it as if it's coming from a telephone speaker and about to be interrupted by a voice-over recording telling me how friendly they and their skies are.
Anything by Diana Krall
Anything by Arnold Schoenberg or Diana Krall (for different reasons).