What do you mean you “heard” the turntable

I don’t get it. Maybe I just don’t have the biological tool set, but I read all the time how someone heard this turntable or that turntable and they comment on how much better or worse it sounded than some other TT, presumably their own or one they are very familiar with. 

Thing is, they are most likely hearing this set up on a completely different system in a completely different environment. So how can they claim it was the TT that made the difference?  The way “synergy“ is espoused around here how can anybody be confident at all considering how interdependent system interactions are. 

Can someone illuminate me?
I think all too often digital proponents confuse ultimate accuracy with sound quality.
I was listening to my VPI Traveler w/Zu DL-103 MkII in my system, pulled that ’table and transferred my Garrard 301/Ortofon AS-309 into it’s place using the same Zu cartridge. Everything else in the system was exactly the same. Immediately the idler drive 301 made its presence known. More slam, a much bigger impact, and a more precise speed were absolutely evident to begin with.

If you can’t tell the difference between an idler drive 301 and a belt drive Traveler in an identical system perhaps there’s something else going on.

I won’t even begin to speculate on the reasons for some of the red herring distractions that have been offered up on this thread in opposition.

I’m curious; why were you using a Traveler when you have a 301?
Hello I understand what you're saying when you hear somebody else's system with entirely different components how do you know which one is making the system sound better or worse but to say the turntable you can't hear the difference I bought a new turntable and upgraded in the same line and I had replaced it in my system with the same arm in the same cartridge and I heard a significant Improvement in the detail microdynamics soundstage quietness bass weight big Improvement in sound just buy the turntable itself so yes you can hear a difference in turntables I don't know if that was your question but everything makes a difference

Those digital admirer should either consult an ear specialist or

write for digital forum.

@ rockinroni

 I’m not saying you can’t hear the difference, I absolutely believe you can hear the difference, but only if the change of turntable is within the same system otherwise I’ll bets are off.