What do you look like?

We know about where we live,the cars we drive, our drink of preference and often what our systems look like, but although we interact in audiogon forums on a frequent basis few know what eachother actually looks like. Any interest in posting photos of ourselves to put a face with those clever audiogon monikers?
If I knew how I'd do it. Just to prove that I don't have green skin and a slanted head.
Just like my system - fat and old! (But not too much so.)
What a scary proposition!
Gunbei, there's plenty of pics of you online. You even have your very own website!!!

Me? I look something in between Brad Pitt and Charles Bronson. For some reason folks say I look like a horse's ass. Or wait, maybe they're saying I AM a horse's ass!?!?! My system doesn't look anything like Pitt, Bronson, or a horse's ass, so Newbee's experience is not universal in my case.

I've seen Mt10425 in the flesh.......Be afraid, be VERY afraid!

I have a face for the internet! Or radio. Think about it, but don't think too hard.
Now why would you want to ruin a perfectly good site with something like this? I think posting my picture would constitute some kind of violation of Federal law, and besides that, you can see it prominently displayed in every post office across America, anyway!
I look like a damn greek god.
I think the reason Marco doesn't want to post his picture is that he and Albert Porter are really the same person.
Anyone wants to have a matchmaking section in audiogon?

Most of the time right now I do look pissed off hence forced to wear dark clothes...
I look like Slappy- maybe a little cuter.
Slappy and Holzhauer look like pieces of chipped rock?
Slappy I've seen your picture. I didn't know Elmer Fudd was a greek god.

I have a picture posted with 'my system.' It's not pretty, but my wife is happy so I can't complain. I've met several people who post here, and so far none of them is worth crossing the street for a better view. Sorry.
Like my dog has been keeping ME under the porch ;)
Although I don't quite fit the profile...I love the comment that Chicago Bears defensive lineman Steve McMichael once gave:

"My face is too ugly for radio!"

Just substitute internet. LOL.
Like a rammed geek dog.

Any pictures we post should not be taken with digital cameras for fear of harshness. Anyone have a tube SET camera to give a sweeter presentation ?
Damn, what a sorry lot of raggedyass eyesores we all are! Cept' of course Slappy and Holzhauer, ooops, I meant Thor and Zeus! It must be a requisite for admission to the ranks of 'Audiophile' to bear some resemblence to the backside of a baboon (or something left behind by same)! So who let those two in anyway?! I think we oughta find the traitor(s) and string'em all up by their testicles from the top of some of those big-ass phased array speakers. Then we can crucify them on some stacked Quads and let the Buzzards pick'em clean so their useless flesh is not screwing-up that amazing soundstage those Quads may otherwise be throwing. How bout it?! Oh, wait, I've seen Slappy's picture...he can stay!

you guys are are a bunch of babies...Slappy...hats off to you for posting pics of you on your system. Me...if you guys are so desperate to see what I look like...then here it is


for some reason though...I don't think there are too many hot chicks involved with our hobby so lets not get our hopes up HAHAHAHA
Anarchy, just took a look at your picture. Based on your various pronouncements here on this site, I swear central casting sent you down. Boy do you look the part!
I look like a 6 foot, 165 pound 16 year old with the fullest head of hair you've ever seen (drives the girls wild!).
How I got into this 51 year old, 225 pound sagging body with a combover, I'll never know...

What, you want to see my picture! It is not enough to see my system, and hear you crying, now you want me to post my picture too!

Rcprince, we've met and you a lot better then you let on with your response here! Well come to think of it, you do kinda look like the guy in the post office photo I saw today, HA! I think it was a cross-dressing looking dude! Hey where did you get you hair done?

I've seen Slappy's picture some time ago on Agon and he does look like a GOD!, I would have to say that he is an Audiophile GOD in fact! Well maybe after a dozen beers or so!! Kidding Slapster!

As for myself, I am so freakin' handsome that I have to beat the ladies off with a salami! I always keep on in my pants pocket especially for this type of occasion, HA HA HA. I am soo buff I make Arnold look like a little girly man!

Well anyway, to all you Audio Gods, Happy Listening.
Kevin Spacey
A cross between Joe Mantegna and Jerry Seinfeld.
Joe (slipknot1) and I are buddies, and he doesn't look like his dog has been keeping him under the porch - he's a good looking guy. I however, fit the description of looking like his dog has been keeping me under the porch.
A lot!

Yes, I know how to smile!
Not that anyone really cares, but this is me...After that week, it's a miracle I can even hear my rig!!!

OK, so now we're putting the cards on the table. The best pictures of me are with my wife, Shaun, since I'm naturally happiest with her, even though she is the big "W" in the "WAF" that I'm constantly having to deal with.....so, it's worth it for all you confirmed singles! There, I said it! Here be me with the big "W", ooops, forgot, never use the 'Big' word when it comes to women; that one's just reserved for us manly folk. Here I am with my, uh, better half! Sorry about the 'B' word dear....I'll make it up to you....really, I didn't mean anything by it....no, not the couch again!

I look and feel like 40 miles of rough road !!
OK- I look like I fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I lied- I'm not cuter than Slappy. He's a damn greek god.
Maybe Audiogon could create a new forum category called "Photos" and have subcategories such as Geeks, Nerds, Jocks, Studs, Dirty Old Men.........
Yeah Kevziek great idea!

But how about if we don't get to choose which category we fall in. Let the forum moderators put us where they think we belong, heheh!
I know where I'd put you guys!
Put me in the Dirty Nerdy Middle Aged Guy That Still Gets Young Hot Chicks Section, heheh.
Gunbie, still gets young chicks? Not with that Volvo you dont....
Ahh man!!!! I've been busted by someone that actually knows me!

Alcides, my Dad's Volvo is great at luring young, hot, 49 year old jail bait into the front seat, heheh.
You know those people that buy pets that look like themselves? I think all we need to do is look at the listed systems and see what type of speakers you have. Me? I'm tall, dark and handsome.
Never mind about those stressed "tuning rods" in my belly area - that's what holds it in!