What do you listen to when no one else can hear it

Everyone has something they like to listen to, but won't play it when their friends are around for fear of getting abused. What are your recordings that you don't play for friends, but will put on when no one else is around.

To break the ice, I'll go first.

The Carpenters - from their last LP that came out right after Karen died - "Make believe it's your first time."

Don't be a coward, fess up!
Basically almost everything I like. Most do not understand my liking of Classical type music like Renee Olstead, Mary Fahl ect... Oh I am 30, with friends between 22-32.
Anything by Albert Ayler drives nearly everyone from the room screaming. I love his stuff.
HEHE, that Ray of Light Disc is a good sounding disc. The other night when my wife was out, I was sifting through tunes and found myself thumbing through Styx Greatest hits. When my wife hears it, she always gives me crap. Funny thread..

Moe, No Doy. Put that ov this morning until my sister called and said she was coming over.
I'm not sure I want to hear this much honesty! :)

But seriously, When I'm alone, I go the other way from the previous posters. I put on Ned's Atomic Dustbin!

Kill Your Televison!!!!


So this is the second half of the thread 'Guilty Pleasures'...Well, my wife likes to listen to half of whats listed on that thread, and I didnt realize some of it was embarrassing, so...
My family adapts to most of what I play from reggae to bluegrass to jazz to country to rock to just wierd.
I can take the Carpenters but I usually leave when she plays Barbara Streisand. Ouch! Sorry.
I will spare my wife heavy stuff like King Crimson 'Larks Tounges in Aspec' or Praxis 'Transmutation', maybe very old Zappa....not that much she cant take. She seems to enjoy 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots' by Flaming Lips, but probably not as much as I do. I enjoy playing the Dean Martin albums her mother left her. My kids never seem to be saying "I hate that music".
Maybe I have it easy, I think we are blissfully ignorant of embarrassment.
...Ok, I came up with one thats only appropriate for close friends or for weeding out the hardcores at the later stages of a party : Poor Dumb Bastards, I think out of Houston. Wonderfully offensive, unfit for any audience. Any Bastards fans out there? Expose yourself now.
Boy, this is easy. I've got lots of material that offends fellow music group members my age.

In Rock we have:

(1) The Streets, "Original Pirate Material"
(2) Eminem, "The Eminem Show"
(3) Kate Bush, "The Whole Story"
(4) Bob Dylan, "Time Out of Mind"
(5) Bjork, "Medúlla"
(6) The White Stripes, "White Blood Cells"

In Jazz we have:
(1) Carla Bley, "Heavy Heart"
(2) Charlie Hayden, "The Ballad of the Fallen"
(3) Miles Davis, "Music from Siesta" (Marcus Miller)

(1) Carl Orff, "Music for Children"
(2) Mady Mesplé, "Any"
(3) Karlheinz Stockhausen. "Kontakte, for piano, percussion & electronic sounds"

Junior Wells, "Hoodoo Man Blues"
Bobby Blue Bland, "Two Steps from the Blues" (Original LP)
Jesse Fuller, "The Monkey and the Engineer"
Easy to say for me:
Most of the collection I have is for myself alone to listen and no one else except some pop crap that I could sometimes turn on to please my guests and friends...
Kublakhan, I saw Kenny G in concert, I hang my head in shame. The guy who talked me into seeing Kenny G than told me to see the Violent Femmes and also KD Lang (before they were popular) and I missed them because Kenny G was so redundant I did not know what to expect. I wish I could go back in time for those two concerts...

back to the thread:

Portishead - Dummy

Can - any of their stuff

good call AlbertPorter on Carla Bley also Phillip Glass for that matter...

I know someone who thinks I am braindamaged from drugs for listening to this stuff - so he misses half my collection
when i was a teenage boy all my buddies were listening to led zepplin type music & i would sneak off to listen to miles davis & red garland so they wouldnt pan on me.

nowadays i could care less who hears what i have playin,my kids trip out sometimes though.

a few years ago my son heard me listening to frank zappa's thing fish & asked me(whats wrong with that guy pop!)i got a grin.

i dont care who hears it but the lamest music i listen to has gotta be lisa loeb,there's somthing about a soft voiced female that puts things into perspective.

Portishead... how can you listen to that alone?? I have to be horizontal with some females for that one!

Albert..;. Kate Bush is ALWAYS OK to listen to. Tell you're friends to get a clue if they don't tolerate it! And Junior Wells! Love him! He used to come through a little blues bar I used to frequent in St Louis years ago....WOW could he drink!

For mme it's Public Enemy, the wife hates them, and the Wffle House Family!

Kid Rock- "Devil Without a Cause"
It's not that I am embarrassed (well maybe a little) it's just that everyone finds it so offensive that I can only listen to it when I'm by myself. Song No. 4- "I am the Bullgod" is just a great in your face, play it loud rock song. It also has some very cool sonics.
I already pissed off some people for saying bad things about Norah Jones in another thread, heheh.

I listen to Universe 2 and 3 on my iPod and Grado SR60s when I have a retouching crunch at work.
the Monkees greatest hits,Ice T ,Steve Harley,,my parents really started to worry when id turn out the lights and play Frank Zappa Apostrophe over and over,,
I have terrible taste in music! I dont hide any of it. Many of my friends absolutely object to the Mcgarrigle sisters cds I have. Ditto on Bing Crosby too. Karen Carpenter had a great voice! I was sad when she died. In that vein, I occationally play abba cds and that really pisses my nieghbor downstairs off.

Tom Waits - Mule Variations

Dresden Dolls

both sound excellent and on the right days the music is terrific too, especially Tom Waits.
Herb Alpert "Midnight Sun" Jazz light, done right. Way better than you would think. Great sonics, a couple of really nice performances as well.

"Spirit Of Tibet" One of those Hallmark Card Store buy three greeting cards, get this CD free! kind of things. Lots of temple bells, swirling synthesizers, chants and drums. Shallow, but fun to listen to anyway.
I have no BeeGees music and hated it in the 70's..but if I hear it on the radio now, I don't mind it. And for that confession I fully expect to be banned from Audiogon.
Clbeanz, I'll call your Best of Bread (actually a very well recorded LP), and back at you a Christopher Cross S/T. Should another bump be in the offing, I'll see what ya got by going all in with a Jim Stafford S/T - while the Spiders and Snakes creep among the Wildwood Weed, of course!:-)
The ))}RhinOphonic{(( CD is decent as well.
Hmmm,a kindred 70's spirit.
You may have it...I've got 'Garbage...2.0 to be precise,wrong decade...wait what's this?
'Klaatu's Calling Occupants?
I'm now feeling 'Bluer Than Blue ,here's the keys to a 'Hot Rod Lincoln...'Strange Way to lose...I've yet to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.
Second on The Monkees! The Grass Roots, No Doubt, Weird Al and don't tell anyone, Henry Mancinni!

I agree. Henry Mancini is nothing to be embarrassed about. The Pink Panther is pretty damn sizzling.
If you want a Mancini album that really cooks try "The Big Latin Band". The recording quality is exceptional for it's time, hell it's good for even now! Most of the songs are not Mancini's so they aren't on any other albums/CD's. I loved it as a kid and I like it now. I had borrowed the album in the 70's but the CD sounds just as good. It's a must have.

"Gates of Delirium" from Yes Relayer album.
But hey, I play "Soon" after from the same album (very nice Jon Anderson singing) to calm my wife and let her down the ceiling where she climbed!!
Blkadr agree on Crimson's Lark!!
The Latin Playboys. An experimental venture by Los Lobos members David Hidalgo and Louie Perez. Elements of Latin, Blues, Acid Rock, Jazz and Beat poetry. Not mainstream enough for most of my friends. There's a couple of cuts on the excellent 'Desperado' film soundtrack, perhaps another album that would fall into this category for me.
Reinhard Fendrich "Wart' bis hamlich wird und stü" from his "Wien bei Nacht" album.
Sung in Austrian German, most find it hard to understand the accent but is a very emotional song.
I tried to get a copy here in the USA & drew a blank each time. So, when I was vacationing in Switzerland some time back, I ended up buying all my Reinhard Fendrich & Muenchener Freiheit CDs in Zurich. What was amazing was that NOBODY had these CDs in the French part of Switzerland! I could get them only in the German part!

Fendrich has a website but I do not see a link to order his CDs off this site :-(
I ocassionaly listen to the Beach Boys and throw in some surf guitar stuff. My wife hates this stuff so I have to play it when shes not around.:~)
I find I often reach for my one Shakti LP.

http://www.remembershakti.com/index.html - what happened since that LP
99% of everything I listen to no one else hears, but my secret spin is Michael Jackson. If my friends knew they would kick my ***. (Maybe I need new friends?)
The Best of Missing Persons.  My kid can't stand it.  Most of my friends just shake their heads when they find out I have it.  But it's a nostalgia trip for me back to the 80's.  Besides, Dale Bozzio was HOT!
+1 Missing Persons, @billspecfoc !  Actually, 99.9% of everything I listen to no one else can hear, because it's a dedicated room, and listening time is almost always just me, though sometimes our Dachshund joins me. My wife only listens for background music, in other rooms of the house.
OK, being a little snarky there...yes, I understand the OPs point, and when a guest comes over to listen to music, they always pick what they prefer to hear, so...
And um, yes, Dale Bozzio WAS hot!