What do You listen to?

I was just browsing through the forums and ran across the "Most acheingly beautiful music" forum, and looked through all the responses and im somewhat confused.

Risking an all out brutal verbal assault by the 'Gon'ers, its becoming my impression that alot of the people here have a very limited taste in music.

It seems to be isolated around Classical, Contemporary, Soft Rock, and blues/jazz.

I would say Rock, but honestly, when i think of Rock i think of Metallica and GodSmack, not Jethro Tull or Grateful dead.
(i guess thats just an opinion though.

Now, Im hoping that people here have wider taste in music, after all, it comes in so many forms (even ones that older people refuse to recognize)

I mean hey, i gotta be honest, one of the best recordings ive heard was EMINEM's Marshal Mathers. Talk about a hell of a recording (musical content aside), it was crisp, clear, focused, and over all, one of the best recordings ive heard. (once again, im risking a brutal verbal assault.

So, Lets hear it for what types of music people listen to!
Just because i would rather Jam out to Metallica and drink beer instead of listening to Motzart with a fine wine does not mean my passion for music is any less!


Want a pretty wide variety of music? Here is what i listen to.

Godsmack, Limkon Park, Korn, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Mad Season, Rage Against the Machine, Sound Garden, AudioSlave, P.O.D., Union underground, Powerman 5000, Rob Zombie, Pantera,

Britany Spears, Pink, uhh.. well.. not too much there. hehe

Genuine, Destinys child, Usher, Bell Biv Devoe, SWV, Alisha Keys, TLC,

Cypress Hill, Akinyele, Ice Cube, Ice T, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Bone, Outkast, Insane Clown Posse(no im not a juggalo),
Nate Dogg, Warren G, DMX, Rehab, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris

Ja-Rule, MC Hammer, Cisco, Fat Joe, Afroman, uhh... I like rap better than hiphop.

Prodigy(older stuff), Chemical Brothers(older stuff), LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad and DRS, Underworld, Blame, Daft Punk, Intence

ColdCut, Unkle, DJ Krush, DJ Food.

Apogyma Bezerk, WumpScut, KMDFM, Die Krupps, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Frontline Assembly, Project Pitchfork, Nitzer Ebb, Ministry, Nine inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Leather Strip, Good Courage, Penal Colony, MDFMK, Einsturzende Naubauten, Rammstein, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, too many to list!

Nirvana, Peral Jam, Foo Fighters, Creed, Oasis, Coldplay, uhh...

Aphex Twin, Legendary Pink Dots, Tear Garden, Massive Attack, Locust, Autechre, Crash Worship, Edward Kaspel solo performances, Twilight circus,

Chistian Death, Current 93

Eric Clapton, BB King, John Hooker, Dizzy Gilespi (did i spell that right?) Santana, Whity-Ford, (trying to find more blues bands. i LOVE the blues.

What can i say? i dont listen to it. It feels somewhat formless and made up on the spot to me. Maybe i just need to look into it harder.

--Just a disclaimer, yes, i did list a couple satanic bands, however, i have no ties to the devil, The dark lord, the long walker, Cthulhu, Beezlebub, guy in red, the underlord, the silent beast, etc etc.. i do not slaughter goats or cast voodoo spells. I dont agree with the content but listen to it for its musical qualities which are suprisingly good, there is alot of heart and soul put into it, no puns intended.

So who else has such a wide taste in music?
I own CD's of everything listed above!

lets hear it for music that others do not regfard as music!!!!!!!!

Must be an age difference thing.

Quite frankly, I can't find any interest in any of the bands you listed, until you got to the Blues category.

As far a classical music being formless and impromptu, it is the most mathematically structured music ever known. Yes, I think you should look into that a little more. Maybe it would be best if you waited a few years first, to allow this current phase to pass.

I'm glad that you can find enjoyment from such a wide variety of sources. My musical tastes range fairly wide, but are selected from an era that was before this group of bands you list became known, or probably before they were born.

The bulk of my exposure to such material you list, is the result of the pulsating Nissans that go boom-boom past my house in the morning. Since I rarely have the need to cause my house walls to expand via over-equalized bass response, I limit my listening material to the pre-boomboom era.

Call me crazy, but that's the way it is for me.
Audiophanatik, no verbal assault here. Just a slight correction that Dizzy Gillespie was not a blues artist, but one of the most innovative and gifted, incredibly talented, and, most of all, decent human beings who was one of the pioneers (along with Charlie Parker) of a form of jazz known as "BeBop"

For a few more tastes of blues try Sam Mcclain, Lightning Hopkins, Muddy Waters or even a young white phenom named Johnny Lang to get you started.
i got nothing but respect for ya, and i may be 26, but i have a hard time believeing that my musical taste is a phase, And no amount of decrepidity or senility will let me forget the music i love. ;) hehehe.

Classical might be structured (i dont see it anyways), it just doesent grab my attention. Maybe i spent too much time playing Atari and nintendo while i was a child.
You were what, a baby boomer? gen-x? i guess im part of the ADD generation. Dern Whipper-snappers! :) hahahaha

Besides, how structured could it be? some of the most famous works were buy a blind and deaf guy! hehehe. Sorry, easy shot. I have all the respect for classical music, it just doesent hold my attention very well. Then again, i havent heared much. Maybe ive only heard the boring parts ;) You have a reccommendation for something that commands attention? If so let me know. Just one tho, i gotta get into this slow!

Not all my music is boomy, just the rap and rock. Honestly TWL, i would have a hard time believing that you would not really get a kick outta the Legendary Pink Dots. Not easy to find, and the kids in the pulsating nissan sure wouldnt dig it, so you might.

I was not aware of that! Thanks for the information!
Twl said it all in his post -- maybe it's an age thing. Like Twl, I can't generate any interest whatever in the groups you listed. Infact, at the risk of offending some other readers, I think that most "contemporary" music today is crap, and will prove to have little or no lasting value or interest. But, that's just my opinion (come on, Scott, say what you REALLY think ).
Put me in TWL and Sd's camp. Speaking of camp, whatever happened to kids camp? Sorry, as said, easy shot.

I like the disclaimer, but, "I dont agree with the content but listen to it for its musical qualities", is like drinking coffee for the taste, you get the contents and its affects anyway.

Lastly, flames or not, I will not call, rap, music.
Im starting to get the impressions that im the only person on the 'gon who grew up watching GI Joe.

Come on tho, you cant tell me that you dont rock out your systems from time to time? Some beatles? Jimi Hendrix? If most people with high end systems spend most of thier time listening to classical, man, there are some underused systems out there!

Im sure when im 45-60years young ill be the same way too
"You damn whipper snappers listen to crap! thats not real music! Limp Bizkit, now thats good classic rock! They actually played thier instruments! they diddnt use Phonetic hypergenerators, and flux infusion reality deconstructors!! And half the bands you kids listen to are computer programs! not even real people!"

I like how you separated hip-hop from Rap. Most people on this site aren't that discerning. If your interested in expanding your blues collection, then I suggest Muddy Waters, particulary the "Chess Box" collection.
Audiophanatik-yes well,most Audiogoners are of a certain age and perhaps Audiophiles in general do gravitate to certain genres but there is a reasonably wide selection of musical tastes on these forums.
Categories in themselves mean little-a band like The Rolling Stones could be categorised as R&B,Blues,Rock and Roll,Rock and even pop.
Likewise in the 70's Heavy Metal was used to cover everybody from Lynyrd Synyrd via AC/DC,Rush,UFO to Motorhead.
Personally I think your tastes in "Rock" is a little limited to the more extreme and cartoon aspects that HM split into amongst it's sub-genres but I don't know all the bands you mention-have you heard The Mars Volta or their previous incarnation At The Drive In?-to me they combine metallic aspects with energy and more than average intelligence and musical idea's.
With your wide tastes your musical horizon of undiscovered greats is limitless.
Sd there is a lot of truth in what you say but there are many decent bands about today but pretty much like your beloved Jazz it's very difficult to be original when the weight of the explosion that was 20th century music is against you.
Anyway you think Dylan is overrated!
Some of the Rock/Blues/Pop CD's in my collection:
Led Zeppelin - just about everything
Hendrix - just about everything
Doors- several
Cream - several
Jefferson Airplane
Moby Grape
Van Halen
Def Leppard
Country Joe and the Fish
Grateful Dead
Kenny Wayne Shepard
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Steely Dan
Blue Oyster Cult

Smooth Jazz/Jazz
Jazzmasters (Paul Hardcastle)-several
Spyro Gyra - several
Peter White- several
Grover Washington - a couple
Boney James
Tom Grant
Joe Sample
Down to the Bone
David Sanborn
Kenny G

I am listening to mostly Smooth Jazz now days because it allows me to enjoy the sound of my system better and is more relaxing. I just turned 50 so I guess I'm getting old!
What is the difference between Rap and HipHop? Have you ever followed a Metallica Cd with a Britney Spears? Is Santana blues? What is breakbeat? What, no Christian metal? As for classical, it is well known that Bach was a big mosher in his day.

Educate me!!
I constantly listen to some musicians I'm sure almost no one on Audiogon or most people on earth are familiar with.

One of my favorite guitarists is Robby Longley. I first heard him four or five years ago playing live on Saturday night at a Borders bookstore in Torrance, CA. He's originally from New Orleans, but is heavily influenced by flamenco and Carlos Montoya. What results is an amazing gumbo of sound and passion. Since first seeing him I have caught three more of his appearances at Borders. I own many of his CDs and have brought a few along when shopping for audio gear. I never get tired of his music and listen to it in the car and on my rig at home. I believe some of his releases are available on Amazon. My favorites are "Sanctuary" and "Danza Mora".

The other musicians are a drummer named Tom Maxwell and a guitarist named Steve Denny. I first heard about these artists from my good friend Dave Pascal who is producing their first solo efforts.

Tom is the drummer for the popular surf band The Blue Hawaiians, and his solo release "Bliss of a Madman" under the banner of Magic Box is an incredible instrumental journey incorporating jazz, classical and electronica with Middle Eastern and World influences.

Steve Denny is a talented guitarist influenced by flamenco and his love of movies. His first release "Oscuro" is a blend of rock, jazz, movie music, flamenco and world rhythms. His sound is of deep emotions with control and pathos. His guitar work is also featured on "Bliss of a Madman".

I've been luck y to hear the development of both Magic Box and Oscuro since the beginning two years ago up until the final pressings last month. My friend Dave would periodically drop a CD on my desk of their latest rough tracks. It was fun to hear the evolution of their music throughout the creative and production process, but most of all I loved the music. Anyone interested can get more information on them at: http://www.pascalrecords.com.

The three artists above have more playing time on my Theta Pearl and car CD player than all my other CDs combined!
Audiophanatik, your music selection is made up of alot of "in your face" stuff. I am thinking you are an SS man, right? Loud and proud. I can dig it. Yeah, I'm hip to the scene.
It's easier to say what I don't listen too:

crappy folk stuff like Eagles and/or Austin Lounge Lizards;

too classical stuff like Beatles or ELP;

crappy smooth jazz like Kenny G;

all pop and rap.

I guess the seperation of Rap and HipHop is basically determined by the attitude of the music. Since mainstream rap/hiphop is still relativly new, its expanding out into different distinct styles, much as Heavy metal turned into Thrash, Death metal, Heavy metal, Punk, Inrustrial, and so on.

I guess the best way figure it, is Rap is usually more agressive in nature, Alot of the time Rap is about inner city issues, like the best way to "off" the pimp who slapped your ho, or Grabbing you "Gat" and dealing with N*ggaz, or boasting how tough of a mo'fo you are. Prime examples are Dr. Dre, SnoopDogg, NWA, Ict Cube/ Ice Tea and such. Alot of rapping about life in the ghetto

HipHop is alot brighter in general atmosphere, it more focuses on living a dream, IE Bling-Bling, big cars, big houses, Big boats. Big Booty Hos, and basically living larger than life. Both will have a tendancy to fade twards eachother from time to time.

Santana, i consider blues, i guess in the way i consider eric clapton blues. Clapton spreads across genres as well as santana, but they both do what they do best with blues. I have a couple santana CD's and that guy is phenominal!

Breakbeat is a little hidden treasure i manage to salvage from my drug induced rave-days. (mind you im a respectable part of socioty now, not still some dumb punk kid)

This will probaably sound like nails on a chalkboard to TWL, but i compare breakbeat to Classical Symphony.

Breakbeak is normally one guy, with a bunch of vinyl, making alot of sharp cuts from one song to the next. Sounds like a normal DJ? Not in this case, in this case they will take small 10-15 second quips or maybe several minuits and arrange it into a song. While most nomral DJ's will sit there and mix music, Breakbeat takes it to a whole new level.
ColdCut is my favorite Breakbeat DJ, One of his "songs" is called Bits' nd pieces, it is a conglomeration of 5-10 seconds of over 70 different pieces of music arranged into a 4-5 minuit song.
(hold on TWL, ill explain the reference to classical)
It sounds like mass confusion andnot too appealing, i will admit it. Breakbeat is probably the hardest DJ freestyle form and to get it to sound good is a monumental task. Coldcut can do this and man can he do it. It constantly changes, loses and regains form, and as far as putting on your High-End equipment, coldcut will push your system to its limits. Not just dynamic limits, or volume, or bass, because this is NOT dance music. You cannot dance to breakbeat without hurting yourself.hehehe
Some of his music strays from the breakbeat to the Classic "Techno dj" stuff, but the other stuff is out of this world.

Now, the classical reference reffers to the unusual dnamics and spread of style speed, and tempo. Classical and Breakbeat both hit points of tranquility of simple tunes, then can at any moment blast into a full dynamic sound production of a conglomeration of sources, and can change on a heartbeak taking you in a completely different direction.

Honestly its one of my favorite forms of music, and i really dont like techno much save for a few select groups, and those are actual groups of multiple individuals arranging the myusic live, not some dude on a computer generating loops and assemleing them. Thats what i call "plug and play"

Honestly, i dont know much christian metal. There is a big difference between satanic music and christian music i have noticed. Satanic music, might have 1-2 references to the devil on the whole CD, The band itself is satanic, thier concerts there will be alot more of that nonsence, but they normally leave it out of thier music for the most part. The rest might just be disturbing ideas or regular songs about love or anger or loss, like any other music. Christian rock, from my small exposure kinda rams god down your throat. While every christian rock song ive heard praises god and his glory, satanic bands just keep a very basic undertone of thier beliefs and dont incorperate them much.
Besides, most of these "Satanists" are athiests with a sick sence of humor and try to do it for shock value. If they try to recruit people to satanism, they would lose thier "cool" edge as they probably consider it.

Disclaimer, I do in fact know that SATANISM is not the worship of the devil, as commonly assumed and believed. Satanism, if i remember correctly, is a believe in equalibrium, which entails the respect and worship of both good and evil. The ying-Yang thing...

And also, i heart that Mozart had a wooden hookah as a peg leg!
he used to get high with bach
Sa•tan•ism 1. The worship of Satan characterized by a travesty of the Christian rites. (American Heritage Dictionary)

“Rap is usually more agressive in nature”; “Alot of rapping about life in the ghetto”; “Christian rock, from my small exposure kinda rams god down your throat.”

Hum, one expression is “aggressive” and ok, which is also degrading, and the other is “ramming God down your throat”. I would think the title Christian Rock would make it clear what the main focus was going to be about.
The worship of Satan characterized by a travesty of the Christian rites

That can be taken many ways. Satanism and devil worship are different things, and as far as christians go, historically they are well known (in the past) for assuming things they dont understand are Evil and have a tendancy to go a little far.
IE Salem Witch Trials.
Not to be offence to any christians, but i dont always find thier definitions of Evil or Satan worship to be that accurate.

You might have to look a little bit further than the american heritage dictionary to find an accurate meaning of Satanism.

Honestly, with your little cuts from my last post im not sure i gather what you are talking about. Aggressive? Degrading? It almost resembles Coldcust Bits'nPeices.

I know alot of rap, i listen to alot of rap, and yes, Rap is genrally classified seperatly from hiphop due to the general attitude of the music. Ask anybody who is really into rap. There is nothing degrading about calling something "Aggressive"

As far as ramming god down your throat, i meant no offence, but that in my view is what christian rock does, it focuses on god and only god. Im sure there are exceptions, but i havent heard them(and my christian rock experience is limited), i was merley stating an observation, Christian rockers talk about god non-stop. Satanic musicians hardly ever refer to the devil or dark lord or what-have-you.

Im still not sure i know what you mean with...
Hum, one expression is ?aggressive? and ok, which is also degrading,

I still see nothing wrong with the term aggressive. Listen to some rap, and listen to some hiphop. It will shine through like a beacon
Interesting question. Got me thinking. I recently reorganized my whole CD collection and, in the process, went through a bit wider rotation of CDs over the past week than I might normally. As a little challenge, thought to give myself 10 minutes to sit down and try to remember a list of the disks I'd actually listend to during the past week plus and turned up a wider range than I had first expected. [Yes, I had a Metallica phase (mostly due to the nightly, midnight practice sessions of my residential college's drinking team for the two months prior to the big intercollegiate competition). No, I don't listen to it any more. At all. Yes, we won. Yes, Metallica still makes me want to drink fast.] Anyway, here's what I came up with, in no order whatsoever:

Iron & Wine, Danny Schmidt, Paul Cueri, Hogwaller Ramblers, Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Magnetic Fields, Chris Whitley, New Orleans Klezmer Allstars, Cowboy Mouth, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Kermit Ruffins, Foo Fighters, Dinosaur Jr., Screaming Trees, Smashing Pumpkins, Aphex Twin, Moby, Bowie, Police, Brand New Heavies, Control Machete, Café Tacuva, Orishas, Daniel Malingo, Sarah Vaughn, Nina Simone, Belly, Heather Nova, Fiona Apple, Bettie Severt, Throwing Muses, Bran Van 3000, Yo-Yo Ma’s Bach suites, Mahler’s 5th, Mozart’s piano concertos, Arrested Development, John McMurtry, Marisa Monte, Flaming Lips, Built to Spill, John Digweed, Illya Kuryaki y los Valderramas, Norah Jones, Ballboy, Getz & Gilberto, Miles, Coltrane, Christina Rosenvigne, Joaquin Sabina, Daniela Mercury, Prince and the Revolution, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Muddy Waters, Peter Gabriel, U2, Lyle Lovett, Dar Williams, Lucinda Williams, Todd Horton, Rebirth Brass Band, Daniel Lanois, the Pixies...

I'm sure there must have been more, but I only gave myself 10 minutes (though probably cheated up to 15 or 20). Mind you, this was definitely not an average week, but when you actually pick up and move every single CD, you tend to dig a little (or a lot) deeper than you might normally.

Have to admit that one of my greatest thrills comes from discovering new music to listen to. An Aussie DJ friend of mine (who actually brags about having 1,500 roots regae 45s, though it remains a mystery to me why) came up with the idea of the 1 for 1 dinner party. Get another one or two musically afflicted individuals together with instructions to bring 10 or 100 or however many disks over that they want to share, mix in and lubricate with food and/or drink, and trade playing tracks. "You've never heard this before and here's why you should." "You've heard this 1,000 times, but here's why you should listen to it again for the first time." "Play it, ass, it's my turn...." It's all fair game. If you come away with one new thing that makes you go ooh, you're a winner. More than that, an embarrasment of riches. Either way, not a bad way to spend an evening.

Great selection of music, you mentioned some i havent heard in years and plan on listening to when i get home.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Murder Ballads, and The Best Of. Very very good music. Massive attack is a good yet strange band. I got thier CD and was WOW. Then it kinda disappeared back in my stash to resurface from time to time

pixies, john digweed, willie nelson, you have it all!

You might be too hip the the scene. whats SS? Solid State? If so then yeah. Just because ive never heard Tubes.

Yes yes, its true, so true. I have never heard a tub setup.

thats because none of my friends are into this hobby, im like a floating beacon of fledgling audiophile in a sea of people who dont give 2 craps about my hobby.

Some day ill hear one tho, see what everyone is talking about! :)
Gotta be an age thing. Being so diverse, you can can get lost for years listening to "Jazz" or "classical" and you can listen to it on many levels ranging from the casual to making its study your life's work, so why bother with stuff that barely qualifies as music? I like bagpipe music, does that broaden the range of what people here listen to?
Yes Pbb because I'm Scottish and I hate bagpipe music....
Before it goes further, I don't mean to insult anyone's taste in music. I myself have the entire Black Sabbath catalogue on CD. Is Sabbath Christian, Satanic or other? Who knows? Even still, does anyone remember when Ozzy was scarey?

As for aggressive, I believe aggressive music comes in all forms. There is lots of very aggressive jazz that I have in my collection. Mozart is very aggressive.

Last, the reason I bring up solid state is that it seems to me that some of the rap and hiphop that you like has lots of heavy bass and drums. I can see a solid state amplifier really knockin' down some walls with some of the music in your collection.

As for being hip, I once played a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall stack. I had long hair and everything, but that was then and I'm not even sure if that qualifies as hip. I think it is illegal for me to even touch a guitar at my age.

That's all from me.

Well "Audiophanatik", you won't get any verbal assault from me. As I have long believed that it is any man's (or woman's) right to listen to what he (or she) wants to listen to on his (or her) system, as long it is in the privacy of his (or her) home and in the company of his (or her) family, friends and peers.

So in saying that then, I listen to the following genres. And "MUST" I say, I am still proud to say that I am a bona-fide "A-Goner", and I listen to my genre(s) of choice on a high-end system as well.

And the following genres are:

(01). R&B -- Alisha Keys, Alyiah, TLC, Destiny's Child (and also Beyonce), Bell Biv Devoe (and also Johnny Gill), Patti LaBelle, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, and Luther Vandross

(02). Rap/Hip-Hop -- Bunches of them...... from the guys who started it all -- The Sugar Hill Gang, all the way to what is out today (and that would be 50 Cent). Mainstays are LL Cool J, Tupac, DMX, P Diddy, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Eminem, Outkast, Trina, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dog.

(03). Classic R&B -- Anything that was recorded on the Stax record label (1960s), Atlantic (Wilson Picket, Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave), and Motown (Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, The Tempations, Junior Walker and the All Stars, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, The Marveletts, and Stevie Wonder). Might I add that Ike and Tina Turner and Jackie Wilson are to be mentioned in this very group???

(03). Jazz -- Old Style -- Miles Davis, John Contraine, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughn, and Ella Fitzgerald. New Style Jazz includes Kenny G, Bob James, Najee, Grover Washington, Jr., Boney James, David Sanborn, Joe Sample, Wynton Marsalis, Brandon Marsalis, Sade, Stanley Jordan, Al Jerreau and George Benson.

(04). Funk -- Earth Wind and Fire, Parliment, Parliment Funkadelic, Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone, and Rick James.

(05). Rock -- The Police, K.I.S.S, Phil Collins, Prince (and the Revolution), and Elton John. The older and classic rock would include the Beatles.

(06). Blues -- BB King, Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton.

That's about all I can think of right at the moment. I am sure there are a lot of other artists in all of the categories that I have listed that I may/know (that I) have left out. But those are all of the ones I can think of at the moment.

And they are on all three of the main formats...... CDs, Cassettes, and Vinyl.

I first heard POD on a Christian Radio station & unfortunately, that station has changed it's format. When I auditioned my VR4 Gen III's, I took along a selection of female singers, two which happened to be Christian singers. When I mentioned this to my dealer afterwards, he said he had no idea & if I hadn't said anything, would never have guessed. Also, my church had a concert recently & even though I'd never heard of the groups, they were very high energy & sounded more like the stuff I listen to on the radio than what you'd think "ramming God down your throat" sounds like.

I've always had floorstanders & 60's/70's rock has always been my mainstay. In fact I was playing Abraxas last night (MFSL version) and my wife actually sat down & listened to it! Steely Dan, Hendrix (gotta play 'Live in Winterland'), Grand Funk (gonna see them in 2 weeks), Vapour Space, War, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Doors, James Gang (and anything w/Tommy Bolin), Rare Earth, POD, No Doubt are some of what I've listened to lately along with Candy Dulfer, BB King, Cal Tjader, Ron Carter & Cannonball Adderly. I've left out a bunch like Elton, The Doobies, PJ Harvey, Yes & so on.

A lot of what I listen to that is new I get off radio stations & have no idea what the names of the artists or songs are but that's nothing new for me, as I never put much stock into remembering names anyway. If I want to know what something is, I look it up or ask my kids.

The main thing I can say about listening to music is if you don't like something, don't try to like it. Like was mentioned earlier, it may appeal to you one day. I'm still waiting (33 years since I was 14) for country & folk to appeal to me.
Audiop, I find the definition quite clear.

You may not understand Christians or Christianity, therefore their view of good vs. evil may have merits, you just have a different view.

I was contrasting your use of ‘aggressive’ and ‘ramming’; in your context they seemed to be used in similar manners and yet one leaned more positively and the other negatively. Again, I suspect you don't understand Christian music, the point is to sing about and/or to God.

Rap and hip/hop will not shine through nothing for me.

AudioP.. You have good taste in music. And I almost agree with your music classifications mine would go something like this:

"Hard" rock (I deleted a few and added a few to your list)

Godsmack, Korn, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Mad Season, Rage Against the Machine, Sound Garden, AudioSlave, P.O.D., Union underground, Pantera, Deftones, Opeth, TOOL, Ozzy/
Sabbath, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai.


Eagles, Pink Floyd, Rush, Eric Clapton, Santana, AC/DC, and of course the greatest band of all time Led Zepplin. Oh and almost forgot the Master Jimi Hendrix.

Alternative rock:

Linkon Park, Foo fighters, Pearl Jam, Too much to list..


I hate it all.. GARBAGE!


SRV, Buddy Guy, too much to list..


Stevie Wonder

Rap: (Im a white boy and i only have two discs)

Snoop Dog, Cypress Hill


Sarah McLachlan, Dave Matthews, too much to list..

Im sure i forgot a whole bunch of good ones but those
are a few of my collection. I think i have about 400
If you're looking for structure in classical music, try the relatively recent re-release of Bach's Goldberg Variations by Glen Gould entitled a State of Wonder (his original 1955 recordings and then his 1981 recordings of the same pieces plus an interview CD worth listening to). The inside cover contains the following quote: "The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity."
Not what you do. Print this out and put in a time capsule. Open in 20 years and see what you think about what you said today.

Enjoy your... uh, music,

Audioph, there are as many classical and jazz, etc. sub- categories as the sub-categories you listed for rock, urban and pop. I understand, though. Every time I go to an audiophile's house, I feel like I died and went to the Lawrence Welk Show. I can't tell the difference between things that bore me. Thank god, they have been kind enough to let bring albums, and I can torture them for a while.
This is what I'm listening to now. I tend to get into a few artist and play them to death for a month or so then I move on.

R&B: Stevie Wonder(his pre 1975 stuff), Al Green, Barry White GRHS

Hip Hop/Rap: I am really enjoying a band Called- Spearhead

Jazz: same old same old here- Davis, Coltrane, Desmond, Holiday, Eva Cassidy. I really need to broaden my horizons here. The problem is that I never get tired of them. I listen to the same ones over and over and over again.

Hard Rock: Sound Garden, AudioSlave, Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Limkon Park, Rage, Tenacious D ( Regarding the D- I can't believe no one else called out the band who made the greatest and best rock song ever)

Other Rock: Stones, Cake, Neil Young (just saw him in Atlanta), Counting Crows (enjoying their latest cd)Pearl Jam (their live cd's are great), Black Crows(their live stuff with jimmy Page is really rockin especially if your a Zep fan), The Allman Bros. (got tickets for a show in two weeks), REM, Widespread (I live in Athens Ga so REM and Widwspread are a given although I should also include the B52's) Grateful Dead (listening to live bootleg stuff recorded from the late 1970's-wow),

Country: Merl Haggard (love his song writing :"I turned 21 in prison doing life without parole" now if that doesn't paint a bleak picture), Willie Nelson (burning a rut in Red Headed Stranger), Johnny Cash (rediscovering the original rebel), Old George Jones.

Blue Grass: Are there no blue grass fans on audiogon? With all the expensive equipment out there in Gon land you'd think you all would get into blue grass. Some of the best musicians in America are playing banjos and mandolins right now and doing it for the love of it(because they sure aren't gettin paid much) By the way I'm going to the Doc Watson music festival in Boone NC this weekend, I'll let you know of any new talents I see up there.
Doc, Allsion Krause, Bela Fleck, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Blues: Ah the Blues, my favorite. I listen to the old school guys like BB and John Lee Hooker. But my favorite blues is old Stones, Led Zeppelin, Clapton, Allmond Brothers. Not all these groups songs are blues but the songs that are bluesy are my favorite. I suggest listeng to Rolling Stones "Let it Bleed." Now that's a blues album. Notably- Honky Tonk Women(called country honk on the album)and Midnight Rambler. Other examples are Led Zeppelins Physical Grafitti Notably-"Goin to Chicago." And how about The Allmond Brothers. Duane is on their first three albums and his slide guitar work on these albums are legendary. First try Live at Filmore East, notably- "Whippin Post." My reccomendations for you to appreciate the blues is to apprecite contemporary blues first then go to old school.

Classical: Not at this stage yet but I will eventually.
I always though (for my age (17)) i had a pretty wide taste in music ranging anywhere from metallica to john coltrane to reel big fish to nine inch nails to glenn miller to dream theater to squirrel nut zippers to frank zappa to counting crows to tool to les claypool to less than jake. A lot of classical is good too, though i cant nessicerily name any. Try your average 17 year old to see if they listen to anything other than rap and pop sh!t they hear on the radio.
Audiophanatik: I know of and listen to quite a few different bands that you mentioned. Having said that, some of what you did list is utter crap : )

As a side note, Satanism is the worship of Satan. The name says it all. As to what your "definition" of Satanism is, it sounds as if you are blending "new age humanism" and "white witchcraft" together. This is the kind of image that they are trying to "market" to the public through publications sold in "occult" or "new age" book stores, but the bottom line is still the same as it has always been i.e. denouncing the diety of God / Christ and promoting the "feel good" side of man's own lust for power and glory.

As a side note, the "Salem Witch Trials" had nothing to do with "witchcraft". The people that were "burned at the stake" were practioners of a form of "Christianity" that did not acknowledge the hierarchy of the Catholic church, denounced the Pope and rejected the doctrine of the Trinity. As such, they were pronounced "non-believing heretics", treated as "pagans" ( a horribly misused and misunderstood term ) and murdered for their beliefs.

Driver & Brian: Kind of "funny" what passes for "Christian Music" nowadays, isn't it ? If you want to hear something that will really freak you out in terms of "singing praise to God" and "jamming", try listening to a Christian "Death Metal" band out of Australia called "Mortification". They make "modern" Christian bands like POD and "old school" Christian rockers like Resurrection Band sound like Britney Spears !!! These guys "pound" !!!

As a side note, have either of you guys ever listened to Barnabus, Andy McCarrol & Moral Majority, Alarma, etc.. ?

Danvetc: I had to laugh when i read your response. Kind of funny how things "change" as one ages, isn't it ? I used to feel the same way as Audiophanatik about Classical music and now i find myself listening to it all the time. What is even funnier is that i just bought a copy of "The String Quartet Tribute to Led Zeppelin" : )

Other than that, i listen to a lot of the bands that others listed, some more than others. It's good to see that most of you listed "non-audiophile approved" bands and recordings as listening to that kind of stuff gets pretty boring REAL quick : ) Sean

Feel like this thread is like being on I-90 at 105mph crossing North Dakota? Going real fast, going absolutely nowhere.
From the almost 14 feet of vinyl and 127 cds I listen to Gothic Rock and Ethereal music genre. Being 50 years of age, it looks as if I'm the only you enjoying this style of music. I once made some bumper stickers than read "I was GOTH before Goth was GHOUL"

The Mission UK
The Fields Of The Nephilim
The Sisters Of Mercy
The Cure
Siouxsie And The Banshees
The Cocteau Twins
Robin Guthrie
Dead Can Dance
Lisa Garrard
Tara Vanflower
Switchblade Symphony
Sunshine Blind
Faith & Disease
Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Love Is Colder Than Death
Love Sprial Downwards
Stone 588
Jennifer Hope


Dark Passages (A Gothic Tribute To The Cocteau Twins)
Tribute to Siouxsie
Tribute to The Mission
Tribute to The Sisters Of Mercy
Excelsis (A Dark Noel; A Winter's Song, vol.2)
The Unquiet Grave


Sigur Ros
Steve Hackett
Black Crowes
Jean-Luc Ponty
Allright Allright Allright.

Here goes, Briansmsomthin, I was born and raised christian. Ive been babtized and all that stuff, i just never coul buy into it.

Salem witch trials, I used that as a refernce for christians assuming something is evil, i realize this had nothing to do with satan, but come on, do you people believe in witches? or was it more of a mass hysteria and murder justified behind religion? My point was people in the past have always jumped to the assumption of the devil for something they dont understand.

Ok, Maybe i should have been a little bit more clear. Mainstream, IE, Pop Satanic, is the worship of the devil, but it does not take a whole lot of research to realize the origional Satanic religions were more of a pagan order and they believed in god and devil, and had aa love for both, because wwithout one the other couldnt exist. You cant experience good unless you have experienced bad, or good would be a simple absolute and not have any reference for any other possibilitys. the Satanic religion played into this, it was not the direct worship of the devil, it wasthe belief of balance. The whole "Devil" aspect twards the Satanic religion was a label that mainstream religions gave the satanic religion due to fear and misunderstanding. That being said, Satanic is what it is called, however, it is no SATAN-IC, it is SA-TAN-ic. The name does not mean devil, it is a coincidence of language. (very unfortuaante one)
Either way, i know what im talking about on this subject and im really getting tired of it, so, i hope this helps educate people on the origins of the Satanic religion and clears some of the misconceptions, if not, then i really dont care.

I know this because im somewhat of knowledge hound, ill find something that interests me and i spend alot of time researching and learning about it. Eventually i grow tired of it an start learning something else. Ask me anything about goldfish! that was another short lived hobby, as well as doll-making, ventriloquism and countless others.

In FACT, the ONLY reason i mentioned that is because there is ALWAYS some jerk who scavenges the forums looking for misprints, or errors that somebody put down and it gives them joy to NO end to tell somone they are wrong, and i figured this would be prime pickings if i put in there that Satanic and devil worship were the same thing.

Looks like it severely backfired, but at this point i could care less.


As far as putting my music in a time capsule and listening to it 20 years later, i doubt i will like it any less. Remember, while you older gentlemen seem to believe it is a phase, im sure if you remember 30-50 years ago when your parents were telling you that the beatles were crap not music, and that this rock and roll was a soon to die fad.
And here you are today listening to the same stuff!!!!!

HA! :)

Its not a matter off age and fads, its aa matter of taste. When im 60 years old, i will be listening to metallica and Korn the way you listen to Led Zepplin
Sean, just for grins I'll check that stuff out.

On a side note, I did an in depth report of the Salem Witch Trials (forget the class) and my analysis of the events pointed to contamination of the crops with ergot which caused the hallucinations.

Wow! I totally forgot gothic music! My apologies!

Thats alot of good bands, ive always enjoyed sisters of mercy and the cure. Im a little perplexed about Siouxsie and the banshees as gothic, that seems more,... well... ok i guess i can see it. (grin)
Switchblade Symphony is real good, i have three of thier CD's. Actually, i played them the other night for the first time in years. The other half diddnt like them much, but at least she diddnt complain.

Mira. Does Mira haver anything to do with Edward KaSpel? For some reason that rings out as a side project, unless im thinking of something else. Ed KaSpel is the singer for the legendary pink dots and Tear garden, which is a mix of the pink dots and skinny-puppy

I must say that im very suprised that there is a 50yr old goth. Keeep it true! and keep music evil! >:)



Someone much smarter than I, once said, "There are only two kinds of music, good & bad." The really cool part is, you and I both get to choose.

Form your responses I can tell that you did not spend all of your youth playing nintendo, you also read a book or two and have the ability to assimilate writen thoughts. I want to suggest (in the most friendly manner, no slam or flame ment) you read a good set of liner notes explaining Beethoven's inspiration/motivation for writing each of his symphonies, then turn up your stereo. The man and his music were truly revolutionary. He goes from in-your-face to shredding your soul and back! I think of his music in a tactile way, it goes from velvet (soft, heavy, rich with color) all the way to lace (starched, white, with the sun shining through the pattern). Turn it up, the man can set you free (I get the same trip from SRV & Mike Bloomfield, by the way).

Audiop, I agree with you as this discussion is old, that said, I don’t agree with your analysis no matter how much studying you have done.

You take it upon yourself to say Christians “assume” things and/or label things “they don’t understand”, maybe they do and you don’t understand.

BTW, you cannot be born a Christian.

Sean, I have not heard those groups and I agree with you on what “passes” today.

Thanks i think. (grin)
Well, i guess i better give classical another chance. I think of myself as a well educated person, and it is obvious that i am not in the minority in this matter.

Does anybody have a good CD suggestion? Also, where would i find these Liner Notes? Im always willing to broaded my horizons further!!!!
"If it sounds good, it is good." Duke Ellington

Music is such a personal taste. I like to listen to many genre's of music. Depending on my mood and the time of day. For instance, in the morning I prefer classical, other times of the day it may be jazz, world beat, reggae, rock, or ambient. etc. At work, for the most part I enjoy classical music, but when I'm working on budgets, I always have reggae playing. After work, it depends on the type of day I've had. If it's been a stressed out day, I'll play something relaxing, if it's been an easy day, I come home and rock out.

The bottom line is that "music is in the ears of the beholder." So to criticize someone's taste in music is to criticize their appreciation for types of music that some of us aren't "in-tune" with. It doesn't make them wrong, or us right. It's as diverse as the people who create it. And apparently, there's room for everyone.

"Do not criticize your neighbor until you've walked a mile in their shoes." This way they're a mile away and you've got their shoes! ;-)

I can't recommend a CD, since I mostly listen to "classical" music on vinyl. Most of the CD's I have are newer music not available in the best format (the best format comment is, of course, IMHO), or music I take with me when traveling. Nothing makes North Dakota go by faster than Led Zep played loud, and coincedentally, nothing stems road rage in L.A. traffic, better than Chopin (again IMHO).

"Liner Notes" is the term used for the writing found on the back of an LP, sometimes on the inner jacket, and sometimes on the inner section of a double LP (folio). Some CD's have them replicated in the small book that slides out of the jewel case cover. I find them most interesting when they are written in a biographical style, explaining the life and times of the composer or performer, their inspiration, who the music was writen for (Mozart was the pop idol of his time and quite a bit of his music was written for a commercial audience, Magic Flute for instance), and the politics of the piece. For instance, Beehtoven wrote one piece for Napoleon, who at the time was popularily seen as the savior of the common man, but changed the title after he got the news that Napoleon had proclaimed himself Emperor. I find information like that gives me a better insight to, and more enjoyment of, the music. By the way, did you know that Ride was a large home for un-wed mothers in England, when the Beattles wrote She's Got A Ticket To Ride"?, puts a whole different spin on "and she don't care".
Count me in as a lover of Goth. Hey Richingoth, the more I read your answers, the more I think we're joined at the head(s). Lets see; from N.J., living in South Brevard, 50 yrs. old and enjoy the darker side of music. I'll bet you even frequented "2225" and "the Village" back when WFIT was good. Same first name I'm thinking too. Insane in the membrane!

Ave Santani there, uh Audiophanatic
Well thats a problem!

I dont have a turntable. Most of what i listen to is on CD.

I WANT to get one, but honestly, if you check my system on the virtual systems, you will probably agree i need to focus money on getting rid of my reciever and going with prepro.

I have never heard a high end system with a real good turntable. I can only imagine the warmth, Working in telecom i understand the principles of sound and analog to digital conversion. ive never understood the huge "DIGITAL" hype. Digital will always be a representation of analog, and there WILL be loss no matter what. I will bet an all analog system sounds incredible.
Man, I can't believe I left out AC/DC, the Cure and the Violent Femmes. Pure high school for me, but I still say You Shook Me All Night Long is one of the top songs, ever. By the by, the Hogwaller Ramblers (a Charlottesville bluegrass fusion band) do a polka cover of You Shook Me All Night Long that's not to be missed....

Unless you have something to add, butt out.

That is quite a wide range of music, and even if you really look, alot of the stuff you will never find at K-mart, best buy, sam goodie or whatever, further more, i doubt you have even heard half the stuff i have listed, and if you havent, placing any judgement on the musical quality on that group is a very ignorant form of arrogance.

Why do you have to be so negative? diddnt your parents hug you enough? do you have some inferiority complex that compels you to attempt to insult others with your useless dribble?

You know what, i really get tired of these "Forum bashers" who have nothing better to do than come into a forum and sit there and try to act superior to other people by putting them down.

Hey, Duanegoosen, grow up. this forum was directed to mature adults. Not overgrown arrogant 6 year olds.

Everybody else, I apologize for the outburst, but people like this really get under my skin
I've left out an important to me complication cd:
Heavenly Voices - a collection of the finest female vocals in Ethereal, Darkwave and Gothic. (a Cleopatra best of release of Germany's Hyperium label 5 or 6 part cd release of the same name.
For those of you not familiar with the bands listed in my above prior post please go to:

Sean, wow I haven't thought about the Rez band for a long time. I was talking to a guy about Larry Norman last night but he never heard of Larry. He's into Apologetics and parody stuff like that.

Audiophanatik, didn't you start this thread so others could participate, or was it just so you could educate the ignorant among us??? Perhaps it is an age thing, but you can't make up definitions for words. 'Satanism' and lots of other things you bandied about already had meanings before you tried to assign one to them.

I question your taste in music, and understanding of the language. You cannot get mad because someone disagrees with you. You could be wrong, but then again, so could I. In this case Brian is much closer to the truth though.
Sean, im just going to let this drop. I feel no need to argue this point any further, if you ever feel like finding out the true origions of the "Satanic" religion, feel free. Utill then, im not going to concern myself with this issue. If you ever do decide to look into this someday, im confident that you will sit mack and say "I'll be damnded, he was right"
No pun intended
I have spent much more time researching this subject than the subject deserves and have to say that Sean is completely correct. His response is much more insiteful than could be expected from someone who has not studied or at least experienced some of the things he mentioned. Satanism is similar to children on a playground mocking something they do not like. It has no firm beliefs other than that Satan exists and the desire to mock 'Christianity.'

These are the same type of people who would bet against Tampa Bay in last years superbowl. News flash: the game is over!!!

Again, I add, you cannot add definitions to words that already have a meaning.

There is too much good music out there to get bogged down on the discussion of the mediocre. Everybody reach for some Otis Redding and feel the LOVE!