What do you LIKE BEST about your current audio system?

Straightforward.. What do you like the most about your current audio setup? Particulars welcome. Name names of brands. Stuff about the room good too!(I will also, but not in the lead out)       
Also, maybe, things you still dislike, if any?
Listening to wonderful sound reproduction.

 Manley Shrimp pre, AES Superamp Signature (using EL34s), University 15" 3 way with HF horns in cabinets I built a year ago. And lots of vinyl!

Room is set up in near field configuration with damping on the back wall. Speakers pulled away from the front wall.
Elizabeth, what I like about my system is my great enjoyment of it every day, without feeling the need to either spend more on it, or even make any changes to it. The fact that I can enjoy it so much has a great deal to do with having a near-perfect listening room, without the need of any room correction having been done.

That, and the fact I was able to build, restore, or modify much of my system is quite satisfying to me. I know you are happy with your system, it's a great thing for those that attain that elusive goal.

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I also listen every day, most of the day. It is my retirement hobby. I just love listening to music. It is my high. My joy.           
This year i got back into 'upgrading' in a big way. After almost eight years of doing nothing to the equipment.  (the only thing I upgraded during those years was the IC.). So for me, of late a lot of fooling around. The best thing about the upgrading is getting me better clarity. I crave the clarity, and now it is really here.  One odd thing I like about my current setup is the LACK of strong bass. I just cannot have it in the system at all. Living in 'over 55' apartment building, bass that would go through the walls is a eviction notice. I was worried about upgrading from 3.6 to 20.7 Magnepan, but it seems OK. My thing is the treble.. It has to be really great.
The way the music sounds.
That my equipment is all paid for. 
What I like best about my stereo is the sound and the simplicity. I upgraded the CD player, speakers and cables last year plus added room treatment. Prior to that, I hadn’t made any changes in 25 years. (Clearly over due.) Now, I’m thinking I’m good for a while but....

I just ordered Mark Waldrep’s book “Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound”. That might change my mind about things.

@gawdbless makes a good point.
What I may like most is my setup’s ability to unwrap the sheer **musical performance** in a compelling, live, 3D way. Emotionally, intellectually and physically engaging.

That and that from top to bottom and across the board, it now lacks for Nothing. It wants for Nothing. There isn’t anything missing and I don’t have to listen past anything at all anymore. I’m finally out of the upgraditis woods it seems.

Just no issues of any kind. The lows, mids and highs are now, finally, all equally wonderful sounding and are without performance fault. Doesn’t really happen that often, at least I don’t think, and certainly was no accident...years of hard work. But, it’s behind me now and it was worth it.

$7.5k system is non-pedigreed. It’s unquestionably (for me) all the Alan Maher Designs (power treatments) that has made ALL the difference.

I listen to 2 or 3 CD’s a day during the week even though I’m not yet retired. Listen to roughly equal amounts of rock, classical and jazz with a wide range of genres in between. Always look forward to every minute of it.
I’ve always been about the midrange first- if that sounds artificial, grainy or processed, the rest doesn’t matter. I started "serious" hi-fi listening (as opposed to just bombastic stuff) with a pair of old Quad ESLs in 1973, using tube amps.
In around 2006-7 I revisited what I wanted; I had upgraded the Quads to the Crosby modded Quad and commensurately better tubed electronics-- the Crosby Quad was a better all around speaker but in my estimation, not quite as see-thru as the original. I chose to go with horns and SET amps.
I get the immediacy and clarity that I enjoyed with the Quads, with better dynamics; there is something about those SET amps with very high efficiency speakers that can not only give you an ’in the room’ quality but a spooky absence of electronic artifacts. This system can play loud if necessary, but it’s more about the dynamics.
Shortcomings: discontinuity with dynamic woofers- I have addressed that by positioning and by adding additional woofers; the system can still sound ’thin’ on some material. I tend to listen to a lot of ’non-audiophile’ records and the quality of the source material varies widely.
I’ve only introduced digital into my system in the last couple months-- and using a good transport and NOS DAC, as well as a modest computer based system, am pretty pleased with the lack of artificiality from CDs and digital files.
It’s still a commitment to listen to though; letting everything warm up, it is in a dedicated room and is not a casual background listening system. I did have the old Quads restored and they are now set up in a second vintage system--despite their considerable limitations, they are so yummy to listen to, it makes you wonder how far we have really come in 60 years.
Like Elizabeth, I am also retired and listen to my systems 8-10 hours a day.  When I first retired, I went on a big buying spree, upgrading my 2 systems with used McIntosh equipment and brand new speakers for one of the systems.    I love both of my systems, but it's the main one that really gives me goosebumps.  My secondary system is used while I am web surfing and I listen to FM 80% of the time.  I am ecstatic with both systems and have no  need to change anything.  I am now concentrating on researching new music.  The best part is both systems are fully paid for.
The openness, smoothness of texture without loss of detail, the evenness of frequency response and hearing all that a particular recording can offer.

Biggest recent improvement that has enabled me to get there?  Perfect Path Technologies Omega E- Mats.  Two Mats in my electrical service and one under my power regenerator.  Transformative in a revolutionary way. It is as if all restrictions have been vanquished from the system.  Music just dances out of the speakers. Bonuses...you ought to see the picture on my premium series Vizio P65 C-1 screen.  Un-frickin' believable!  On a UHD broadcast, there is a real perception of three dimensionality to the picture.

 Do I know how the E-Mats do what they do?  Nope. I just care that they do what they do and that they do it all the time.  No bad times of day to watch or listen! Every once in a long while you find the thing that....
The richness of sound and they naturalness of tone and how good jazz sounds on my system.  And the fact that through a combination of luck and good advice I've assembled components that work great together and collectively punch well above their weight.
dynamics, weight, detail, clarity, speed...

I've got massive horns in a room large enough for them.

I couldn't be happier.
I fell away from the hobby for some time.   One of my frustrations was looking through my collection for something that I wanted to hear or even knowing what I have.   What a mess.   A music server and Roon has brought me back.   Everything else in my system is solid.   Love the quickness and detail of my speakers.   I dearly love my system!

What I did not like was getting momentarily stuck in the attic when I was running a dedicated line a few months back... now that the bruises have healed I'm happy.    
I like that I still anchor my system with the same Technics SA-800 I bought in 1979 at Naval Station Keflavik Iceland.  I could not afford it , but I bought it anyway.  It has gone the full cycle of being new and cool to old and clunky to vintage and cool. The rest is more contemporary stuff.  The system sounds great and the Technics gets all the attention..  
First of all this hobby is interesting and rewarding, thus far.. I like my home ent. unit consisting of Paradigm 95F's driven by Parasound 5250 v2 5.1 including the matching center with rear Paradigm Studio 100 dipoles (to be updated with current 95 series dipoles), SVS Sub and Cambridge CXN v2 streamer. I don't play many CD's but on movie night i use a Pioneer Elite BD player mated to Pioneer Elite Pro111 plasma.. Ive recently embarked on completing an audio/meditation listening room. Thats a work in progress though functioning. For that multipurpose room I have a desktop unit consisting of iMac, the Schiit Vidar (100w) with Prism Sound Callia acting as pre-amp DAC/Amp.-this unit is very enjoyable. Only recently sold Martin Logan 15's and added Elac Debt 6.2. Great imaging and soundstage. And, since I am at it, I just ordered Burchart S400's on pre-order and not sure if i am selling the Elac's just yet..That brings me to the fact i missed a set of Bel Canto's REF600M on Audio Mart by a day i guess. Seller did not have them updated as sold, big let down.. The desktop is pretty satisfying but onward until i find the rainbow.. 
I have very varied tastes and my CD and LP collection reflects that. I can go from the barnyard and into the cosmos in a record's play. I could never hear the same record over and over again every day when there is so much quality music out there (my record cabinets).

My system is able to take me to where I want to go. On the set with Laurel and Hardy, the battle shore of El Cid or a jaunty swing with Dan Hicks. I have a large system, but not up to the minute SOTA. I believe it is my openness and acceptance to "other" musics that enrich my listening experience. No reason to put down other's taste or talent and I feel more mature (old) for doing so.
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Imaging & soundstage/clarity. Schiit Vidar+Prism Sound Callia+Elac Debut 6.2.. This is only my desktop and is a work in progress.. Only recently pre-ordered Burchart S400's in black from Mads Burchart in Denmark..
Looking for used Bel Canto REF600M's to pair up with the S400's.   
Bryston 3B sst2 amp and BP26 Preamp, Magnapan .7 speakers, Cambridge Audio CXN music streamer.  

The ability the system has as an escape for me, to just get lost in the music and the experience. So much fun to listen to an endless amount of music on Spotify, going from classic rock, to classical, hip hop, folk, rap, 60s, 70s 80s 90s...no matter what, and it all comes through with incredible detail, warmth, and clarity.

WOW, I just love it.
Bryston 3B sst2 amp and BP26 Preamp, Magnapan .7 speakers, Cambridge Audio CXN music streamer.  

The ability the system has as an escape for me, to just get lost in the music and the experience. So much fun to listen to an endless amount of music on Spotify, going from classic rock, to classical, hip hop, folk, rap, 60s, 70s 80s 90s...no matter what, and it all comes through with incredible detail, warmth, and clarity.

WOW, I just love it.
Bryston 3b SST2 amp, BP26 preamp, Magnapan .7 speakers, anndCambridge Audio CXN music streamer.  Just love the endless hours spent listening to music of all kinds with incredible detail, clarity and depth.

WOW just love it!
grekon39. Interesting I have Bryston 4B-SST² and BP-26 preamp, but Magnepan 20.7 speakers. I can tell you the Bryston will serve well and fully offer you more, no matter how much you move up the HiFi chain.
Earlier this year i started on my desktop unit. Schiit Vidar+Prism Sound Callia+Elac Debut 6.2. Great imaging, soundstage, bass & clarity. Auralec 2'x 2' x2" foam squares.. Order a few more of the 1'x1'x2" last night...  
I like the synergy of my system. I listen to a lot of jazz. I like the clarity, inner detail and transparency of my system. The top end has just enough air in the treble to get the decay of the cymbals just right. I have a nice little bump in the low end and the midrange is very open. I bought the entire set of  the carribean jazz project Dave samuels. I use the sd card slot in my Dac to play most of my music. I transfer my files on to large sd cards and it cuts out a link in the play chain. My Dac is pretty good. I put it up against the ps audio direct stream and the aurelic Vega and it bettered them. It allows you to hear deep into the soundstage front to back. A lot of the music I listen to is kind of busy with a lot of instruments in it. The gato speakers do a great job with the scan speak drivers and the ring radiator tweeter. The Kr Audio would remind you of an audio research amplifier but with a little better top end and a tiny bit more weight. Putting systems together takes a lot of time and attention to the little details. Cabling is also important to get that little last bit to fit your tastes.
I like my Innuos music server...great piece of equipment!
I have a mid fi system that manages to sound surprisingly good in an acoustically challaned listening area. The system is able to produce a wide/deep soundstage and above average imaging. I am, however, going to be upgrading speakers in the near future. There are some very impressive entry level stand mount speakers on the market for under $1K.

TriangleArt Reference SE Turntable and TA Reference Phono Stage!! :))) Pure Bliss!! 
Motown-l I have a challenged area as well.  Hardwood floors. Speakers can’t be more than 8 feet apart.  High ceilings and dead areas. I would kill to be able to dedicate a room 
I like the realistic sound I'm getting in a very wide, deep, and stable sound stage (recording dependent) that I don't have to listen to at a loud level in order to get dynamics, realism and emotional satisfaction. There are many times that I can suspend belief that what I'm now hearing is an artificial construct. 

What used to be an occasionally emotionally engaging experience is now a recurring event. I've got the Kinki EX-M1 integrated to thank for that.

All the best,
Gato FM6 speakers Denmark. Kr Audio va900 integrated Czech Republic. Resonessence Mirus pro Dac Canada. Rel 212se subwoofer. Clarity, high fidelity, altas mavros cabling. Melco n1a server. Sony modwright 5400es tubed CD player. 
The way it reproduces well recorded vocal and acoustic guitar.
I also like that I don't have to upgrade it any more, it is balanced enough. I'll just replace it at some point. Maybe.
Michael Green Audio free resonance speakers and Nottingham turntable work well together.
Yes, Bill, of course it's midrange and dynamics first.
In terms of sound quality: The way it reproduces horns and strings, and how little I paid for it. :) 
I apologize for the repeat posts. I was getting an error message and honestly did not see my posts displaying at the time... 
The way like music sounds as real. Natural, holografic, ( 3 D) the way how you can practical “touch the Instruments” That the way i can experience music (empathize with). Listening for hours.....music is my life.
luxman sacd D-06, Esoteric F-05, Ilumnia magister speakers. To everyone:enjoy your music to the fullest,and let your worries lie aside.
I happened to (catch) how this thread was started, but I'll defer...

For me, the OP's post, while out of frustration, is not the appropriate question here. It must be...What do you appreciate most how your audio system conveys recorded media to you?

Music: For me, it is the essence, (my essence) that allows me to expand myself. It provides me an outlet to explore other possibilities. It is in fact, essential to who I am!

High end audio, makes this more real so I am involved in a completely better way. This outlet helps me to come to a better understanding of the world around me. It is, to me, LIFE!
I love how my rig sounds so good for relatively so little cost because I use some refurbished vintage gear. My slate AudioGrail Garrard 401with 12" Jelco 850 and Decca SG cartridge, Croft R phono preamp, Stu Remmington 1960s EICO monoblocs, top notch tubes, and Quad ESLs make music better than any show demo I've heard. A bunch of great 50s-70s jazz and blues recordings are a delight. Concrete floors help too.
I am very busy right now so not much time to listen. But when I do, I am pleasently surprised. Everytime, with nearly every recording.

For the last several years I was toiling to achieve a certain musical unity and balance for both my digital and analog front ends. For a while, I got pretty deep into the finer details of system tuning and component matching and sometimes neglected to sit back and just enjoy the music. Occasionally along the way, I would lift my head up and say “wow, its never sounded like that before!”

Now, upgraditis currently at bay.
I like the worldview, criteria and methods I employ in being an audiophile. The criteria and methods were hard won, that is took a long time and much effort to develop. But it has paid off, and continues to pay off big dividends.  :)
My brand new high performance hearing aids.....No just kidding, I do not have hearing aids.  I am retired and spend a lot of time listening to music.  For me, it is my Tidal subscription.  It has opened up a whole new world of music that I had never heard before.
I apologize for the repeat posts also. I got an error message and honestly did not see my posts displaying the first time...
My rig is built around the Infinity IRS Beta system and I am blown away every time I listen to it.

Nice idea for a thread Elizabeth.

My current system came about out of simple curiosity and a desire to experience what I suspected to be a good fit for me, a SET amp paired with high-efficiency single-driver loudspeakers. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, which can be challenging in this camp, as I’m sure many here know.

After much research and deliberation a plan formed. Already happy enough with my sources, new loudspeakers were necessary and I purchased the Omega Super 3i Monitors. A year or so later, convinced the path I’d chosen was indeed right for me, I purchased a Decware SE84UFO. The reported synergy between these two brands was evident immediately. The DAC came next. Considering the current resurgence of R-2R multibit DACs, MHDT Lab remain somewhat under the radar. I took a chance on their Pagoda (PCM1704) and suffice it to say I’m not sorry I did. As my new system evolved I came to realize I would need to address the bass limitations of the monitors (my old subwoofers just wouldn’t do). A rather obvious choice among the many good options was Omega. I took delivery of the DeepHemp 8 just a few weeks ago and after nearly two years I’m happy to say my goal has been realized, my curiosity sated.

When I started this little project I wasn't sure it was even possible to achieve the sound quality I was looking for within the budget I set. With research and a bit of luck I managed to put together a wonderful little system with great synergy. It’s all there .. soundstage, imaging, timbre, detail, and transparency without a hint of harshness. Then end result is everything I hoped for. Good listening.

I think some people post from a position that they know and you dont. But remember everyone. Your experiences and your system belong to you. You have spent your time and Money getting where you wanted to be. 12 years ago I started with a 1500 set up and went on to spend a lot more. I made 2 great Audio friends in my 3rd year in the hobby and lost both last year. They afforded me the opportunity to hear costs no object systems and everything in between. Trust your ear and enjoy the music and your journey. For some the journey was limited for me it was vast. I’ve heard over 100 different brands of equipment and cables ranging from $50 to $250,000. I’ve heard great vintage systems to state of the art all out assault cost no object systems. My ears have been opened to new genres of music. I have learned great system matching tips that allowed me to arrive at my Gato Kr Audio based system. My system allows me the peace and joy I seek through music! I’m listening to the horns right now in ALLEN TOUSSAINTS ALBUM “The Bright Mississippi” one of the most well recorded jazz albums ever! Goosebumps and smiles all around enjoy your sessions everyone!
The music - it always was and always will be entirely about THE MUSIC! 
Yes, exactly; I forget about it completely and enjoy the music.