What do you know about the Rehdeko speakers?

Like have you heard them? Do you where who distributes them, their website, prices etcetc? They seem interesting, and a friend of mine who has been in the high end for decades absolutely loves them. Anybody else know anything?
a review here with a telephone number (from the UK); however, the article's 5 or 6 years old.

There doesn't seem to be an official website, but apparently the local french tourist office has arranged trips to their factory, so you might want to pop off an e-mail to see if you can get an official phone number or web page.

Info from a translated web page below:

LEISURES Visits at Rehdeko

The Office of tourism of the Country of Montbeliard organizes, within the framework of Tuesday of reception, a visit discovered of the Rehdeko Company, manufactures of top-of-the-range speakers with Bavans. INSEA (national Institute of the exact sciences and complicated) in Scala de Milau, of Faurecia in the national Center of music electroacoustic), GEC Alsthom with the Opera of Paris, Jacques Higelin to professor Tomatis, Paul Messanger in Jerry Hadley, larger virtuosos with most severe of the journalists, more enthusiastic amateurs in concerts to the most impassioned music lovers, all is filled with enthusiasm and has of Rehdeko. In 32 years, the Rehdeko enclosures became the world reference of musical realism. They obtained a great number of high distinctions such as "Award of the best sound", "Hifi choici recommanded", "Reference monitor loudspeaker", etc. Rehdeko manufacture also obtained, officially, several tens of patents, in the USA, in Canada, in Germany, in England, in many other European countries, and even with Japan, single exploit in annals of the French hifi! One can be registered by contacting the Office of tourism of the Country of Montbeliard to the The appointment is to 2 p.m. Tuesday at the Rehdeko Company located at the 34, street of the Cherry trees with Bavans.
Also - a long thread with various comments. Search for rehdeko.
And one last comment: Apparently the head of the company has passed on.
I recently heard an original pair of these speakers, won't comment on the sonics as I don't think the room they were in was in any way at the time optimized for good sound. But the looks and the design were intriguing. Apparently Rehdeko speakers have been out of production for many years after the designer passed away, however during their year's of production it created quite a few big time fans of them.

Big enough fans that in fact there is a gentleman in Germany who has taken up the task of reproducing the original design. He has reprotedly made near perfect copy with only the driver's colorings differing from the original. I believe they are in or close to being in production and will sell for like $4-5K.

I learned all of this from Creston Funk of Concert Sound who I believe will also be the US distributor of Rehdeko.
Thanks so much, but I've just learned as to their prices, very high for what the product seems to be. Hmm... I may give Creston Funk a shout, thank you once more.
Here's a guy who owns the Rehdeko RK-175-5S speakers.
There's a pic of his system and the speakers on here.