What do you know about Sim Audio amps?

I would like to upgrade my Parasound 2205a amp (220x5). This amp has served me well and is hard to beat for the money, however I would like to go to the next level. My preamp is a B&K ref 30 which I do not currently want to update and I believe will accomadate a high end amp. My speakers are custom made with top of the line scan speak drivers and resemble very good Pro Ac speakers. I am looking for a 3 channel amp or a 5 channel is more ideal and my search has led me to the Sim Titan. I am told that this is basically a 5 channel version of the w-5. Anybody who has listened to these amps (even the w-3)and has compared them with others I would like to hear from you. I have read most of the reviews and are very favorable. Yes it is for home theater but stereo is more important to me! I think that any knock's that the reviewer have are because the amp is being compared to much higher cost amps. Can anyone confirm this? Is this as good as it gets for a 5 channel amp for $6,000.00? Sorry for the lengthy question!!
Hi Tennispro. I've heard the moon W3 and prefer it to the Bryston amps I've heard. The 4070SE is the sim I own and I'm keeping it. This amp also is more musical when we compared it back to back to Bryston gear which is very descent in its own right. It's just I hear a more compelling or involving impact from the sims. They also drive ribbons like the newforms which I have and the martin logans or magneplanars with authority. They are well built and I've had excellent service from Jean Poulin of Sim when my amp was dropped by Opps in transent after its upgrade. Now I haven't heard the moon rok...1000 wats into 8ohms, 2000 into 4...try one and see if it makes your system sing......have fun Bluenose
I have enjoyed all the products I have ever heard from this great MFG.
Value wise it cant be beat.
I've had a W-5 and P-3 for almost two years now and although I've upgraded cables and recently bought new speakers I feel no need to upgrade the Sim stuff. It has been a pleasure to listen to and has(almost)cured my once constant need to change equipment.
Sim Audio makes excellent gear but can be pricy when bought new. Before I bought my Bryston 4B-ST I did audition the W-5 and loved it - even more than my 4B but it was not worth (to me) double the cost - it wasn't twice the amp for twice the dollars - that concept of diminishing returns and all...

I would offer as an alternative to the big Sim 5 channel amp is a Bryston 6B-ST up front for the 3 front channels and a 4B-ST for the rears. You may get a good deal on a new 6B and 4B amps can be bought here for about $1400. The 6B has reported sonics than the 4B so I would use it for the mains so you can maximize your 2 channel listening. Not sure how the dollar amounts would shake out though...
Hi Tennispro,
I am also a tennis player. I have had the W-3, the W-5 and now I have the Titan. The W-5 is better than the W-3: more power obvioulsy and also more refined. The Titan has the same signature than the W-5. I would say it is at least as good and perhaps slightly better. If you want to spend that kind of money for a HT amp and you like the Simaudio sound, you can't go wrong with the Titan.

I currently have the Sim I5 and love it. I have heard the W5 along with the P5 and their cd player driving a pair of Mezzo Utopias. Now that was fantastic. Someday maybe. I've even heard good things from various dealers who don't even carry Sim. Good luck with your search.
I also think Sim amps are great. Their authority, speed and dynamics should make them a good HT choice. I would also check out the Theta Dreadnaught, which was recommended to me by a reliable dealer who also carries Sim, but I was in his store before the Titan came out.
Wow, what a response! Thanks to everyone for posting. I have decided to get a Titan. After all the research and positive feedback from people that own sims amps, I felt that it is a good way to go. Especially if this is the last amp I ever buy! I would love to hear from people who have the titan or compared the titan to another product. Thanks for input!
If stereo is more important to you, why not just get the W-5 for the L/R fronts and continue to use the Parasound for the center/rears? My guess is that the performance for HT using this configuration will be fine.

I don't know the architecture of the Titan vs. the W-5, but it would seem to me the Titan would need one mother of a power supply to be able to keep up with the W-5 from a performance perspective. Does anyone know more about this?

Obviously the other benefit by going with the W-5 is that you'd save yourself a bundle. It seems like you're paying a huge premium with the Titan to power the center/rear channels, and unless you're really a HT nut it may not be worth it. Just a thought. Best of luck.