What do you hear?

This was serendipity, but while changing cds I happen to get my ear about an inch away from the tweeter. I heard a little something that let me know it was on. Then I put my ear to the woofer (almost touching was the only way to hear something) and I heard the same thing. Both speakers. Becomes a tad louder (but you still have to be on top of it) when I crank the volume way way up. Can't hear a thing from a foot away. Is there always something in the way sound coming from a "live" speaker? If I put my ear to my Passion I can hear a little transformer hum, as well. I always knew that and it is normal for the amp. Can't hear a damn thing unless I'm putting my tympanics almost touching. What do you guys hear? Some sound normal? thanks in advance, warren :)
Warrenh, You need to get out more often!....LOL....
I hear my local AM broadcast, news, local weather,sports from right speaker. Howard Stern from left speaker.
You probably have worn voice coil fluid. Are you changing it every 500 hours or whatever the manufacturer recommends? FYI, I've switched to Audible One; it's a synthetic fluid that lasts 2000-3000 hours or more.
Faziod, very interesting. I hear Rush Limbaugh from the right speaker and Air America from the left speaker.
I'm hearing the clicking sound of my keyboard as type this response, and it gets louder as I put my ears closed to it.
Oh wait, I now hear my computer hums too now that my left ear pays more attentions than the right one. It's time for an ear check or wax removal.
where do you guys get your material? Billy Crystal, lookout!!
I have a cure.
Take a BIG gun, 45cal or whatever, and have a buddy shoot it repeatedly (say 200 times) right next to your ear, each side.
Afterwards, you will not be bothered by those other noises.
If they do come back after awhile, repeat the gun ting.. and eventually, you will never be bothered by those little noises anymore.
Sell the entire system and start from scratch.
Some nearly (but not quite) inaudible noise from the speakers is considered to be normal, even in a high end system. If it's inaudible from the listening position, then it would seem to be of no practical concern whatsoever. I'd forget about it.