what do you have your wadia 861 siiting on?

Does any Wadia 861 user have a specific preference as to what type of stand you have your player sitting on? I'm not planning on using an equipment rack and would rather use a dedicated stand. Let me know what's working the best for you.
We've tried a lot of them here under the 861, and by far the best is a custom platform made by Critical Mass Systems. These platforms set a new standard in resonance contriol in my opinion. I have no affiliation with them, I just think they are the best and we use them here at Great Northern Sound under the CD player and our amps (and we're in the que for one for our Well Tempered Reference turntable). Your search is over if you truly want the best....

Check 'em out: www.criticalmasssystems.com
I can confirm that placement is critical for the Wadia 861.
I now have 270/27ix but had the 861 before.
A cheap but very effective improvement is a set of Polycrystal Reference cones, one in the middle of the front and two at the back of the unit, all indented by 2 inches from the front, back and sides.
In my system I use a very fine - but expensive - "Sial" stand from Copulare (www.copulare.de).
I don't want to miss either the Copulare stand nor the Polycrystal cones.
The Wadia equipment is so rewarding for proper placement and power cords (Elrod Statement II is phantastic!!!), it's well worth spending money for this kind of tuning!

Happy listening!
I have a Wadia 7 transport and Wadia 27 DAC and both sit on critical mass systems stands. Both components performance is significantly increased across the musical spectrum, and yes it sounds better too. More transparent, more dynamic and more nuanced, and NO trade-offs. The transport gained a little more in quantitative terms, but wouldn't remove it from the under the DAC unless at gunpoint. Power cords work wonders, but the stands are a huge step-up in performance regardless of power cord selection.
Right now I have it on DIY roller blocks using a glass shelf. I found that glass has the least "memory" compared to granite & MDF & that it drains the vibrations the best of the 3 materials I tested. DIY roller block shelf sits on a Lovan shelf (for the moment). I probably have some work here to better the Lovan shelf &/or rack frame.
FWIW. My 2 cents worth.