What do you have under your Black Diamomd Racing

I have a 19'' X 15'' Black Diamonmd Racing '' Source '' Shelf and I have three inverted Polycrystal Reference cones underneath it for isolation. My transport is on top.....CEC TL-1 about 40 lbs. What are you using outside of any BDR sones, pucks etc. to support the shelf....Or, get rid of the ''shelf'' and use something else on the top shelf of equipment rack ?
My transport has BDR cones (AA MKII) I have it resting on top of a BDR Source Shelf that sits on top of my audio rack. I have heard that the Super Pucks that BDR has are even better than the Shelf it's self. But I'm happy with what I hear the way it's set up now........
I have my The Source Shelf sitting on four sorbathane discs, which separate it from the custom MDF component stand the Shelf sits on.

I actually found the most benefit from sorbathane underneath my turntable motor's feet, which isolates the motor from the Shelf. I understand that BDR makes special two-part shelves for some VPI turntables in order to isolate the motor (I presume that this is superior to sorbathane).
Don't get rid of the BDR source! I would get three BDR cones (which ever flavor 3s or 4s) and put them on top of the source , pointing up. Place your player on top. You will notice a big improvement. Things open up and there is even a greater sense of ease. This configuration is one of ther reasons why a shelf or source is so good.
I'm presently using the Source Shelf with four Sorbathane footers under my Linn Ikemi CDP and I like it. Decoupling appears to be the key. In contrast, I've ordered a Neuance platform for my Linn Sondek Lp12 from Ken Lyons. He remarked that it should perform excellent under the Ikemi also. I look forward to comparing the different philosophies with the CDP. I will try cones (Mk.3 & 4) pucks, and the Sorathane footers. I will comment on it in future threads. Cheers!