What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.

I'm checking the tracking app a few times a day for where my MHDT Orchid DAC is up to between Taiwan and Australia.   And I have super tweeter diaphragms on the way for my IMF RSPM Mark IV's.
What have you got coming. From where to where. Share the excitement or heartache. 
Just got TARA LABS MUSE speaker cable fantastic sound and build quality.The best a had in my MAGICO system by far.
Chapman Audio T-9 II's. Complete renovation of my T-77SE's. Stuart has been waiting over 5 months for a particular Dueland cap. Factory had silver supply chain and shipping issues for a time and shortly after reopening, Germany shut down again. Sure glad I picked up KEF LS-50 Metas and Grado reference cans to tide me over
Received my new Puritan line conditioner just Tuesday. Seems to live up the the claims. They say it needs a couple of weeks to settle in.   So far I am liking it better much than my antique Monster unit from 2001. 
Loki mini +
USPS says it’ll be here this weekend. As Richard Pryor once said, “We will see what we will see.”...
Scored some PHT. Two strains, Green and Black. Scheduled to arrive Friday afternoon. Dealer will be disguised as a Fedex driver. I will draw the blinds and attempt to use responsibly.
Doing an 11.1 home theater setup with some MBL speakers. Guy on Craigslist will drop off between 9-11 am tomorrow.
Silversmith Fidelium speaker cables and bi-wire adapters.  USPS tracking says "Out for Delivery". :)
A quad of Genalex Gold Lion KT77s coming from Seattle, should be here next week. Ha just checked tracking will be here tomorrow.
Mojo EVO B4B21 DAC
I knew it was going to take a little time but it has been a slow roll.
They have been experiencing delays by one of the key parts suppliers.  The good news is that I can keep my trade-in Mystique v3 until I receive the EVO and am satisfied with it.
Politically incorrect t-shirts.

Also am going to get in a Trilogy Audio 925 integrated amp for consideration next week. Heard the 915R preamp and it was superb.
At the beginning of Covid my Aesthetix Pallene was tied up at Fedex
for a couple of weeks

there is a Carly Simon song that fits this situation

Enjoy the Music
Seems I almost always have LP’s arriving. Today it was Joni Mitchell’s ‘Live at Canterbury House’. As far as gear, received some vintage clay insulators to use as cable lifters yesterday.....but my fav? The Hagerman Trumpet phono stage that arrived last week.
SV-200 Vincent Audio amp - dont have experience with this company but online reviews are great - just upgraded my preamp to a vincent audio phono stage - PHO-300 and was super impressed with what I got given the affordable price range - highly recommend
Pair of Ohm Walsh Tall 4000s ordered in December and arriving in "April." Apollon NCMP700 class D amp ordered in February and supposed to ship by the end of this week. And finally, a Pro-ject Perspex 6 SB with Sumiko Amethyst cartridge ordered about a week and half ago with a 7 to 8 week wait. 
I'm waiting for a Rogue RP-7 to come in so I can pick up new Bel Canto's Ref600m's and the RP-7.  All is good enjoying the NCAA.  
Took advantage of the Zu omen DW offering today.. Natural hickory with clarity cap upgrade and resistors to reduce the load to 9 ohms. 4 to 6 week lead time I think. Coming from Utah so hopefully no issues! These will be paired with a First Watt Sit 3 and PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium preamp.
Ordered a sub kit from GR research. I got the woofer in a few days from GR, but the amp is drop shipped from Rythmik. All my emails and phone calls to Rythmik have gone unanswered. It's not a big deal since I'm still working on the enclosure , but after a week and a half, I'm getting a bad feeling
The Carver 275 tube amp.  Never had a tube amp so I’m intrigued to see what it sounds like.
A 21st century schizoid man face mask that was shipped from China to the wrong state. 
Music (pretty much always)

A pair of Tekton 4-10 subs. These have been on order since December & are now on there way from Utah to my home :-)
An LP (allegedly "mint"). Ordered, paid, not shipped yet. From Germany.
Digital Amplifier Co King DTM, delivered today.  Magnepan 1.7i expected sometime in June.
Got another pair of Wywires Diamond RCAs used a few days ago. These cables outperformed Purist Audio Neptune in my system. No plans to buy anything else for at least a few months.
Just received a Sony PS-X50 turntable I've been watching for 3 months. No, not supper highend like i see constantly here on OG, but I love it. My first serious TT.
LS2 loudspeaker feet from critical mass systems. Were due in today but FedEx international delays, now expecting them on the 30th.  US to India. 
Eagerly awaiting a Canadian made, point to point wired, MM phono stage. It will be my first. Have tried hybrids but this is the first all tube. Should be interesting. 
Just ordered from Mouser 20 pcs. of IXYS FRED's, 8 for the power supply of my Sugden A28 and the rest for future use. The A28 has been recapped using Elna Silmic II in the audio sections and Nichicon Gold Tune in the power supply. I expect the new rectifiers will bring some improvement. Just in case, I'll be keeping the original 1N5401's. 
Coming soon...

Supratek Cabernet DHT/6SN7 preamplifier &
Tekton pair of 4-10 subwoofers 

Some interesting Schiit or was that fertilizer en route?
Coda sworn someone went to Critical Mass. Sunday only 
delivery. Backwash has conditioner on the road. Elliott went
Rogue and ordered a Russian Pimp. In Like Clint has a Dirty Weekend coming soon! Whole lotta Tekton goin on.
Enough Already!

I have an Uptone Audio Ether Regen due soon. $17 worth
of parts for only $650!
2 t-shirts.....one, with a pissed-off cat wearing headphones; the 2nd, a cat knocking the notes off a musical scale....

The 1st defines my attitude on a bad day, but wearing it will be lightyears ahead of visiting massage parlors....:(

No sense ruining your day because of mine, no....

The 2nd is just because we have 2 cats. *G*  And a tolerant dog....*L*

Eventually, a pair of Kenwood L07 mono amps an old running buddy is sending to me from TX.
I'd bet the shipping cost of those beasts made him gasp....*L*
Texton Moabs with Cardas cooper inputs, berrilium tweeters at 4 ohms

The berrilium is a long lead time item
Decware UFO2 SET AMP and fired up, ordered 1/6/21, and about 3 more months........