What do you guys think of adding a subwoofer to this system?

I am just getting back into 2 channel music and critical listening. My system is comprised of B&W 805 Diamonds and a Hegel H390 integrated amplifier.  My audio source is primarily Tidal MQA files streamed thru a Bluesound Node 2i.  I stream digital out of the node 2i using a decent coaxial cable into the Hegel.  I use decent cables from the Hegel to the speakers.  

The rom is quite large 15x20’ with quite high sloping ceilings.  16’ over speakers and  12’ to the rear behind me.

the system (imho)sounds very good.  In fact I think it is the best system I have ever assembled.  Imagining, detail and separation is excellent . Midrange  is detailed and sharp.  Low end is tight.   I think the speakers roll off at 49 hz.

I can’t say enough positive about the Hegel H390. That is one fine piece of audio equipment and is certainly a keeper.  I gush every time I turn it on!

I have tried subwoofers in the past but have always been disappointed.  I know subs have come a long way and would be interested in your thoughts especially people who have a similar system.

I have found some discussion on this subject but thought I might ask the question directly.  I apologize in advance if I missed some relevant discussion.

Thanks for any advice.






Kind of interesting how this thread has examples of the best and worst experiences with subs.

I believe all of them, and it is that variety of experiences with subs that I find curious and try to talk about.

@delm, Said:

It is best to use a crossover with low pass to the subwoofer and high pass to the mains. 

       I agree!



+1 Mr. Squires.

Bob, if you are overwhelmed by all the varied responses of models, brands and settings don't despair. Until you have heard your system with a properly set up subwoofer/s you may decide against even using them.   

Even though a subwoofer system takes the music signal and the volume setting from your H390, subwoofer/s are located and tuned independently of the main system. 

Powered subwoofers can have as few as three adjustments as well as a seemingly limitless amount of both internal and external processor control, memory presets and monitoring. Low frequency can be as simple as set-it and forget-it to affordable remotely controlled interactive excitement. 

You seem to have a good relationship with your local dealer. It may be worthwhile to have the dealer do the subwoofer setup process unique to your system and your room as a starting point. Have fun.

Hi guys, thanks again for the help and advise.  So I’m doing some YouTube homework and I find this.



Holy crap!  I need to get out more!



Bob, your new system is probably fabulous sounding as is.

I'd go another way and tell you to drop $2400 on four SVS older SB-2000 self-powered sealed subs and do a distributed bass array for low even smooth bass when dialed it. It'll be a whole new world down there.

I'd also recommend high passing the 805s if possible or they'll spend a lot of excess cone movement trying to put out the deep bass they don't need to.

Good luck however you go. I'd recommend a sub, or more, in general.