What do you guys thing of the Corus Black Cart.

Hey guys, antbody have an opinion on the Corus black and how it compares to the other Goldring carts like the Goldring 1042?

I'm using a Rega 3 2000 TT with an Exposure Pre and Power amp.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

It appears that the Roksan Corus Black is actually a Goldring 1012, re-labled for Roksan. Linn and Audio Note also do this with the Goldring 1042. The Corus Black specs are virtually identical to the Goldring 1012,including the Gyger II stylus, and so is the appearance. I would suspect that there is no difference at all, between the two.

If it is indeed a 1012 OEM'd for Roksan, as I suspect it to be, it is a fine cartridge, and just as good as the Goldring 1012. Also, the Gyger II stylus may be changed later for the Gyger S stylus of the 1042, for an easy upgrade when stylus change time comes.

1042 is better primarily because of the stylus, and you can put one of those on when you wear out your first one from the 1012.

A little higher on the scale, is a Dynavector 10x4 Mk II and that is even better.