What do you feel is the best sub-$4000 turntable?

No cartridge, just table and arm.
There is no best.

There are only highly regarded choices depending on personal preference.

For a hand built, USA manufactured table, the Galibier Serac with Artisan tonearm is a well regarded option for under $4000.

A KAB Technics SL12XX is another popular option at under $1200. There are those who believe it betters some tables retailing above $4000. I have never done the comparison myself.
2.Hand Well Tempered, latest Series
A used Sota Star or Nova table with a used SME 4.5 or Graham arm.
a used vpi
Lenco L75 with a big ass plinth
Dear Fruff1976: There are many options, here are some about:




Tvad, IMHO always exist " the best off " if there are the " standard parameters/targets/characteristics " to compare against, but in an open question like in this thread I agree with you.

Regards and enjoy the music.