What do you drive and why?

Just got a 2019 Subaru Forester. Had a 2012 till someone decided to T-bone me on the drivers side. The car held up very well to the impact. Walked away even though the damage was such insurance called it a total loss. Safety was a main consideration in getting the new one, plus the AWD system, improved mileage and reliability of the brand. Had an older Honda CRV (2006) and almost bought another, great small SUV.
So what do you drive and why?
Daily driver is a 2015 Nissan Titan 4 door 4wd truck. Why: I need a truck. Tow a trailer often. Go offroad about 3-4 times a month. Haul a lot of stuff.

Trip car and wife’s daily driver: 2009 Infinity G37S coupe. Why: It is beautiful. It has a manual 6 speed transmission. Reasonably fast and good handling. Very pleasant on long trips.

Track car: 2007 Nissan 350Z. Brembo brakes, light flywheel and racing clutch, roll bar, race seat and harnesses (with HANS), track tires. Why: Fast enough to be fun. Cheap enough to crash. Low maintenance and super durable.

Why are we having this discussion on Audiogon? ;-)
Just for the fun of it. The Forester has the option for a JBL sound system, but I did not go up the line to get it. I might? get a premium stereo later from someone else. BTW the Nissan looks like a fun car to drive...
Used to have a Forester. Long drives always gave me knee problems. Rented a recent model, same deal. There's some weird ergonomics happening between the seat and gas pedal.

Last was an Audi, loved it, moved to not needing a car, but a Toyota Highlander may be in my future.
2012 Toyota Sienna mini van.  Awesome for only one reason, it's a company car.  They pay for everything including gas... 
I was very active in the car thing as a hobbyist pursuit, not so much for daily drivers. I loved cars from the time I was a kid. When I moved to NYC for my career, I quit driving altogether and let my license lapse. I had no need to drive and in that environment, little interest in it, or in maintaining a car, paying for garage space or dealing with a car in such a dense urban setting.
Then, one morning- in my early ’40s, I think, I woke up and said, "man, I can afford a Ferrari!" So, I did my research and bought one. Had to get a learners permit to drive the thing (and yes, eventually got another driver’s license). That led to a 15 year tear of exotics-mostly Italian, some German, some new, some vintage. Bikes too. Loved the history, the people (the old time collectors have pretty much aged out or are gone now).
I’ve pretty much quit driving altogether at this point. When we moved to Austin, we decided to live ’in town’- so I have no need and I’d have to get out of town to drive in any spirited way.
Did a lot of rallies and events, including the Targa Florio in Sicily and several multi-day sanctioned rallies over the years.
Had the good fortune to be in a feature article in Road & Track and a couple other magazines back in the day. Met lots of collectors, enthusiasts and people with great stories- the history fascinated me (and still does).
Lot’s of old survivor iron here, along with American hot rods and pre-war cars that have either been restored to look original or have been chopped, channeled and rodded. There’s a very cool car culture here in Texas, which is a bit different than the exotic Euro-sports scene.
A daily in NYC was always a challenge. One of my favorites, as a practical car, was a "works’ Mini- crazy fast and lithe. I have some great memories of long drives through the countryside. I never did much at the track though I’ve been on a few over the years- I liked the scenery, the landscape and the changing topography of those days-long drives in the countryside. Great fun as long as you didn’t break down in the middle of nowhere.
One of the more challenging cars I had was a pre-war boat-tailed speedster- right hand drive, crash gear box (left hand shift), center accelerator pedal, cable brakes and a real commitment to drive. You realize how far cars have come in some ways- and how little they demand of owners now. The manual for this car had descriptions of how to pull the motor to work on it! 

A 2003 Lexus ES300. I bought it about 5 years ago for $10,000.00 with 47k miles on it. has 79k miles on it now and it still looks brand new. Boring car from a person who raced (not pro, fun racing) a Porsche 911? Yes
Why, because I wanted a car that would last me another 15 years or so, that would be easy on repair costs (they just don’t break down). Just keep it serviced and they last. Big fan of Toyota’s and Honda’s for that reason
'88 Mercury Cougar (Original Owner, 5.0L significant mods)
'97 Camaro SS Convertible (Original Owner, cam/heads/headers, Extensive Alpine/Infinity audio system)
'10 Nissan Altima (Daily Driver)
1997 GMC 4X4, because I want to.
1997 Ford Mustang GT. Why? Because, it´s a pleasure to drive.
2010 Ford F150 extended cab.  Hauling and towing my boat when needed.  I can’t imagine not having a pickup, took me 50 years to get one.
2003 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4WD. Why? Bought it from a neighbor to pull my boat. Lost my company car after 35 years of having one and now drive the Sequoia as my daily driver. It's now got 260K miles and is still going strong. I'm pretty committed to taking it to 300K and then decide to keep it, or not...


Toyota Corolla (hers)
Nissan Quest- for the animals and Home Depot trips.


Nissan Juke (mine, but really hers’, can never the keys out of her hands)
BMW GS650 motorbike
Yamaha FZ1 (x2) motorbikes super funnnnnnnnnnnnn they goes like stink, I mean 75mph max officer...... honestly. (1st gear,lol)
Honda ST1300ABS motorbike (for both of us in comfort with 100mph all day cruising)
Honda 750 Shadow cruiser (Hers). motorbike...


Nissan 370z Nismo (one day)

Hardly Davidson V-Rod
not to ride but to put in the family room as a talking piece.
(That one is going to cost me dearly with her ladyship.....lol)

A small mobile home to tour the US in.

2005 Toyota Highlander 4-cyl....it's an appliance but hey it's been a great SUV....used to own a few Bimmers, Beemers and 2 great Guzzis back in the 80's & 90's....my favs were a '88 535is that I drove over 200k and my final bike purchase a new '95 R100RT Classic Edition I rode for 70K+ miles till I totaled it hitting an errant animal in 2013 and almost:) walked away.

A nice ride just isn't a priority anymore and it used to be an obsession.  Strange how the years change things.     
Guzzi 1000 le mans? yes please!!!  or a Laverda Jota!!

I'll take any beemer that my feet can touch the ground comfortably. on...lol

2018 Mercedes S-Class...mostly because Audi wanted ridiculous money for a 2018 A8. But in the end I’m glad because I like this better than my last A8.

My wife has a Chrysler Pacifica minivan to haul the kiddos around.  Can't wait until we grow out of that.  :)

what a cool story you shared!  thank you.
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99 Z28 six speed manual, LS1 engine no mods. faster than a wheelbarrow

Love the hot hatch myself!  I have a 2018 VW GTI.  What fun little cars to drive - power, handling of a go cart, well appointed, 4-door, hatch with fold down seats, and 36 mpg on highways.  Great allrounder!
2014 Porsche Cayman S
2017 Porsche Macan S
2018 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback

For each type of vehicle, and within their price ranges, and to my taste and my wife's, these were all perfect choices.

@2psyop, sorry to hear about your accident.  I too had an older Honda CRV, a 2001 that served me well for many years.

-- Al
I live in Washington DC. Don't need a car and don't own one - especially with Uber and Lyft.
I drive a 2008 AMG C63 and the wife drives a 2018 Audi RS3...why?
why not? Oh and my 13 month daughter,  has a 1987 Porsche 911 coupe waiting for her in the garage...

My last was a BMW 528e, from which I got 230,000 miles (and a lot of driving pleasure). When it wore out I needed to look for something big enough to haul multiple vintage drumsets, so picked up the last 2000 Chevy Tahoe Ltd. left in California. This edition Tahoe started as a special order from the California Highway Patrol, with customized and upgraded suspension, transmission, cooling system, etc. There ended up being an excuse 8,000 of the Tahoes, so Chevrolet came up with a styling package (2-tone leather interior, no roof rack, bumper guards, etc.) for the SUV, and offered it to civilians for two years (1999/2000).

I had suspension expert Jim Sleeper change out the stock suspension for lowering front spindles and springs, custom rear leaf springs, and Koni shocks, all to improve handling and achieve a 4" drop. I then replaced the stock 16" wheels and tires with 20" Budniks and BFG rubber. Looks cool and is built pretty well (MUCH better than the Ford Explorer my woman had), but the gas mileage is terrible!

I still lust after a dropped black 1960's Lincoln Continental ;-) .

I drive a 1999 Mazda B4000 4X4.
I  spend my money where it realy counts.
Engine and wheels are not part of that.
Music is part of that.
My nex move will be ´´ electric ´´  SUV . In five years or more.
I drove a BMW 525i from August, 1995, until October, 2018, when I had to part with the keys due to decreasing eyesight.  (No, no accidents or dinged fenders.)   It was a straight 6 cylinder, with a five-speed manual - - - the Old Fud's BMW!

My son now has it, and it probably will be good for another 200,000 miles. 

It was a wonderful car to drive, both in town and on the Interstates. And, I could shift down, redline it, and get out of trouble in an Interstate mess-up.  And, it could pass anything on  the road--- except a Police Car or State Trooper!  

It was probably the best 5-series that BMW has built. 
2015 Boxster S. My somewhat odd childhood goal was to own a Porsche, but I do not remember really why. It could have a little to do with ’Risky Business’. I ordered it from Autobahn in Ft. Worth; John Hamilton is an awesome salesman. It is the coolest thing I ever bought - a go-cart for an adult - and I will keep it as long as possible.
My  bicycle everyday to work. I found that putting your heart to work as an engine V8 it gives me more pleasure than any other vehicle I ever own. But I understand people love for nice cars.

1977 Lancia Scorpion and
1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV
I gave my last of 5 Alfas in a row to my mechanic 12 years ago and never looked back. I should have done much earlier after he advised me to have a big truck total it for me. I walk quite a bit maybe 3-4 miles a day, take cabs rather too often, and ride my All-City Macho Man when it’s nice out. Works for me.
1970 BMW 2002 with lots of modifications.  It has lowered suspension, fat sway bars, flared fenders, 15X7 BBS wheels with Toyo Proxes R1R tires.  Like Ms Elizabeth, I like to go around corners real fast.  I also have larger brakes,  a Scheel Rally seat to hold me in place, and a high compression M10 engine with electronic fuel injection mated to the necessary 5 speed gearbox.  My favorite car ever which I’ve owned since I was 16 years old and now I’m 64.

The more practical transport is a 2000 Toyota Tundra 4X4 with the V8.

Btw   I could care less about the audio system in either.  Love to listen to the 02, love the quiet of the Tundra.

2019 Ram 1500 Limited in Delmonico Red...loaded including 12” split screen Nav and 18 speaker HK 700W surround sound stereo with 2 subs and optional CD player! Because it’s awesome 
2012 Nissan Altima because its paid for , has given me no trouble
and gets 35 mpg on interstate.
Also If a buy a new car it will outlive me .
I have trouble sitting in car seats. Then I tried Mercedes. Comfortable, trouble free, safe, fast.
Lot’s of great stories and so far no dealers pushing iron the have in stock....

we launch our boat with a 1958 Air Force surplus heavy fighter aircraft tug, does that count ?

a Benz GL-550 fish and dog hauler with some AMG bits we use this to commute between Seattle and San Diego at warp 5

another Benz E-350 currently smoking in the service department at the incompetent dealer....no fault found... legacy corporate car.... trade bait soon...

Honda Clarity plug in hybrid . Our winter place car and mileage champion... neat technology Wife loves it...

lots of racing iron over the years Camaros, 69 RT quarter mile car, H Stock SCCA, Saab rally car, a bevy of Porsches 911 SC, Boxster S, 993 , 996 T with X-50 running insane boost...,

socal beach and car culture is pulling on me.....

BMW 328 now, but my favorite was a '64 Austin Healey 3000.  Second fav was an RX7, and third was a Miata.  All for different reasons, though; happy motoring!
A very nice looking RAM!  Dodge has really come a long way on their truck division.
2018 GMC Sierra 4x4. I drive a truck for protection against faulty drivers.
Wife: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Limited. 
Me: 2018 Audi A5 Sportback. 
Will have to follow up with a longer post later; presently here at Super Sebring and enjoying the closing laps of the WEC 1000 mile event.  Here's the list:

15 VW Golf SportWagen TDI, daily
08 Mazda Miata GT Sport, daily
08 Ford Mustang Bullitt, toy
18 Four Winds Sunseeker Class C MH, toy
08 Aprilia Scarabeo 100 4T, pit bike
19 Chevy Equinox CUV, company car

Each has a specific role, everything except the MH is free and clear.
In my driveway 
2010 Mini Cooper Clubman S 6MT
2009 Mini Cooper Clubman S 6MT
2004 Audi A4 Avant 1.8T 6MT
1966 Austin Healey Sprite Mk III 1275

In the house
Linn, Arcam, Allied Radio, Advent, AR
Oh, reason? Maximum involvement in all cases. 

Music and motoring.
Had a new 2005 Acura RSX Type S, Traded for a new 2009 Honda Civic SI, got tired of driving a stick after 40 years, so I bought a new 2017 Hyundai Elantra and absolutely LOVE it. That and my wifes 2015 Hyundai Sonata have been the most trouble free cars we ever have had. I get 35mpg in the Elantra and my wife and I are taking it on a 4K mile road trip (round trip) to New Orleans soon.
2009 chevrolet cobalt 4 door ss turbocharged. Why? It's fast, corners well, stops even better and is extremely rare. Chevy only built 474 of them, 170 black ones. It was absolutely the biggest bang for the buck at the time and has quite sophisticated engine and suspension . I'm a delivery guy and the brembo brakes have saved the lives of scores of squirrels, rabbits, and deer. I love the fact that I almost never see another one. 
I have owned a lot of cars of many different brands....Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Cadillac, Nissan, and others. Never had the urge or need to get a pickup but I do have respect with the models offered today.
My most recent 2 owner ships have been, first, a 1997 BMW 328is. Same as an M3 with 50 less hp but alike in all other respects. A 5 speed manual transmission. Fun to drive. Now I have a 2002 BMW 540i for the last 5 years. Had 80K miles on it when I bought it and now 138K. Since I am retired and not a street racer, there are many kids with their souped up Hondas and Acuras revving their engines at the stoplights for a challenge but I decline. I drive my car without abusing it but I know what it's capable of.
Anyone owning these older BMW's can attest that they will run almost forever if taken care of. But there are minor things such as radiators and other parts that need replacement more frequently than expected. Unless you are very handy, a trusty shop is a big plus. Newer BMW models are nice but require much more expensive repairs for seemingly simple problems. For example.....some of the X drive models have the front driveshaft running thru the oil pan. About a $1000 bill just to replace the pan gasket.
For anyone doing a lot of long/open road driving a BMW isn't a bad choice.

2012 Lexus ES350. I drive it for comfort, comfort, and comfort. 
Wife; 2019 Subaru Forester, Limited loaded w/Harman Kardon stereo
Me; 2006 Subaru STI, Stage 2, 300/300 at the wheels, silver w/silver BBS, I love to be shoved back in the seat and take curves/ramps quickly and feel secure.
Range Rover Sport Supercharged V8 (daily)
... really like it cause it’s quick and solid

Ferrari 430 gated manual (weekend)
... really like it cause it’s quick and fun
2003 Mercury Marauder
2006 Ford Fusion
2018 Ford Edge

Moving to Vegas. Started having noise problems with front suspension of Fusion. Traded in for the Edge.  Planned to keep the Marauder until I died. New house garage not really big enough for Edge and Marauder. It hurt but I sold the Marauder for what I wanted to a young man that appreciated what the car is.

The Edge let’s me take more stuff to Vegas in each trip. 😊
Bought my daughter a used Subaru Outback for her life in Northern Montana.  She loves it and it does great in that weather.  Personally, I am a Honda man.  I love my 2016 Accord.  Looks just like a few Mercedes models, and I consistently get 38 MPG on the highway.