what do you do now?

Hey Goners!

So what are all you tuner fans going to do with your units when next spring rolls around?
I have an Etude and i'm wondering if they'll be any way to update or convert?

Any help is greatly appreciated
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Nothing to do. Analog FM is not going away. Enjoy your Etude. Analog TV is going away in February.
OK, I'll be the first one to say, "I have no idea what yo are talking about". Are you referring to standard analog radio? Is there something happening to the radio format next year? Will all of the car radios in existance suddenly cease to work?

Enquiring minds need to know!


1. Take your hand off the panic button.

2. Keep the Etude.

3. Enjoy it next spring.
What? Is FM going all digital now, too? This is ridiculous!! How much will it cost to retrofit our cars?? I had XM satellite for 3 months and it stunk!! Go under a bridge or other obstruction, the radio goes dead, and takes 5 seconds to relock on. Terrible when listening to a comedy show ("...and so I said to him.... (silence).....HA HA HA HAHAHA!!!)
Sure there is...go to the website and you can update it to many levels of perfection..some of them costs thousands of dollars.
Here's fun thread from last year, started by a guy who claimed to know something but had no evidence:


Analog FM isn't going anywhere in the near future. Eventually? Of course, but that's true of most antiquated technology. That said, who thought there'd still be so many of us playing vinyl?