What do you currently own that was bought on 'Gon?

Got me thinking, I've sure changed my ways when it comes to buying audio gear, Audiogon has been a godsend for me. Lots and lots of stuff to pick from at reasonable prices. I've bought stuff off Ebay, local dealers, and other sites as well, but here's what I have that I bought on AudioGon (and still have in use):

Lehmann Black Cube Phono Preamplifier
Nakamichi RX-202 Cassette Deck
Balanced Audio Technology VK30 Tube Preamplifier
Balanced Audio Technology VK500 amplifier
Synergistic Research AC Reference power cords
Harmonic Technology Pro AC11 power cords
Phoenix Gold RCA-Balanced interconnect cable
Linn Classik (Amp, preamp, tuner, CDP)
Classe Audio Model Thirty preamplifier
(5) Gallo micro speakers
Gallo MPS150 powered subwoofer
Target TT1 wall-mounted stand
Philips CDR765 CD Recorder
Rega EAR headphone amp
Goertz Single-ended interconnects

Buying something then getting rid of it doesn't count. What do you have in use that was bought here? Jeff
Krell Kav 300 cd
Classe cdp.3
Mirage m490 speakers
rega p3
audio research ls7
Aragon palladiums
aragon 8002
mit cvt 350 ic
wireworld silver eclipse speaker cable
alpha core interconnects and mi speaker wire
cardas tweaks
sonic frontiers sfs 80
is that enough... thats just the gear I still use on a regular basis...
Custom Audio LLC
Axiom M40t, Klipsch KV3, MIT Terminator 2 speaker cables, MIT Terminator 2 interconnects, MIT Terminator 3 digital, Sony TAE-1000ESD pre-amp, Rotel RB976, Monster Power HTS2500, Audio Alchemy DTI, MIT 330 Plus interconnects, Klipsch KG 1.2 (First Purschase in July of 2001). Pretty much my whole 2 channel system and many of the components of my home theater.
Monarchy 48/96 DIP, Arcam CD72, two pair Audioquest Python interconnects. But I haven't been around that long...
Purist Audio Colossus speaker cables.Now that's cables, light years from Cardas.
Ayre V-3
Ayre V-5(which is becoming a 5x)
Meridian 508.20
All PC's
Creek headphone amp

Bought my speakers, spkr. cables & IC's from my dealer.
I have picked up about half of the current gear I use, and some nice deals here on Audiogon.

My list:
1) Loudspeakers - Fried A/6
2) Power amplifier - Atma Sphere M60 monblocks
3) Preamplifier - Blue Circle BC3
4) CD player - Music Hall MMF-25
5) Speaker cable -
a) Coincident CST-1
b) Stealth FR(terrible in my system, no longer have)
6) Interconnect -
a) Coincident CST
b) Stealth SCR
7) Power Cords -
a) Coincident CST(2 power cords)
b) Brand X silver(won't say their name because they screwed some people ROYALLY here on Audiogon). Best PC I have used
c) Brand X copper. OK, not great

An optimist would say I have saved a fair amount of money by buying here. A pessimist would say I would have a lot more money if I stayed off this site...
Proac Response 3.8 speakers
Tara Air-1 interconnects
Pass Labs Aleph Preamp
Grado SR-60
Wireworld Equinox III
Wireworld Atlantis II IC
Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rod

That's it... I think I've sold a bit more kit here than I've bought.

Jeff, how about another question : "What Audiogon deals are you really sorry you missed?"

Good question!
A krell KRC 2 pre-amp which was a great buy on a very good pre-amp.
A Pass Labs Aleph Ono phono stage which was completely upgraded by the designer with all the goodies that went into the Xono. I was nervous about this purchase, but it has been one of the true treasures I have stumbled across!
I also have a 1 m pair of Purist Colossus rca terminated ICs and a 1/2 m pair of Kimber KCGT ICs.
The rest is bought locally.
see my entire system thread below.
Preamp - Audio Research LS 25 Mk II
Power Amp - Audio Research VT 100 MkIII
CD Player - Audio Research CD 2
Power Amp - Krell KSA 200S
Subwoofer - REL Storm
PS Audio Ultimate Outlets (2)
PS Audio 300
Richard Gray Power Outlets (2)
Several LP's

Of course, this ignores the upgrades over the years. Selling one used component as you buy another used component is definitely the way to go. I just wish I'd known about Audiogon sooner.
Virtual Dynamic Power 3 PC's
Nordost Blue Heaven IC's
Audio Research SP 9 mkII

Always lookin'. Nice thread!
MIT Oracle V2 speaker wire, AR ES Turntable (including Linn Baskik Plus Arm & Adcom Hexacoil Cartridge), Silver Audio Silver Bullets se to xlr converter, Wattagate 381 receptacle, Lexicon pre (for home theater), Carver Cinema Grand (for home theater) and too many xlr, rca and pc cables to mention. I also bought a set of JMLabs speakers for my daughter a couple of weeks ago.
Much of the rest of my system came about indirectly from Audiogon -- e.g., recommendations to subscribe to magazines which piqued my interest in my speakers and direct recommendations or affirmations on DAC's.
Classe DAC1
Monarchy DIP
Yamaha T-850 tuner
McCormack DNA 1 Rev B
" " 0.5 Rev B
Lots o' cables and PCs
Lehman Black Cube
Vandersteen 3A sigs
Plus some direct purchases from A'gon friends.

Have a CAL CL-10 and a Denon 37F that I bought used from dealers. I don't think I've gotten anything new in about 15 years. boy am I cheap.
Actually, at this time, I am surprised that the list is so short. It's been longer, but active now is only:

Classe CP-60 w/ phono
Vienna Acoustic Beethovens
Tara Labs AD/6
Tara Labs Decade (XLR) 2 pair

That's it, for now.
My Audiogon purchases, all of which I still have, and most of which I very happliy use in one system or another:

Talon Khorus (pair)
Talon Peregrines (5 in total)
Martin Logan Aerius (pair)
Magnepan MG-1C (pair)
B&W Signature 7 in-wall (2 pair)
Mission 780 (pair)

Talon Roc
Velodyne HGS 15
SVS 16-46CS

Bel Canto EVo 200.2 amps (2)
Bel Canto EVo 200.4 amp
Bel Canto SEP1 pre-amp
B&K AVR 307 receiver
B&K AV6000 6 channel amplifier
Samsom S-700 amp

Sony S-9000ES CD/DVD/SACD player
Sony CD775 CD/SACD player
Perpetual Technologies P-1A, P-3A, and Monolithic Power Supply (2 of each)

Sennheiser HD-600 headphones
Creek OBH-11 SE headphone amp with OBH-2 power supply

Virtual Dynamic Cryo Power 3 power cords (9)
Outlaw Audio PCA interconnects (6)
Tice IC-A balanced interconnects (pair)
Tice IC-A RCA interconnects (pair)
Tice 416A TPT bi-wire speaker cables
Kimber 500' reel of KWIK 12 speaker cable
Kimber 8TC speaker cables (4 pairs)
Kimber 4TC speaker cables (1 pair)
Monster 2.4S bi-wire speaker cables (1 pair)

Line conditoners:
Richard Gray's Power Company 400s
Tice Audio Power Block 3C HP
Tice Audio Solo A/V
Monster HTS-1000
Monster HTS-2000

FIM 880 (2)
PS Audio Power Port (2)
Wattgate 381
Albert Porter's cryoed Hubbells (2 on order)!!!

Easily 100+ CD's / SACD's / Gold Cd's
All treated with Auric Illuminator purchased on Audiogon!

I still shop elsewhere, but not much anymore. The people I've dealt with on Audiogon have been fantastic!!!
Spica TC50 speakers for my second system, CAL Alpha/Delta, Adcom 750 Pre-amp and VTL 300 Deluxe Mono Blocks

I sold off a pair of Apogee Duetta II's many years ago and still wish I'd come across another pair available locally and really well priced. No such luck so far. As for any other "deals" on AudioGon? Miss a deal, it won't be long before another opportunity arises, same stuff, different seller. The sheer quantity of ads means what came around, will come around again. Gotta love the 'Gon
Forgot my Chang Lightspeed 3200, senn HD 600, and Headroom Home amp.
Just like Mejames, with the exception of my rack and stands my entire system was purchased through Audiogon. My latest A'GoN purchase a Talon ROC 2002 will be arriving in a few days. I don't look forward to moving, unpacking, moving again, setting up, and enduring the long tweaking process with the 145lb. beast.
Rega P-25, Levinson 37 Transport, Levinson 380S Preamp, and a whole bunch of IC's, Power Cords, and Speaker Cable (all Analysis Plus, I love the stuff).
Electrocompaniet CDP, Pass Labs X-1 pre, Krell KAV250a,
Pass Aleph P, Aleph 2 monos, Discovery Essence XLR, Spendors.
Revel F30 Rosewood loudspeakers. Not the last loudspeakers I will own but the best so far.

I guess it's my turn to make a list of items purchased here on Audiogon. Here's my list:

McIntosh C712 Preamp
1 Pair Transparent MusicLink Plus Interconnects
2 Pair Audioquest Coral Interconnects
Music Hall MMF-25 CD Player
Monolithic Sound PS-1 Phono Preamp

I might add, that I've been VERY pleased with everything
I've bought here. And have had the chance to get acquainted with some great people too! Happy listening!
Audioquest Python I/C
Monster 2.4
Totem Forest
Anthem amp2 special edition
EAD powermaster1000
God forbid I win the lottery