What do you currently own as loudspeakers?

This is sort of a survey as much as anything. I am constantly amazed at what people buy, and why they do so. I'll frame this in this regard by asking several questions:
What speakers do you currently own--Brand, Model, and any refinements/mods?

Grading on a scale of one TO 10,(10 being "I'm in love" one being, OMG this is really a shit speaker!) rate them.

If you're looking, what do you WANT to achieve?

What music do you favor?

What's missing from ALL your speakers you've owned?

How old are you?

Name all speakers you've owned...and rate THEM TOO! 1/10

How many hours a day/week/do you listen?

Do you take off your glasses when you listen; close your eyes?

Last time you got goose bumps: music, performer, why!

This will tell us a lot about our people on Audiogon...and LADIES, if you're out there, don't think that every man on Audiogon won't be thrilled and pleased to hear what gives you girls goosebumps!

Thanks and let's play!

Not a lot to do today,Larr? :)
No...just wondering about audio...if you don't like it, read the newspaper you limited intelligence lesser of the species.

Why not anwer Tpreaves, what, do you own something really mundane like the Tyler Loudspeakers? I too would be ashamed...oh no, you really do! Sorry, I wouldn't have embarrassed you had I known!

Go to Audio Asylum, they're limited intelligence, you'll love it there, feel more grounded.
Ok I give My Dynaudio C1's a 9.995. I like to listen to almost anything but prefer Classic Rock - New Age - Jazz but not in any order. What I've missed in my previous speakers is prat - detail and most importantly to me is 'air' between the instruments and vocals. Soundstage and depth I contribute to the 'air'. I listen about 40 hrs/week and no I am not retired. I am 56 but stopped counting when I was 29. I don't need glasses but it is nice when I close my eyes (C1's in my opinion are far from 'pretty' but friends have disagreed) for I can hear so much around me without any visual distraction. I guess I'm too old to remember goosebumps - sorry.

All that being said I will be the first to say it is all about system synergy. Not just speakers or a recording in my opinion.
"All that being said I will be the first to say it is all about system synergy. Not just speakers or a recording in my opinion."
Xtil6, that was a 'good to really good' response to a sincere question.

System synergy IS the answer...seriously mediocre speakers can be pretty magic when mated with 'really good and complementary components'....

I GIVE YOU A 7.6 on the respondent score card....

7.6 - You have to be kidding. That was a 9.5. Consider the way your question is worded. It reads as if it is the speaker you are asking about. I'll go as far as to add the room is as huge of a factor as system synergy. That should bring to me a 9.9 Take it or leave it
Uh, based on Lrsky's responses thus far, I think those who respond are looking for a gut punch.
No, Danilb1,
I'm looking to find what people have owned and loved...
the gut punch ONLY comes with REALLY DUMB comments...
Does Audiogon charge you to use its forums for your marketing research, Larry? Would be better to put this into a survey with Survey Monkey or something and point us to it. Just saying...

Aren't you a manufacturer/seller?

Have you considered what a reasonable man might think as he reads your response/attack on Tpreaves?

That's one big bully pulpit you're standing on.
Larr,if you are asking what gives the girls goosebumps i might guess that would be another goose,and not some speakers.
I am settled in with my Thiel CS6 speakers. I would rate them a 9 for sound and looks. Speakers are the summation the entire stereo system. I have owned just 3 different pairs of speakers since 1988. Each time I changed, the entire system had to change to fit the new speakers. In 1988, I bought the Carver Amazing Loudspeakers. I would rate them a 7, until I rebuilt them in 1992. That made them an 8.5. With the right amp and preamp, they were great sounding speakers. I changed to the Thiel CS3.6 speakers which then required a complete system change and I really never got them past a 7. Then I got the CS6 speakers and finally felt like I bettered my original set-up, but oh the cost! These speakers turn my crank. I had goose bumps last Saturday, in fact, listening to Patricia Barber CDs. What a voice! The glasses come off and the lights go out once the room is empty of background noises. I listen typically just on weekends unless it was a hard day at work and might fit in a record or two or a couple of CDs. It is hard for me to just leave the stereo on as background music. It sucks me in and then I get nothing else done half the day. As far as age- a deck of cards.
Lrsky?Correct me if I'm wrong as I often am on computers cause I cant see my neighbor,but,werent you the cat with the DK Design integrated deal about 6-7 years ago?There was a rather large whop-de-doo scandal here by many of us Goners.If not please disregard and have a large night,Bob
Tonywinsc...You found one of the secrets to excellent stereo...take off the glasses. They ruin the sound by resonating, destroying imaging, etc.

I'm using Vandersteen 5A's. Because of the size of my listening room the supplied metal washers that adjusts the angle of the speaker didn't provide enough forward tilt - that's been fixed. The instructions for the speaker also suggests that it should be firing straight ahead, however, I have a big room, and aiming them inward a bit just focuses the sound so much better, I would rate the speakers as a 10, but am afraid to listen to Vandersteen 's flagship and very high priced 7's
Lrsky, I've read your posts here for years. You have tended to be friendly, informative, sometimes insightful. Who is this new Lrsky that is on the attack?
I am running soundlab m2's with tordial transformer mod,copper diffusion ring and impedance mods on the backplates.
My music varies from diana krull,dave grusin,choir with organ,miles davis,eric clapton,and even pink floyd will perform.
My age is 51,I am running tubes for the pre and power amps,
listen with lights low or off,single malt scotch at times,cold canadian beer others,I do remove my glasses at times.I find myself moving my feet;playing guitar with eric clapton and carlos santana,and even conducting the buffalo philharmonic;in other words I find my system to pull me into the moment and keeping there until I decide to do otherwise;this was my main goal in putting together a 2 channel system.
Other speakers were Ohm F's,Merlin 4B+'s,and Dunlavy scIII's
The Ohms did not perform well but that was my fault as I did not understand the matching of the amp to the speakers;very early in my understanding of the hobby.The Merlins and Dunlavy's were a B+ and A in that order;I could have lived with the Dunlavy's if I did not want to explore electrostatics and their magic.
I also have a pair of usher rw729's rate then at a B as these are my first monitor speaker and was surprised how well a monitor speaker can perform.
This thread is extremely repetitive in nature. Obviously Larr was VERY bored today. I would say that he is a pretty angry and bitter lately as well, based on his nasty, rude and mean comments on the music thread and here. Calling someone out on what speaker they own has to be one of the most juvenile posts I have ever read.
Now, on to the specifics of this tread.
What speaker do you currently own? Read people's system page.
What music do you favor? There must be tons of threads on this.
How old are you? Read the Who are you thread
Name all the speakers you have owned. Read the speaker progression thread
How many hours do you listen? There must be a thread on this.
Glasses question ? I don't wear them, and sometimes I close my eyes if I am tired,or I want to focus on the music.
I am almost positive there is a goosebumps/music thread as well. As for the ladies, I have found that nibbling on their ears, kissing the neck etc. works wonders.
So if your that bored Larr, just read the archives, you will find most, if not all of questions answered there.
As for your anger issues, may I suggest paintball?
You seem to be a respected member of the community here. If you want people's continued respect, don't belittle people with rude comments.
AND spare us from repetitve threads such as this.
Just a WAG but you may just be hearing the death rattle of a frustrated speaker manufacturer who is having a hard time finding a market for his speakers. No one in his right mind pisses on his potential market base even if he laughs and calls it rain. Seems so anyway.
......I'm afraid to answer ! .....although it appears that there has been a retreat !
I currently own a pair of Legacy Focus the original models from 1999-2000 era. I guess I rate them a 8.9. They are unmodified and I run them biamped with a 4 channel Citation 7.1 amplifier.

I am always looking for audio gear but to describe what I want in terms of sound quality is tough. I guess I am looking for something that makes me happy, something that makes me say wow.

I listen to 80s rock, Jazz, Instrumental, Funk, Soul.
I am 47 years old and before these speakers I had Genesis 500s ( I rate them 8.5) and before that I had Polk SDAs (8.0) and before that I had home made speakers (college days) with a coffee table sub woofer and tower satellites. Before that I had RTR3 way speakers in high school. Those are too far back for me to rate.

Some weeks I dont listen at all, then others if I am home (alone) I may listen all day. Either casually while doing other stuff or serious listening seated. I dont wear glasses except reading glasses.

I am always looking for impact and realistic effect of a concert so I generally prefer multi driver speakers with lots of cone area and I dont mind powered sub sections. But I have to feel the music the bass must move me or else its not concert like. I was a performing musician through college in jazz as well as brass choirs and classical music groups so I feel that I know what various instruments are supposed to sound like and that is what drives me.
Maybe he was drunk and finally passed out? Speaking of, I need a refill after reading this thread...
I should probably start with the really dumb comment that speakers just aren't that important--most speakers will give a reasonable performance when fed by a good source component and decent amplifier.

current speakers:
Bose 301 series V, no mods
I rate them a 10.

What music do you favor?
Classical, bluegrass, big-band

What's missing from ALL your speakers you've owned?
nothing I can think of

How old are you?

past speakers:
EPI 100 - 9
Klipsch La Scala - 9
Linn Index Plus - 9
Linn Sara - 10
Vandersteen 1C - 9

How many hours a day/week/do you listen?
3 hours per day

Do you take off your glasses when you listen; close your eyes?

Last time you got goose bumps: music, performer, why!
This morning while listening to Ronald Lo Presti's The Masks, with Howard Hanson conducting the Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orchestra (Mercury, MG 50106). This was new music for me, and I just found the performance, material, and sonics highly engaging.
right on, newbee. it seems completely moronic for a dealer to go out of his way to alienate his core market, but then again, i'm not a dealer
Isn't Lrsky a retailer ?
Some really grumpy people on this thread. Maybe some people need to change the music they are listening to. Drop the punk rock. I stepped into a punk rock concert once, many years ago. I was clueless, but I started to get an uneasy feeling when everyone around me had staples and rivets in their heads and were wearing black leather with rude remarks printed on their shirts. I waited around just to see what would happen next. But when the music started and the wall of Bouncers around the stage were knocking people down, I got out as fast as I could.
"You have tended to be friendly, informative, sometimes insightful. Who is this new Lrsky that is on the attack?"

Tvad also made note of these "out of character" posts.

At first, I was just as taken aback as anyone who formerly had the pleasure of engaging Larry in audio related discourse. Now I'm concerned. This is not just a slight mood thing. I'm thinking there's a big green pod in Larry's backyard.

Seriously Larry, you've been one of the most gracious contributors on Audiogon. With all due respect to your personal privacy (medical and otherwise), what's up guy?

If any members live near Larry, please drop in for a visit.
This is a joke right!!
I'm with Ebm. Same speakers, too. Where went the OP?