What do tube and music have in comon?

I've always wondered about why there's solid state and tube? So many people are into ss and so are them about tube. Maybe it's the music taste?
So here is the question. What kind of music do you really listen, beside all the chase for high end gears?
I do like my tube equipment when they sing all the classical music. Opera are great as well. Favorite composers would be Mahler, Shostakovich, Bruckner, Smetana, Bach.... and so on. Jazz sound fine as well, but not outstanding. Pop music doesn't sound good in the system.
All tube system, listening 90% to classical music of all genre (but mostly instrumental), then to blues, folk, celtic and jazz. Almost entirely acoustic music listening, but a small smattering of rock tossed into the mix. Pop does sounds OK here, to the extent the original recording permits, but the system is highly biased to reproducing naturally recorded acoustic music well.
As with Rushton everything I have comes with tubes. 75% classical orchestral, small groups, and vocal, and 25% jazz instrumental and vocal. My bigget priority is getting the system set up to reproduce the range from 200 hz to 3000 hz as smoothly and cleanly as possible, but I don't mind a bit of really crunching bass for Mahler etc. SS just has not done it for me in the mid/high range. It has always seem sort of flat and undimensional, whereas tubes have been more spacious sounding an more natural. I never buy pop music - if thats on my agenda I find it on the tuner and only then for background.
My system is tube-based, and it sounds splendid with all kinds of music. The choice of tubes you run in your gear is critical. OTOH, I never heard a solid state system that was more than mediocre. IMHO solid state hi-fi is a 45-year long experiment that failed. But if someone wants solid state, that leaves more great tubes on the market for me, and keeps the prices low.
I'm in total agreement with all the above statements. I've owned some decent SS in my day, but since 1996 tubes have been my means for total enjoyment. 95% of my listening is too jazz. I beleive that most of the better recording from the 50s - late 1960s just had a sound that I find more true too the source & were just better recordings. Yes we have firms like Analogue Productions & Classic Records whom make some very beautiful recordings. I think in the end it all about what's truer to the person whom know what music should sound like. [ simple isn't it ?.]
I listen to almost everything. I prefer tube because most music is recorded badly and tubes smooth it out. The worst rcorded album of all time (The Grateful Dead's Shakedown Street) is at least passable in a tube amp.
Tubes are better, your system must suck!
Scottht? How do you know my system is suck :) I don't even list what I own... heheh
Well, I agree tubes are good, but depends on what tube equipments. Solid State are good as well, it just a matter of taste.
That's the reason I created this post to see what tube owners listen to vice verse solid state.
I do have some problem with pop/rock music since the system use very low output 300B. I do find pop/rock music sound better on my friends system (all my friends are into solid state).
and Scott, after reading all your other threads, I realize your system must be really worse than my... hehehee.. :)
My system is the pits dude!! In fact, I am begining to realize that they all suck. I love the ad in Stereophile for Audiogon. Something like " You lost your family. You lost your wife. Now log onto Audiogon to see what you can get for it. " Something like that.
It is classic. and true.
And what is this hehehe stuff. What are you, 10 years old?
Scotttht, how would you communicate a good humored chuckle in a text message? This is how I normally see "hehehe" used on the 'net, and I've seen it for years. I assume this was Linkoping's intention, but I don't know that.
Listen, do not take me serious. I am busting chops here.