what do members day dream of to Pink Floyd?

My whole life passes by me...
If your system sounds good, you wouldn't be day dreaming.
I wonder why anyone likes them :-).
A better world than is depicted in a lot of their music

I like echoes. It has a tranquilizing effect on me.
permagrin installed no going back....just reminiscing...cheers
07-18-15: Bdp24
"I wonder why anyone likes them :-)."

I wonder why EVERYONE doesn't love them.
I wouldn't say that I daydream, but rather reminisce about the first years of
my developing appreciation for the music and talent it took to create. I still
can sit and listen and find that the stress of the day fades....
I see them as boring and overproduced. A lot of slogging dirges accompanied by pandering, trite sophomoric lyrics. I call them Pink Void.
"Pink Void?" Nah ... I just think about how good of a guitarist David Gilmore is. Some of their music can be depressing ... but the are creative.
I don't find them depressing, just boring.
Roxy54 ...

So, if you find PF boring, what music excites you?

I admit, I have to be in the mood for Pink Floyd. First choice for me are jazz and classical.
I dream of a band that hasn't sounded like THIS in about 40 years:


Too bad...the dream is over.
I think of the time I was dropped off at high school at least an hour before class,walking through the quad and blaring through the outside speakers was the beginning of ECHOES. Jim the janitor had it on...
last time i play some floyd i realized it doesnt hold the same appeal to me anymore. with that said 94 in Oakland was probably one of the best experiences of my then 24 year old life and still one of the best concerts of my life. never will forget it.
I don't know if I dream, but it definitely puts me to sleep.
hallucinogens are required.
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon...........