What do I need to choose ??? Help needed

It has been few months that I am looking for a Home theater system, and I cannot still decide what I need to buy. My budget is very limited ($2000)but I would like to upgrade or add other components later as I would have more money. Unless many people, I dont want to buy a Bose system even though it would be the easier solution. Can anyone would recommend me: 1) one receiver 2) and of course some speaker (front, rear, center and Sub) Please help to choose my system, I am totally lost with all the choice. I need advice for using this money wisely. Thanks,
Onkyo st575,B&W 302's almost any DVD player & some speaker wire;hey,your in.Maybe a few hundred leftover for a budget,used Sub.--My pleasure!
Kenwood 3080 Receiver which has DD&DTS goto to ubid or ebay aprrox $400. It has pre outs so that you can add a better amp later (which is what I've done) Speakers : Energy Take5 approx $500 or step up to (4) B&W 601's and CC6 approx $1100. I'm sure many others will have advice but keep in mind putting together a decent budget system is pretty easy. When your tastes become "more refined" alot more care will have to be put into matching high dollar components.
Thanks you both for these advices!!!! Concerning the speakers, there are no doubt that B&K is the brand I need to choose. Otherwise, wouldn't it be better to take the yamaha rv995x instead of a kenwood or onkyo??
Mega Dittos on both recommendations above. In the budget audiophile area, B&W speakers are hard to beat for the price and please almost everyone. I would lean towards the Onkyo Receiver for reliability reasons (Kenwood is OK) and resale later when you want to upgrade.
I just check some MK speakers...the 750THX series. The price seems to be reasonable and many review reveals they are very good polyvalent speakers.I know B&W are awesome speakers, the differences between these two are not that obvious. For receivers, in spite of your advice, I will look for either Yahama or Denon receivers. there are slighlty pricier, but more reliable I believe. Any suggestion or comment on these systems? Thanks
Personally, I dont think you can go wrong with either of these receivers but I would have to give Denon the SLIGHT edge in overall sound quality. Yamaha may have the edge in relability as I've used various Yamaha components since the early 1980's and cant remember ANY of it breaking down! Whatever your choice try to get the most up-gradeable one that you can (AC-3, DTS,etc.) and possibly THX as your speaker selection seems to indicate. Theirs plenty of receivers out there with some real bargains if you look around a bit. Good luck, and happy listening!