What do I need for my sound system

Hi to all.
I am new in audiogon. I love music very much and that's my hobbies. Now I really need all of your advices how to set up my sound system. I just bought one pair of JM Lab Colbalt 816 and now I don't know what I will buy next such as: receiver or pre-amp and amplifier for my speakers. Any ideals can help me to set up a best sound for my speakers. I have subwoofer , do any preamp have line out for subwoofer? My buget for my system around $1500 . Thank you very much for your helps. Wish you all have a wonderful holiday and a blessing New Year.
What are your listening habits? What sub do you have? What is the room size and how will the speakers be setup? What is your source? If you offer more info on what you are looking for then better recommendations will follow. What attracted you to the JM Labs? Phil Brady.
I would suggest a tubed integrated amp , preferably auto/self biasing . I have had JM Lab speakers and they can be a little bright with low to midfi SS equipment .
There is a Prima Luna Prologue 2 listed here for $850 .
A very nice piece for the money ! No affiliation with the seller .
Good luck
I just have speakers only now I will buy my source for sound system. I love jazz, lovesong, slow rock and watching movies. My size room around 12 x 14 and what attracted me about JM Labs, coz it sound very good expeccially the treble is so clear. I think about receiver 5.1 but someone said 2 channel sound better than multi-channels. Do any pre-amp has line out for sub-woofer. I have sub ps 303 from polkaudio. thank for any advices
Since you want both movies and music, you might as well find a receiver for 1500. I think the an Arcam AVR300 is right around your budget. Most receivers over the 1k mark will do an excellent with movies. Since your room is small, a receiver will be more than adequate for watching movies. From previous research, i know the Arcam receivers are very good for 2 channel music. With the receivers, if you want more power, you can always add a 2, 3, or even 5 channel amp later down the road.
I listen to movies in 2.1 sound and have no reason to go 5.1 for now. Saki70 has the right idea. Get a self biasing el34 tube amp with subwoofer output. Consonance and Jolida come to mind in this price range along with the Prima Luna. Phil Brady.
LDT - IMO, don't limit yourself to just 2 channels. Especially if you watch movies. Whats good for the goose isn't always good for the gander.

There are many pre/pro units on the market that actually have good performance; worthy of music listening. The AVR 300 isn't a half bad start either. You'll get the needed channels for movies, stereo and/or multichannel music playback, and have the sub out for the polk. The AVR just might be a little better priced than most of the tube amps mentioned. Best of all worlds.

As for the 2ch better than multichannel thing, its best you decide for yourself. Thats like saying apples are better than pears. ????? Precisely my point, it takes one to make the other. But thats a whole nother can of worms. Lets just say you'll be supprised what a good quality, well setup MC system can do for a 2CH CD. Digital Edge-be-gone comes to mind. Its all in the setup!!! ;)

Happy listening!